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Part 94: Captain Jack

Let's see what's in the ship.

Soldier: "Captain! I've brought two of the Red Sprite Crew! "

By a man with a black demonica also. Only this dude lacks a helmet.

iI don't see how that follows, but eh, whatever.

So, bringing Jimenez was the right move then.

But the Strike Team was not called Gore's Squad. Then again he was not the captain, he was the Commander. Or something.

"I'm Jimenez, and this here's Francis. We came on behalf of the investigative team."

He keeps him OUT of the memory banks! Then again keeping him out has saved his life a couple of times.

"Excuse the li'l guy. He's a demon I use in combat. He won't hurt you, and he's housebroken too. Don't worry."

Captain Jack: "I apologize for calling you here in the midst of a difficult mission for you. And when you're so close to escaping, at that... "

Captain Jack: "You should assume we know as much as the Joint Project you stay in contact with does. Your crew being stranded, using demons to fight demons, your progress in the Schwarzwelt... You won't take offense if we pluck what information there is to be had from the ether, I hope?"

"Well... least it saves us time explaining it all. "

Captain Jack: "So on that point, you have my sincerest gratitude. But as to whether we form a united front... Well, you may as well knoow that is what you are here to discuss. "


Captain Jack: "Wonderful! Bravo! Just the sort of selflessness that warrants praise!"

Oh boy.

Captain Jack: "You might call us a caravan traversing the black desert known as the Schwarzwelt. Our role here is as... businessmen, of sorts. "

So, capitalists. Or Morganites. Now I want to stop playing this and play me a match of Alpha Centauri.

Captain Jack: "You're here to save mankind, whereas we're here with an eye toward developement. Our footing is, shall we say, somewhat inequal. However... "

Well, but he did not say cooperation. Oh well.

Captain Jack: "I'd like us to be good neighbors, the sort who help each other in times of need. What say you? "

Captain Jack: "You regularly make contracts with demons. An agreement with a human should be child's play for you."

Oh boy, an alignment choice. Who cares, humans, let's go for it, after all cooperation is required to survive in this weirdass thing!

"But just to be sure, I want your whole squad's consent. Let's hold off on a firm answer just yet. Though I gotta say, it's refreshing to see a guy so honest about his job. In it for the money, huh? I'm not judging or anything, but... Isn't that kinda dicey with mankind on the brink of destruction?"

So, he is a nihilist of sorts.

Or a plutocrat.

So, what will be different?

Well considering that it has a whole world of brand new materials that can be used to automagically make new shit, an expedition to actually take advantage of it is not so unreasonable

Captain Jack: "Wealth is what supports people, keeps them off the streets and in their healthy, happy homes. Human society would simply collaps wihout it. Well... Engaging though all this philosophical talk may be, perhaps we should move on. As I said, I would like our two camps to be good neighbors. "

Well, yes, that is true. There are situations that need to be dealt with

That sounds like a good thing!

Captain Jack: "We're willing to lend a hand with your problem of finding the Vanishing Point. Though of course, we benefit from finding it as well, haha."

Captain Jack: "The boffins in the lab have been wanting a high-performance version of the Forma Search If your Forma Seartch routine is superior to ours, perhaps we could have a look?"

Captain Jack: "So I'd like you to deliver a forma that's been beyond our grasp as proof of its capabilities. As plainly as I can. When you find this new forma, I want both the Forma Search that found it and the forma itself. Forgive my brazenness, but... Needless to say, you will be handsomely compesntated. "

"But look, we can't decide on the spot, so why don't you give us some details to bring back?"

Well he's got his own reminder. Haha.

So, water apple, water isomorph and maybe adamantium. Yeaaaah.

Captain Jack: "There you have it. For us to sign a mutual non-aggression pact and enter a cooperative relationship... Those are the three items we'll require from you. If you can retrieve them, we'll assist in your search for the Vanishing Point."

Oh fuck damn it. Not back to Eridanus. Why.

Captain Jack: "My demon was posted as a guard at the teleporter, so our squad could move undisturbed... But I'll relieve him of his duty. You should have no trouble passing through"

"Should we give you a ring once we have an answer?"

Captain_Jack: "We're keeping our radio use to an absolute minimum. Someone was trying to hack our system earlier. Oh, I don't suspect you, perish the thought. You didn't even know we were here, but... I'd like to eliminate any potential source of trouble. In this world, one wrong move can lead to death. There may be a demon capable of infiltrating the radio waves. "

Captain Jack: "We've risked our lives to come here. I'd hate to go home empty-handed. New life... resources... peace... accomplished... friends... truth... Hope... or even supremacy. Anything, really. Well, on your way, then. Here's to good relations, eh neighbor? "

Arthur: "Mission "Signal Investigation" is confirmed complete. "

"So where do we go from here? The first thing they demanded was a "mutual non-aggression pact." "

"Just so you guys know, if it comes down to a fight, we don't stand a chance. Their ship's capabilities are miles beyond ours."

Huh. What? How could they possibly beat York's might?

"Ours was outfitted with investigation in mind. Theirs was made for combat. We'd lose hands down in a fight."

Arthur: "I will attempt to contact the Joint Project to secure an advantageous position... However, it is highly likely that they will refuse to accept it."

Arthur: "Their level of technology indicates that they will prove effective in finding the Vanishing Point. There is no reason not to supply the materials and Forma Search they have requested."

Arthur: "I am issuing a new official mission, designated "Jack's Bargain". You may confirm the items they have requested in the Mission Log."

No choice but to do that, I guess.