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by Luisfe

Part 99: Reporting to Jack

Well let's go up. It can't be worse than staying here.

At least that is a good thing to acquire

Of course, there are holes.

But there are silly shortcuts all over the place now. That is convenient.

And here it is, finally.

Time to go back and report I guess.


So at least that will save some falling down.

Dearl ord is this tedious. At least this one is doublesided.

Seems all of them are double sided. Praise the Sun for small favors.

Let's go back.

This is all gonna take a while isn't it.

This is faster than finding the other route.

Just have to find a terminal.

Well let's check what can happen here.

Current stats.

I think I am gonna get this knife. It seems like an improvement.

This other one on the other hand doesn't seem like it would be convenient.

More spell stones.

Back to Carina to report to Jack.

Captain Jack: "Now then, what brings you here? "

Captain Jack: "Ahhh, splendid! If you'll just allow me to confirm that..."

Captain Jack: "And these are for us to keep, yes? Ahh, very kind of you. Get these to the lab!"

Well. Ok.

Captain Jack:"Your superior Forma Search that located these formas. I'll take that now as well. Transmit it to my Demonica, won't you?"

Captain Jack:"We have what we asked for, so it's time we upheld our end. I've ordered my men to coordinate with yours in the search for the Vanishing Point. What was it you called the place? Sector Eridanus? I'll notify my men there. The details will be explained on-site. Best of luck, gentlemen."

Arthur: "Mission "Jack's Bargain" is confirmed complete. "

Arthur: "The extent of their support is unknown, but any would be appreciated. You must rendezvous with our contat from Jack's Squad at sector Eridanus. "

"Rather shameless of them, at a time when the world may be ending... "

Note: Vatos is roughly "dudes".

Well let's see all that.

Still in Carina.

Jack's Squad:: "So go home!"

Yeah, they are assholes.

Well, no, I think he is in Antlia though.


Arthur:"We will now begin the Plane Shift. All hands, take your positions."

Yes, why not. I mean, that's what we want to see right.

Arthur: "I will switch all crewmen to a communications channel that will allow us to speak with them. "

"I'm worried that when push comes to shove... "

"These forty-niners know we don't give a shit about their gold, so they should have no beef with us."

What is?


I guess that is the boss.+

So, dangerous, I guess?

Arthur: "The situation may have changed since we last searched for the Vanishing Point. Please stay alert and resume the mission."

"Let's do it, Francis!"

"I know the chances are slim, but what id they're able to harness the power of the Schwarzwelt?"

"Forget 'em. We use them, they use use... so it goes, y'know? Or are you gonna give them a little polite heads-up on Operation: Schwarzwelt Elimination? The way things have been going, I'm sure they knew before we did!"

"Could you try not picking a fight over everything I say, Jimenez? But you've made yourself clear.... Let's just hurry and get out of here."

Arthur: "Strike Team, proceed to the floor where we found the abnormal energy pattern last time. One of Jack's unit should be waiting nearby. He will upgrade your Gate Search. "

Well. Yeah. Hopefully that works.