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Part 41: I don't even want to talk about how many save states I used

Part 28: I don't even want to talk about how many save states I used

Yeah, we're still not done here. This bonus fight contains most of the bosses, with exception to the Kraken Head and Taros. It also has a pair of prism flowers for who knows what reason. On paper, the fight sounds like a nightmare, and it kind of is. But you know what?

It's not that bad. The first three bosses – Dark Smoke, Willard, and King – are trivial by now and get whacked easily.

Like so.

Even Zalbard is cake. He'll do about 20 damage if you let him hit a squishy, but that shouldn't happen.

Taking on the king and Zalbard at the same time isn't an issue at all. The biggest worry is Zalbard using Bolt 2 a lot, forcing him to drain your healers' MP. But that's not a real worry either.

It's amusing that Zalbard is left out in the front while all the other greater devils just chill in the back. Zalbard really is a chump.

Okay, so Zalbard actually can put on some pain if you let him.

But we have solutions for that.

Even Cameela's danger level is relatively low. It's just important to remember that everyone in this map takes double turns and has abnormally high double/crit rates, so you can't get too cocky.

Else this happens. The exact tile Jaha is standing on is exactly where Odd Eye gets aggressive. If you want this fight to be manageable, you have to lure out Geshp and Cameela and fight them without Odd Eye getting involved.

Cameela's dodge animation. She is wearing one huge ass glove.

This is probably one of the points where I hit load state.

Here too. Desoul instagibbing a full HP character is bullshit.

But if you can pull out Geshp and Cameela as a pair, handling them isn't too hard. Geshp's Freeze 4 is still something to be respected, but Cameela's AI really prefers to use its weak attack over casting Blaze 4. A godsend.

The battlefield after you take care of those two punks. Next is luring out Odd Eye, on that tile I pointed out earlier.

Leash him onto a beefy character, and surround and pound. Not too complicated.

Next up is Red Baron. Not like that, though.

Or that.

Definitely not like that.

Much better. Remember, Red Baron is actually older than Geshp, so fighting him is easier. Barring random lucky Desouls, he's cake. To be fair, he did force me to load state at least five times because the RNG is horseshit.

With Red Baron down, it's just Galam and Zeon left.

Galam is tough enough that I'm not fighting him without a full MP Taya.

Lure Galam out by landing on this tile...

And drag him all by himself.

It takes maybe three turns to waste him. His demon breath does enough damage that Karna and Frayja are going to be on healing duty every turn they get, but with a leash onto Claude, he's not a real threat.

This solves any problems I'd run into anyway.

Either way, my healer MP is looking to be in really crappy condition to take on Zeon, even if he is by himself.

Which is why we have this thing. Ordinarily you find it in a chest during a fight, but you can't do that in the US version. As a remedy, Obob was kind enough to stuff it into Chaz's inventory, which I promptly scavenged before kicking him to the caravan.

And we lure Zeon out for a party!

Except Karna gets instantly killed with full MP.

This is seriously two or three turns later. Zeon does not play nice, and he killed all three of my healers. The fact that Zeon's attack is so high with a 25% chance to double and a 25% chance to crit is really uncool. That's seriously a 43.75% chance he has to kill anyone but Claude in a single attack, not even taking his double turns into account.

But hey, payback's a bitch. Even with dead healers, I can fart out damage. Thank god Jaro can still cast Attack with the power ring.

Not gonna lie, this is the majority of the damage on Zeon. Why don't we finish this game in proper style again?

Yeah, thanks for that.

And that's our reward for finishing the game. That one text box and the jingle you get for finding an item. No joke.