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Part 2: The Story Begins

MrLonghair posted:

I remember a friend from long ago who introduced me to the game, telling me that he finished it in a single sitting of 6-7 hours. Does that sound possible?

That sounds fairly quick, but it might be doable if he knew what he's doing. Honestly, it's been so long since I've last played that I couldn't really give an accurate estimate as to the game's length.

Anyways, update time!

Hey, why not?

The game begins with our hero waking up. How original.

Of course, Gillian was unconscious from having his ass kicked by a centaur, so that's something, at least. He's your instructor, Lord Varios.

This is Lowe, the obligitory childhood friend. He's on the pudgy side, but he's a Dwarf, so it's to be expected.

He's also a wuss, but since he'll be our healer for a while, we'll forgive that.

Since he's blocking the way, we've got to go speak with our instructor again.

The king's messenger shoves your ass out of the way in order to tell Varios to get to the castle.

This game doesn't waste much time in throwing you into the action.

Since we don't have any gold to spend on gear yet, we'll follow Varios to the castle

Aww, too slow to eavesdrop.

Well, at least our timing is good.

Apparently the Ancients didn't think to write these things down.

Alright, time for the town guard to earn their pay!

Oh, hell..

Oh god some sort of dog-man with gills what the fuck?

HELL no.

See? The adviser has the right idea!

Well, since the game won't progress very far until we agree...

We don't have to look far for troops. Set foot back in town and...

We're joined by a Dwarven Warrior, A Centaur Knight, a Wizard, and an Archer. Handy, that.

Damn, and here I was thinking we could ditch fatty.

Whatever you say, Fido.

Mission of vital importance to the kingdom? Oh, here... you can have what we found in the sofa.

At least we don't have to hoof it.

Next update: Our first battle