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Shinobi and Nightshade

by Evil Tim

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Original Thread: Screw DMC2, let's play Shinobi and Nightshade!



For the easily disappointed; no, this isn't Shinobi, the one that everyone forgot about that's sorta like Operation Wolf with ninjas. Neither is this Revenge of Shinobi, the one everyone tends to call Shinobi that had Godzilla, a Terminator, Spider-Man and Batman as stage bosses. No, this is the batshit lunatic 2002 PS2 version, largely known for a series of virtually impossible platforming sections. So, why am I LPing a game known for its ability to turn men to crime by halfway through stage 3? Because it's great fun, and because DMC2 ripped it off so badly I can claim to have LP'ed that train wreck without actually playing it.

This game has it all. Demon swords, possessed tanks, a sorcerer who's every action is more ridiculous than the last, and armoured ninja dogs with swords in their mouths.

No, seriously.

Before we start, remember this.

'Also, ensure you are not seated near any active volcanoes or sulphuric acid throwing machines.'

The main gimmick of this game is a system called 'Tate' based on the sword getting stronger the more enemies you kill, which, if you use it right, allows one-hit kills on any enemy, bosses included. I'll be going into a little more detail on how it works during the videos, but it's a nice gimmick.

Stage 1-A: Google Dailymotion
Stage 1-B: Good job, Moritsune! Google Dailymotion
Stage 2-A: Let's find out Ageha is a dumbass! Google Dailymotion
Stage 2-B: Let's fight that goddamn helicopter again! Google Dailymotion
Stage 3-A: Let's have a mission with no storyline cutscenes! Google Dailymotion
Stage 3-B: Let's kill lots of spiders! Google Dailymotion
Stage 4-A: Let's fall into molten lava! Google Dailymotion
Stage 4-B: Let's...OH GOD MY MIND Google Dailymotion
Stage 5-A: Let's barely avoid drowning! Google Dailymotion
Stage 5-B: Let's have a ridiculously short stage that's mostly cutscenes! Google Dailymotion
Stage 6-A: Let's watch the game get absurdly difficult! Google Dailymotion
Stage 6-B: Let's watch Hiruko POWER UP! Google Dailymotion
Stage 7-A: Part 1Google Dailymotion
Stage 7-B: Part 2Google Dailymotion
Stage 8-A: Let's celebrate getting the hardest Oboro coin in normal mode! Google Dailymotion
Stage 8-B: Let's defeat the hell out of Hiruko! Google Dailymotion


Clean version of Hiruko boss fightGoogle Dailymotion
Stage 1-A with MoritsuneGoogle Dailymotion
Stage 2-A with Joe MushashiGoogle Dailymotion

The US and UK box art are identical save a couple of logos. Nightshade [or Kunoichi in Japan] is the pseudo-sequel to Shinobi, starring the ass of a female ninja called Hibana as she seeks to recover the fragments of the Akujiki before some evil dude uses them for some evil. I'm not fond of it. Here is why.

Stage 1: Google Dailymotion
Stage 2: Let's COMPLAIN. Google Dailymotion
Missing cutscenes and stage 2 summaryGoogle Dailymotion
Stage 3: Let's crack open the book of videogame cliches! Google Dailymotion
Stage 4: Let's have more fun! Google Dailymotion
Stage 5: Let's realise this is all the result of a conspiracy! Google Dailymotion
Stage 6: Guest commentary from Hack and Katsuma!Google Dailymotion
Stage 7: Hack and Katsuma assist me in dealing with the first version of stage 7!Google Dailymotion
Stage 8: Hack, Katsuma and Shadowmegaman fail the stage 8 cutscene laugh test!Google Dailymotion
Stage 9: Let's see how Kurohagane gets the Akujiki! Google Dailymotion
Stage 10: Weaponboy, Hack and Dinictus join me in crossing a bridge!Google Dailymotion
Stage 11: Is this supposed to be the Golden Palace? Google Dailymotion
Stage 12: Hack joins me in dealing with the OH GOD Google Dailymotion
Stage 13: Time to kick Kurohagane's ass! Google Dailymotion
Bonus! Hotsuma versus Kurohagane!Google Dailymotion
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