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Part 8: Wake Up! With Hutama

Chapter 8: Wake Up! With Hutama

Good morning, Polystralia! Thanks to the heroic efforts of our scientists and engineers in manufacturing computers with local resources, many of you can now stream this show live from your own home.

That's right, the long-awaited premiere of Wake Up! With Hutama has arrived. I'll try to keep the program like a good skirt: long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to be interesting.

We live in a remarkable era, don't we? We have done more than simply settle a new world. We're making it better! The list of our accomplishments is long and getting longer. New technologies, new settlements, new buildings, new trade routes. Can you blame me for being optimistic?

As you can see, Interdependence Network is already paying off in a big way.

With the Alien Preserve built, the Food Crop quest was also completed. It's flavored in-game as "better photosynthesis", but we all know what's really going on.

We don't actually have access to the unit that Level 2 affinity upgrades yet, but we'll get the upgrade retroactively once we do.

I know there are some who don't share my optimism. After all, the Great Worm is still ravaging the northern countryside and preventing trade and travel with the Protectorate.

I want you to know that I understand completely. But the entire government is focusing all its effort on combating this threat. With the aid of long-distance missile emplacements, we've set up a secure route to reopen safe trade with the good monks of Omoikane.

The missiles do piddling damage to the Siege Worm, but they're slowly making a dent in it.

We're also working on fences that emit sound waves at exactly the right frequencies to keep aliens out. Once those are up and running, we won't have to live in fear of the native life any more.

Of course, we're all starting to feel the strain of our expansion, too. Comforts are getting scarcer, food is getting less abundant. If it were up to me, I would make sure each and every one of you fine citizens had a full pantry and a cold six-pack to come home to. But we're not quite there yet.

The penalties aren't too severe now, but they'll get worse and start hitting other stats eventually as well.

That is precisely why I have funded, from my own salary, the construction of health clinics and cytonurseries in all of our major settlements. It hasn't solved the issue completely, but it's put a serious dent in it.

That's it for news. My musical guest today is the inestimable Pauline Wulandari, whose genetically enhanced vocal chords will make you weep.

After that, be sure to join me next week, when we'll be conducting an exclusive phone interview with the brilliant Doctor Daoming Sochua about the challenges of translating robotics to our new home. I'll also be personally taking questions from private citizens throughout the colony. Don't miss it!

It's time for a new virtue, citizens of the Commonwealth! We have a new one to consider:

The other options are: Adaptive Tactics (+50% military unit XP gain), Frugality (+10% Food retained after city growth), Foresight (+10% Science when Healthy), Commoditization (+1 Energy on every basic resource), Scalable Infrastructure (+15% Wonder production), and Social Investment (+2 Production from Manufactories)

Also, if you have any questions for the big man, shoot.