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Part 10: Infiltration

Chapter 10: Infiltration

Secure channel confirmed. Beginning transmission.

The Kavithan Protectorate's computational ability is far behind ours, making infiltration both easier and more difficult.

Their research in this area is progressing steadily, and we anticipate a breakthrough soon, though it will be some time before they are able to mount sufficient counterintelligence operations.

Attached, you will find photographs of a massive structure in Mandira that the people call the “gene vault.” It is a massive repository of genetic sequences from Earth, and it is constantly being updated with new ones from the local environment. Observation and interviews with visitors to the site indicate that the gene vault is as much a cultural and religious work as it is a scientific one.

The Slavic Federation and the American Reclamation Corporation have developed close ties. We must keep an eye on this situation.

Domestically, recovery of the technological records of the crashed probe has provided significant benefits to our capabilities.

Thanks to these new treatments, our military should be able to finally reproduce armored tank units. Production of one such platoon is already underway.

Work crews are now tapping the geothermal energy pockets in our territory. With that project complete, research groups have spread their efforts to several different projects, including developing larger and more efficient power systems to handle the new capacity, as well as harnessing the great nutritional and scientific potential of xenomass. Full-scale investigation of the potential of xenocytes has also started, thanks to the blessing of the government.

(This is a Protean planet, meaning most of the world is one giant land-mass, so embarking units is of limited utility. However, this will allow us to improve the Algae near Neo New Zealand. And it only took one turn to research at our current Science output.)

With the completion of an advanced robotic factory in our capital, civilian and military augmentation has seen a dramatic rise.

Thanks to the improvements in combat efficiency, and assistance from Protectorate forces, the military has succeeded in eliminating the second great worm.

...Emergency report. The monastery at Omoikane is under attack by forces of the Kavithan Protectorate and Franco-Iberia. Armored and infantry units are advancing with minimal resistance. Our numbers are insufficient to mount an effective response...

I didn't capture it in the shots, but Franco-Iberia did most of the work, while Kavitha struck the final blow. Expect a Hutama update about this tragedy soon.

Something to keep in mind, perhaps, as we consider our next Virtue. Do we take:

Adaptive Tactics (+50% military unit XP gain), Frugality (+10% Food retained after city growth), Foresight (+10% Science when Healthy), Liquidity (-20% cost to purchase units and buildings), Scalable Infrastructure (+15% Wonder production), or Social Investment (+2 Production from Manufactories)?