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Part 3

Har! I told the crew of my findings! A Spanish treasure fleet would be invaluable to our cause, so we set sail from St. Martin to the Spanish port of Coro.

A simple sail southwest, the wind upon our side! We raised the sails found ourselves out of the port!

And what fun such a trip was. We encountered no struggle upon the way, no ill, no storm. The sea showed us mercy those days following the 15th of May, letting us sail our tight crew with our tight pockets through the dangerous area.

Light blue enveloped the ships, the waves having no quarrel with us.

About halfway across the sea, the clouds became increasingly more common.

As did the ships! Spanish and English mostly, judging by the flags.

Unfortunately, we were off our path. We had to continue west. Hopes among the men were little as we realized we weren't going to even catch up with the Spanish treasure fleet.

In great futility, we sailed westward, encountering a pirate raider along the way. They were headed towards one of the Spanish colonies.

Their captain was rather reckless himself, cutting in front of our ships plenty of times. Had we not been on a tight schedule, I would have ordered the cannons be fired.

Luckily, we arrived at the coast where many Spanish settlements were located. I'd have rather not resorted to such things, but if we got into any trouble, we'd relocate there.

And by the Gods, we found a Spanish treasure ship! Four months and we found one sailing out of Coro! Our men's hearts were energized as we prepared for what would hopefully be a quick battle.

[Hey, let's just say that failure was not an option here. This fight took enough tries to warrant never using the cutlass again. I like the cutlass and all, but rapiers will remain the main. I had forgotten how fast some of those Spaniards got.]

Arr, let me tell you something! The treasure galleon was not a problem in the least, not at all! The problem was that sloop of war, the one with the fierce captain! It kept attempting to sail into us and distract us while the main ship fired upon us, but I wouldn't have such a thing! I'm Bartholomew Bonneyread Goonham and I won't be taken for a fool by filthy half-rate sailors!

That sloop was a trick one as well! Almost as if it was sailing through the treasure ship it was escorting! Only me one good eye being tricked, but regardless!

The sloop nailed the hull of the ship, sliding against it. With the continuing splicks and splacks of wood being crunched, I grabbed my rapier and went to visit the Spanish captain.

Fired erupted on the upper sections as the Enkelblessure Bijten's crew of 14 took on the 81 longsworders! I swung with speed, constantly slashing at the Spaniard's helmet.

Knocked him all the way down the stairs, I did! Jumping up, I slid upon the rail of the stairway, my blade wishing him ill tidings.

In the end, the blade did not finish him. The man backed into a fire. Catching aflame, he hurriedly searched for water.

Plunged into the big drink, he did, and we never caught sight of him again! Remember, though, that this was just the sloop. The galleon was still peppering us with round shot.

The crew of 14 under the direction of Commander Scruffy commandeered the ship and all of the cargo within, including 1,128 gold pieces. As they sailed the sloop to safety, Scruffy managed to take the Enkelblessure in closer to the treasure galleon, which had already began to make an escape, and let me tell you, we started the fight against this thing by Coro.

By the time we boarded, we were a short distance west of San Juan.

This guy was quick, constantly attempting to slash at me with his longsword.

My rapier skills were better than his own skills with a blade.

He went rolling into the flames left behind from the fight. Just as the Spaniard before him, he leapt overboard in search of salvation.

The treasure galleon was our own! We had losses, but nowhere near the severity as before! Everything was working out in our favor as the rest of our fleet caught up with the smoking ships. I decided that I would give a few promotions once we reached a port that repairs ships.

When the rest of the fleet caught up, I called over the rest of the crew to help us look into the loot. Twenty-one sailors of the treasure ship agreed to convert and help us unload the ship's gold. As far as that goes, the ship had a fair amount of supplies as well as 4,514 gold pieces.

San Juan was to off starboard and an unknown place to our port. The crew would rather take their chances off port.

It turned out to only be a Jesuit mission. Regardless of their entire lack of actual ship fixers, I dropped in to check on things.

And that was the first in 11 years that I had heard about my sister. The Abbot gave me useful enough information that I bought all of his wares. Unfortunately, they consisted of food and only ten tons of it.

Yet another settlement existed directly west. Our own Indian-on-board, Hermetian, explained to us that this was Aztlan, a friendly Indian village. He said that this was where his grandfather was born. Just as with the Abbot, I decided to drop in with Hermetian to help translate.

Hermetian explained that the chief sought only war despite it being a friendly village. I advised the chief to stay put for the time being. We didn't know how long such a thing would keep a savage like that!

Sailing westward, we're barely away from Aztlan when we saw a French settlement called Louisville! We'd not done anything to the French, but I had heard they had a price on my head for 3000. Very well couldn't let anyone I've not offended go around slapping numbers over my head, could I?! No! We sailed to Louisville and I decided to talk it up with the governor, to set things straight.

Oddly enough, the governor was busy with preparations to move to a new town. He even asked that I accompany him, despite the price on my head! Was this their way of attempting to apologize? I decided to head to their tavern and figure things out.

While at the tavern, a strange man asked if I was interested in an item he wa selling.

We had money to spare, so I bought the ruby ring in case I ever met a lady deserving of such a thing. I also found out through the various gossip mongers that the French peace treaty with the Spanish existed no longer. The French were no longer associated with the Spanish and were no longer a threat. Perhaps that 3000 gold reward will be forgotten about! Ha ha ha! Har!

Whilst we drank our victory brews and rested at the tavern, I gave the news that both Hermetian and Thompson, one of the two Englishmen, were now commanders. I bought them each a drink out of my own pocket and took them down to the docks to choose from the ships we took.

Thompson took the sloop and christened it "De Terreur." A crazy Brit like Thompson, the fastest mopper of the decks, surely deserves one of the fleet's fastest ships.

Hermetian, promoted for both his skills and bravery in the fight on the treasure ship and the sloop, took pride in being commander of the Dorganark.

A large ship, but he assured me that he could handle it well. That night, we all slept as rocks on the ocean floor, for sailors we are, sailing we did, and rest is our reward at the end of the trip.

[Haha, haven't heard from me much through this update. Just thought you guys might want to know that we somehow became the ninth most well-known pirate and that poor ol' Calico Jack is left in the cold.]

Captain's Log

September 1600: Captured a Spanish treasure ship near San Juan.
October 1600: France and Spain cancel Peace Treaty.
December 1600: Visited the mission of Santa Matilda. Baron Raymondo seen in St. Augustine. Visited the village of Aztlan.
January 1601: Visited the settlement of Louisville. Acquired a ruby ring.

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by piracy. It just isn't good unless it's free.

Hey guys, guess what. You get to dictate what I'm doing next. Again. However, the choices are a tad more diverse this time.

What the heck is a pirate gonna do?

1. Bomb San Juan
2. Search for Rackham's treasure
3. Search for Baron Raymondo
4. Escort this governor to Tortuga (straight west from Louisville)