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Part 2: Update II - Goondalf the G(rateful)

Part II: Goondalf the G(rateful)

First things first, if we're going to mount a rescue mission, we need better equipment. There are merchants and blacksmiths here in the Bailey. Let's ask them!

Oh, I'm just looking around your smithy.

I'm afraid there isn't much for me to show you. Hammer, anvil—there's nothing special.

You have nothing for sale then?

I have little enough metal for the army's use, let alone being able to take commissions or offer items for sale. I'm afraid that we are in the middle of a siege, after all. If you're part of the army, then check with the Armories, either in South Gate or the Outer Keep.

So you haven't received any steel shipments recently, then?

Did Lucan tell you to come annoy me? He's always bothering me about what I'm shipping off to him these days, but he knows as well as I do that there's not a damn thing I can do about it! I've got pig iron to work with—that's it! I may be one of the best swordsmiths to come out of Elythria, but no amount of training is going to turn pig iron into breastplates and blades. Now if you want horseshoes, or maybe a nice set of cookware... that I can do. In a couple more weeks, though, you won't need the horseshoes since the horses will be going INTO the cookware.

I'm sure it won't come to that. How long has it been since your last shipment of steel?

By the spirits, too long!

And there's nothing available around here? Nothing at all?

Sure there is—feel like raiding an Ahoul camp all by your lonesome?

Not without a fine steel blade like those crafted by you!

Go on.

Think about it like this. You're stuck inside a fortress, an enemy army camped outside. What becomes the most important thing you've got?

Food, I guess. And weapons.

Very good, kid. Weapons. And that gold in your purse—how's it gonna help you survive?

It's not like my purse is overly full, but...

It's not. You've gotta be alive to spend gold, and so when your life's in danger, the things that can keep you alive become more valuable than gold. Follow me, kid? Food is more valuable than gold right now. And so is fine steel.

I follow.

In the village there was this fellow, and he had more than a few pretty pennies jingling in his pocket. He also had more than a few brains in his skull, too. He knew he was living in a warzone, but then wars can make a fellow rich. Living outside Avalon, though, would keep him fairly safe. If the Ahoul ever came back, he'd just get inside the walls with everyone else. But if that happened, well, what good would his money be?

None, I guess.

And that's where the treasure hunt comes in.

You want a good sword, I'll get you a good sword... IF you get me that steel. Or just get me a bar of it, and the location of the rest. With proof, the military types should agree to sneak the rest out. They've brains enough to know that we need everything we can get our hands on.

I hear the village isn't the safest place to be. I don't suppose you could draw me a map?

You'll get no treasure maps from me, kid. He had a few houses—rented 'em out. And I couldn't even lead you to 'em, with the village the way it stands—or rather doesn't, which is the point. You can do it, though. You always fancied yourself the hero type, right?

YesHardly. All I can promise is this: if I ever make it into the village, I'll keep my eyes open. Mostly for Ahoul, I'll admit, but also for this steel of yours.

Good boy!

I am NOT a child! I am a mighty wizard who possesses power beyond your ken! Stop calling me “boy.” And 'kid!”

All right... soldier. Spirits be with you.

And you.

Well that didn't turn out as well as we'd hoped, but at least we have a new quest! This fellow with the sweet cape probably has more to offer.

Hello! I'm new here, and have been meeting everyone I can. Who are you, if I may ask, and where are you from?

I hail from Nisos, where I'm known as Olon the Quick. I had a bit of a reputation there as a master of sleight-of-hand and, shall we say, related activities.

Related activities? Do you mean you were a thief?

I've always preferred the term “rogue”, but then I've never been one to quibble with semantics. I was hardly born on a pile of gold like some; I survived as I could.. These days, though, you must admit there's too little available to make that lifestyle worth bothering with, and so I've become a simple merchant, more or less.

More or less? And what does that mean?

I keep my ear the the ground. Even if there's not much of a market for goods, information is always important and favors still carry weight. If you come across any interesting tidbits, I'd love to hear them.

I'll keep that in mind. As a “more or less simple merchant”, then, what do you offer for sale?

I get the feeling there would be little point in robbing you, so there's little hope that you could afford anything I have available. Besides, I doubt you'd really be interested in what I offer.

Your words have the sting of truth; my funds are indeed limited.

Even if I wanted to, right now there's little point. In the future, however... I thank you for your advice. Good day to you.

That might be helpful eventually. There is also an actual vendor in the tent next to Olon!

If your prices are fair, I may buy something.

Damn. Even a Fancy Hat is out of our price range. But one thing is not... the legendary Canvas Hood!!

Hell yeah. We may not have a sword, but I'd say we're ready.

Let's take a look through South Gate to see if anyone has heard what happened to Corvus.

Ooo, this guy with the sweet axe definitely knows something.

I'm looking for news of my brother.

Grimbold: What, the chap they saw running through the village yesterday?

That's him, yes.

Grimbold: That was the most exciting thing to happen around here in days! When they came down with news of the chase, everyone ran up to the top, but it was too late. He'd already disappeared out of sight.

I hope he's all right.

Grimbold: So do we all. May the good spirits protect him.

Thank you.

I guess not. Not until we find Calum at least.

Nothing at all. How are things here?

Lang: More active than ever. No one's gotten decent sleep in ages. As if being on constant alert wasn't bad enough, something'd been scratching away in the basement all night long!

Really? There was an infestation of giant bugs in the kitchen earlier today. They had dug through the basement walls and had started eating the food. That's been taken care of, thank the spirits, but perhaps they're digging below here as well.

Lang: That could be, though it's still rather worrisome. Bugs from below, and Ahoul from without. Dangerous times here in Avalon.

They are at that. Since your duty keeps you here, when I get a chance I'll be certain to look into the situation. For now, though, farewell.

Thank you. Why do you say that?

Avery: Been cooped up here for days, sir. Some of the fellows in here are starting to give me the creeps!

How do you mean?

Avery: It's just my imagination, sir, but I could almost swear some of the blokes in here aren't on our side. Can you imagine that?

Very odd. I hope you're wrong.

Avery: I'm sure I am. Just a bit of cabin fever, sir. You understand. That, and I've been working double shifts. I'm as tired as the dead.

I hope you get the opportunity to get some proper sleep. May the good spirits protect you.

Oh hey, it's that Lucan guy a couple people have mentioned.

What do you do in here?

Lucan: I'm in charge of the South Gate's Armory. It's my job to keep the fortification's defenders well supplied and trained in the proper use of the equipment.

What training do you offer?

Nice, another trainer. Combat Breathing is the most useful one for us so we get that now. We'll be able to pick up the other two before leaving the citadel though.

I could also do with some equipment.

Lucan: I was afraid you would say that, sir. I'm sorry, but for weapons and armor you will have to see the Quartermaster in the Outer Keep. Everything I have is already assigned. However, I can provide you with a proper shield.

My thanks. Do you have any idea why supplies of weaponry are so low?

Avalon is out of fine steel? When was the last shipment?

Lucan: I don't rightly remember, sir. I do know there was supposed to be a shipment of steel with the supply fleet, but I don't know if any actually arrived, what with the disaster and all.

One ship survived—and I was on it. I know there was food in the cargo hold, but I didn't hear of any steel. I'll admit I wasn't too curious—the Ahoul trying to sink us had my full attention.

I follow but, in truth, I have already checked with the blacksmith. He says he had nothing, though he did insist there was a cache of fine steel bars in the village somewhere. I will have to see if anything comes of it. Thanks for your time.

Shields are great for a couple reasons. The first is that they are our first glimpse of something with Invincibility Resistance—this shield reduces all Crushing damage by one point. The second reason is that they look rad and can have a lot of different markings on them. If I recall correctly, this one is the symbol of Avalon itself.

Wow, rude. I was just trying to check the basement for more beetles.


Nothing, friend. I've just come to have a look around.

Holt: Look 'round all you want. You won't find anythin' amiss here, sir. No, sir, not a thing. Err, do y'like what you see?

No, of course not. The weaponry and armor out there is as poor as my own.

Holt: Yes, sir, truly a fine selection o' tin blades and paper armor, is it not? It may look adequate, but a body's likely to get himself dead if he ever tries using it in real combat...

I've heard that there's a shortage of fine steel...

As you wish, but why are you suddenly whispering?

If your prices are reasonable, I might be interested. Show me what you've ferreted away.

Hoo boy. Good stuff, but hella expensive. Two Invincibility in all types of physical damage is pretty nice, but to be honest, neither it nor anything else here is worth it. By the time we can afford any of it, we'll have found just as good or better equipment in the field. I suppose it might be useful if we miss any of the good loot, but we will not.

Anyway, about those guards over there...

I see. Thanks for the information.

That's about everything of interest on the first floor. Let's move onto the second.

There he is!

Penrith said you might have some information for me about my brother.

Corvus, you mean? We saw him running through the village a while ago. He was being pursued by an Ahoul hunting party.

Did he escape them? Is he alive?

No way of telling that, lad. He turned down a dark alley and we lost track of him. We sent out a search party, though. They'll know more. I think they went to report to General Roth.

Is that all? Is there anything else you can tell me?

I'm afraid not, lad. Go see General Roth. I'm sure the guards will admit you, seeing as you're Corvus' brother. Come to think of it, you might want to see the wizard Elazar. He's been muttering to himself about the village rather more of late. His rooms are a bit further up this corridor.

Thank you.

Another wizard? Awesome! Let's see what incredible spells he has to teach us.

Yes. Anything you could tell me would be helpful.

I won't tell you anything you can find out from the fools outside this room, but I will say that I can sense your brother's life force. He is weak, but he lives. Unfortunately, I believe that something is trying to hide him from me. When I try to pinpoint your brother, he simply slips out of my grasp.

But you are certain he's alive?

I said so, didn't I? Now I expect you'll be wanting to go after him.

Absolutely! I'll not leave my brother out there to die!

Interesting that the main character doesn't openly care about Elazar calling him boy. Aside from the obvious possibility of the two characters being handled by different writers, I think he could just be wise enough to know not to get tilted against wizards.

Thank you. And you have my thanks for telling me he's alive.

I didn't say it to please you, boy. I said it because it's the truth and there's a chance you may be able to help him. A slim chance to be sure, but better than nothing.

I will not fail.

For his sake, I hope you prove to be right. Be careful out there, boy. Strange and foul things are about.

I will, sir wizard. Good day to you.

One final order of business here in South Gate. We're getting a little full of looted stuff. Luckily, there are plenty of fancy but empty armoires in which to redistribute our great wealth. As long as a map doesn't change between chapters (which only happens in South Gate in Chapter 6), anything you store somewhere, stays there. So this will be a good spot to hold stuff, just in case we need to change pant colors later.

(One of them does have a Buckler, but it's not really as good as the Kite Shield. Might be worth selling later though.)

Now that we know Corvus is alive, we can take our time preparing a little more. There's a couple more people in the Outer Keep to wrap up before moving on to see General Roth. The big one is the third trainer in this Chapter, this guy:

Excuse me, sir. I am newly arrived in Avalon and am just looking around and meeting people. Who are you and where are you from?

I see, sir. Truth be told, I'm interested in learning some scouting skills. Would it be possible for you to instruct me?

I am interested in anything you can teach me, sir.

(This shot is actually from earlier, which is why I don't have a hood and have 20 Training Points instead of 0. I picked up all of these, especially Field First Aid.)

The final order of side business is a quest I highlighted in the test post but didn't know where to put. It does come up in conversation later though, so I didn't want people to be confused when it does.

~*~Flashback effect~*~

It was very hard to resist the John Madden jokes for this part. Feel free to insert your own.

I'd like to know where you're from.

I see.

(I imagine that "I see" as completely deadpan.)


The Ahoul are not the only ones who can be cruel. Take heart: I'm sure the siege shall be lifted soon so you may return to see your home and love.

Madden: With all my heart, I hope it is so.

Good luck to you, and farewell.

Very unfortunate, but not much we can do for him. Let's see who else is hanging out around here.

Where are you from?

Kent: My home is in Cathea. Well, once it was. I raised cattle there, at least until I was conscripted to fight this war. Raising cattle isn't all that impressive a job, but even a mad cow is nowhere near as vicious as an Ahoul raider. That's why I've had--we've had--to learn to be strong.


Heard any good rumors?

] I understand. I didn't realize the situation was so precarious.

Kent: Of course it's precarious. We're in a bloody siege. Frankly, I think our only hope is if King Vortigerm gets here, and damn quickly, too. Between betrayal from inside the walls and constant attacks from outside, historically sieges go very badly for the defenders. And that's without mentioning the thread of disease and famine. I've been here long enough to know that bit of military history. You though, you have the look of a new recruit.

I'll admit that I am but newly arrived here. However, I'm not exactly inexperienced.

Kent: That strength in your voice, that's good. Maybe you'll last here after all. Most of us here I think are strong enough to last until the King arrives, but there are one or two that I'm not so sure about.

Really? Like who?

What do you mean?

Theft? Not the most noble thing to have done.

Kent: Noble? Wake up. This is war. We all need to be strong if we want to survive. And after King Vortigerm arrives, I'll return it. Until then, however, it's better this way.

Perhaps, but I'm certain there's a better way of doing things. Good day.

What knavery! The Mighty Warlock Goondalf will not stand for this. No, he will use all of his arcane power to right this wrong.

Down in the southeast corner of the map is Kent's room.

Inside the chest there, we find:

Our great sorcery has overcome another trial!

Must be pretty juicy. Back to Madden!

I was wondering, would this be the letter you lost?

Madden: You've found it! Thanks be to the spirits, and thanks be to you! The rose, did you find the rose, too? Keep it, please, as a token of my gratitude. When this war is over, perhaps we'll meet in Aratoy and raise a drink together?

I look forward to it. May the spirits--and your love--watch over you. Goodbye.

For completing this arduous task, we are awarded a pretty good item to equip during all the talking-to-people segments, and


...Oh. Well, to be fair, this is a pretty simple and easy quest. More involved ones can yield a lot more Training Points.

If we talk to Kent after doing this...

Screw you buddy! Madden is a bro. He gave us a rose and 1 Training Point!

The source of Madden's strength is in that letter. With it, he'll be strong enough to outlast most of us here.

You'll be fine. We all will, if we trust in each other's strength. Good day.

Alright, done. Now, in the upper left part of the Outer Keep, two guards who were blocking a door earlier have now moved to the sides of it.

Thanks for the tip.

Just about to meet the head honcho and one of my childhood heroes. No big.



-think of while we were out there last night was the prowling ghost of a male tomcat, looking for a mate but knowing it would never find one as a ghost. I'm sure that doesn't make sense, but the sound was like nothing of this world, and certainly nothing human. All of us were very careful not to talk about it, but we all heard it. Of course we put it in our report to Mudam. Luckily he didn't relieve us all for insanity after reading it. Something strange is in the city and I only hope I'm not the first one to run into it.