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Part 3: Update III - Goondalf the G(entleman) (1)

Part III - Goondalf the G(entleman) (1)

Musical accompaniment (While I enjoy the music in this game, there isn't a lot of it, so I have to do some repeats. Plus some music is much more suited to other environments.)

I received some news from Calum at South Gate, sir. My brother was seen escaping through the village outside Avalon.

I know. These three knights were part of a search party that went out looking for him. They have just returned with their report.

What’s the news, then, sir?

They went out into the village and hunted around. They found signs of a battle but there was no sign of your brother anywhere. As you may know, the Ahoul aren’t known to take prisoners. If your brother had been killed, his body would have been somewhere in the village. Therefore, we suspect he is still alive.

Are you still looking for him, sir?

The disappearance of General Ovoron’s force has left the garrison depleted and the Sha'ahoul are showing signs of great activity. At this time we can ill afford any more men lost, especially over the life of just one soldier. I am sorry, son, but we can’t risk any more of our forces searching for him. Take heart--he is an excellent survivor. If anyone can make it back to Avalon alive, it’s Corvus.

I would like your permission to search for my brother, sir.

Yes, sir. I won’t rest until I know my brother’s fate.

Very well. Take this letter to Mudam and get his approval. I hope you’ve taken your training seriously--it’s about to become very important to you.

Thank you, sir Roth! I won’t let you down.

No member of your family ever has, son. Good luck to you.

Good luck to us all, sir. Farewell.

Yesss, this wizard is about to go commando. But first, let’s debrief the knights here, see what kind of threats we’ll be facing outside the walls.

Hello. Did you know my brother?

Sir Balduf: Know him? He and I were bunkmates when we were new recruits! That’s why I insisted I go along on the search for him.

Did you have any luck?

Sir Balduf: Sorry to say, but we had none. We saw neither hide nor hair of your brother. That’s good news, though. The Ahoul don’t take prisoners, so if he’d run into them, the only we’d have found is his body. That’s how we know the Ahoul didn’t find him.

Do you think he’s still alive, then?

Sir Balduf: Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. There are other things out there besides Ahoul, you know. We saw signs of a great beast around the Library. We didn’t venture inside, though. Could’ve been anything. I wouldn’t go in there unless I had a whole fist of warriors with me.

Thank you for trying, Balduf.

Sir Balduf: You’re welcome. May your brother come back to us healthy and ready to slay a thousand Ahoul!

Were you a friend of my brother?

Sir Engres: Can’t say I was. I just volunteered to get out of the citadel.

I see. Did you see anything out there?

Sir Engres: A load of voreworms and a bunch of tracks outside the old Church. I reckon the voreworms been feeding on the dead.

What kind of tracks?

Sir Engres: Who knows? Could be human, could be Ahoul. All I know is something’s been going on in the old Church. I’d keep away from there if I were you.

Thank you for the advice.

I am pleased to meet you. Were you with the search party?

Sir Kyner: Yes, I was. We searched the village and found nothing but voreworms. We ended up killing quite a few of them before we left.

There was no sign of him?

Sir Kyner: I’m sorry, but we saw no trace of him. A battle had been fought recently just south of the old Wizard’s Tower, but there’s no telling who or what did the fighting. Could have been anything.

Thank you for looking.

Sir Kyner: It’s the least I could do. Your brother saved me from losing my leg once and I’ve yet to repay the favor.

I am certain that you shall still have your chance. Good day to you.

I see. There is one more thing of note in this room--a treasure chest to loot!

The staff does some decent damage even though it’s broken, but it’s very slow, and is a two-handed weapon, so we can’t use it at the same time as a shield. Right now, having a shield is far more helpful. Eventually we might find staffs that have other effects besides just serving as weapons, but until then we’re sticking with our sticker.

And our Strength is currently too low to use it effectively (we can use it without meeting the requirements, it will just have lower Attack and Damage). We’ll have to get Goondalf’s Strength up a little bit eventually, because what kind of wizard would we be without a staff?

More Mana is always nice.

Alright, let’s go see our new commander!

I’ve received a transfer of command from Sir Roth. I’m now to officially be one of your scouts.

Now why would you want to go outside Avalon? There have been more Ahoul patrols recently. It’s hostile country out there.

I know that, sir. To be honest, I wanted to search the village for clues about my brother’s disappearance.

Absolutely, sir.

Your confidence serves you well. I hereby officially accept your transfer and order you to search outside the citadel. In addition to looking for your brother, you will be our eyes in the village. Be careful though; it’s dangerous and unknown territory out there. You should wait until sunset and then keep to the shadows. If you want to talk to someone who’s knowledgeable about the terrain outside Avalon, you should find Olon in the Outer Bailey, near the merchants. If he will consent to speak with you, he would be the best source for information on happenings outside the walls.

Thank you, sir. You will not be disappointed in me.

By the time we exit the Outer Keep again, it is already night. We could leave Avalon itself now through South Gate, but we have information to gather first.

Things are well, Olon. I don’t know if you’re aware, but my brother—

That would be Lieutenant Corvus, I believe.

Yes, actually. He—

Went out on a raid with General Ovoron, which has since met with disaster. He was seen in the village being chased by Ahoul, and may still be alive.

Yes, and—

You’ve been transferred to Mudam’s command and he’s letting you out to scout the village all alone. You realize, naturally, that going out there alone is suicide, don’t you? Then again, just as naturally, I realize telling that to people like you only convinces them to go.

People like—? Never mind. Do I want to know how you know all this?

It’s my job. And, no, you probably don’t want to know any more. Did you actually have any new news for me, or were you looking for some information?

Information. Mudam—


No charity. However, I could use a favor. And I always pay back my favors.

What favor?

Well, I’ve this friend who has a bit of a problem. She’s nice and all, but there’s not really anything I can do for her. Not my area, you see, and certainly out of the league of the louts you see wandering about the Bailey. You, though, might be able to help. I know a lord, young though he be, when I see one.

And what would this problem be, then?

I’m afraid that it’s not really my tale to tell. If Pell decides she likes you, then she’ll tell you. Otherwise…

And who is Pell?

A friend. And she has a problem. That’s all you need to know. If you feel like helping, she likes watching the horses over that way. Go talk to her.

I’ll have to consider this for a while. Good day.

I understand, lady, but Olon sent me over. He seems to think that I can help with some problem of yours?

Olon! Finally. My name is Pellandrian, but please call me Pell. Well, you look capable enough, anyway, even if you are a bit young.

If you think my age--or lack of it, rather--would disqualify me from helping—

No, no! I’m sorry, I did not mean it that way.

Then perhaps you would be so kind as to inform me of the nature of the problem, so that I might decide if in fact I can be of assistance to you?

Yes… You’re nothing like he is, you know. I can almost feel the force radiating from you, even without magic. But him? If I don’t pay attention, it’s like he’s not there. Insubstantial, like the ghost of a man. But when I did pay attention…

I’m afraid, lady, that I really don’t understand what you’re saying.

No, I suppose not. His name is Lahren, and he’s the man I will wed.

Does he know this?

Fell in love.

Now we’re talking. This kind of quest, on any night his brother were not missing, would be in the gentle Goondalf’s wheelhouse.

Yes. Sometimes I can hardly think of a worse fate.

You jest, lady.

You are young, aren’t you? I do not. I never learned exactly what befell him, but for as long as I’ve known him he has been deathly afraid of magic.

I do not understand. What has this to do—

With me? Everything. I, sir, am Fornaxan, and magic is in our blood. I am magical to my very core, and nothing can change that, not even love. I told him nothing, of course. Not a word of it. I just became his friend. We came to Avalon because he wanted to study the language and culture of the Sha’ahoul. The siege, then, was not yet as total as it is today, but the journey through Oriam was still dangerous, as you’d expect. His heart was set, however, and I couldn’t refuse. You see, as I had longed for many months, he had begun falling in love with me and I was not going to abandon him then. Do not ask how I knew--Fornaxans have ways. And if worst came to worst, I thought, I could defend us well enough.

And it did, did it not, lady?

I see now. I am sorry.

A patrol from Avalon found us--the amount of magic I had to unleash drew the attention of the wizards here. He recovered, but he would not talk to me. He would not even look at me. It has been months now since I have looked into his eyes.

I sympathize, my lady. What can I do to help?

I have been watching him, of course. How could I do otherwise? And he has been changing. Or his feelings have been. I cannot tell exactly how or why, though. And I cannot approach him directly. I would only… scare him further, most like. But you…

You want me to talk to him, to sound out his thoughts and feelings about you.

Basically, yes. Subtlety will be required--he is far from stupid, and though he has a gentle nature, it does not preclude suspicion.

I will do my best, lady.

Thank you. You should be able to find him near the merchants’ wagons just over there. Olon often keeps an eye on him for me.

I will return when I have news.

Lahren is sulking near the carts and tents next to Olon.

Forgive me for saying this, but you don’t look like a man who should be alone. You look, in fact, like you’re rather desperately thinking about being with someone.

Lahren: Aye, I am. And what would you know about it, boy?

Being young I will admit to. Being inexperienced I will not.

Lahren: You’ve a point, I suppose. Nevertheless…

Nevertheless? You look to be in pure misery. How can sharing your feelings with another make your fate worse?

Lahren: What fate worse… I used to know someone who used an expression like that. “There’s no fate worse,” she’d say. I never truly understood until very recently.

You are thinking “There’s no fate worse than loving someone,” are you not?

Lahren: Aye. There’s no fate worse.

Has she joined the spirits, then?

Because it is possible to fail this quest with enough "wrong" dialogue choices, I'd like to put the next few branches up to a vote instead of just choosing the "right" ones. Not sure how long I'll wait between them. Maybe the rest of the day? Don't want to slow down the updates too much, but definitely want the chance to insert more Let's into this Let's Play too.

Here, the choice is basically how we want to treat him generally. We are a wizard and thus quick to anger, but wizards are also subtle. Perhaps the lovesick man needs a gentler touch?

The thread has decided to be gentle!