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Part 11: Update IX - Goondalf the G(rand)

Part IX - Goondalf the G(rand)

Chapter Two begins!


Going to our room isn't actually the trigger to start Chapter Two. To begin, we have to go down a hallway in the north part of the Outer Keep, which was previously blocked by two guards. Now it is open, and when we go through, we are taken directly to General Roth's chambers.

What is the Earthstone?

I know little of the Earthstone or its powers, just enough to decide that it poses an incredible security risk. If you wish to hear details about the Earthstone, see the sage Phelic. He and Elarath have been doing research on it; I got what information I have from them.

What are my orders, sir?

I need you to go to the ruins below to discover what happened to the group I sent down there, and rescue them if necessary. The party I sent consisted of a knight, a scout, and the Seer Waynar. The knight and scout were more of an honor guard for Waynar, a Seer of considerable power, whose purpose in the party was to locate the Earthstone. The party's disappearance at least suggests that the journal will be perilous, so you should enlist the aid of a few volunteers in the inner keep.

Where can I find the volunteers you are referring to?

Before I leave, sir, where's that courier headed? He seemed to be in a bad mood.

Official business, lad. Nothing for you to worry about. Now go!

Yes, sir. I will get on it immediately.

And by "immediately", we mean after thoroughly exploring the new areas opened to us, and meeting all the new inhabitants! There are even more people to meet in Chapter Two than in One, so the next couple updates may not quite be as action-packed as the previous couple. However, there are some good, interesting moments, and a lot of setup for future events and quests. And loot. Sweet, sweet loot.

As you can see, there is a lot of ground to cover. Aside from that map, there is a first floor, a basement, and the Inner Bailey is open now too. With a few exceptions, we can talk to whoever in whatever order we want, so we'll basically be going somewhere between geographical and narrative, quest-based order.

Oh yeah, there are also secret rooms not on the map. See this flag that isn't like the others?

Clicking past it takes us right through the wall.

There's some good stuff here.

We'll probably just sell this, but it's neat. And one of the chests here-

-is actually locked! What tomfoolery is this?! Who the hell locks up their belongings? Well, we'll need to get a key somewhere, I suppose. For now, let's go see that sage Roth mentioned and get started on our party building.

What is the Earthstone?

Phelic: It is an ancient relic that was once, long ago, used in ceremonies and rituals by those who built and revered the temple that now lies in ruins below us.

Oh good, Avalon is built on top of the fantasy equivalent of an Indian burial ground.

Who made the Earthstone?

How could the Earthstone destroy Avalon, if we don't even know what it does?

Phelic: That's where it gets interesting. Interesting, and unfortunate. You see, it clearly states in these parchment fragments that the Earthstone, if replaced in its original location, will raise the temple from its subterranean depths to earth level, which will surely destroy Avalon.

I see. This is dire news, indeed. I must assemble my party immediately. Farewell, Phelic.

I shall consider it, Phelic. Thank you, and may the good spirits protect you.

This chest has a black robe in it. What secrets are you hiding, Phelic...? Are you one of the traitors!?

"Phelic's apprentice?" What kind of name is that?

Phelic's Apprentice: I... I don't have a name yet, sir.

You can't be serious!

Phelic's Apprentice: Yes, I'm serious. Apprentice Sages do not receive a Name until they have had a Naming ceremony, and that will only occur when it is decided by their mentor that they are worthy of the title of Apprentice Sage.

I see. So, you'd like to join my party to the subterranean temple?

Hmm... Sure, why not? Try not to impale yourself if we run into any nasties.

With that, Phelic's Apprentice is added to our Roster! Up to two party members follow us and help us in combat, and they can even be sent off on their own if we select them by clicking their roster portrait. This is especially useful if we find a Scout.

Unfortunately, party member stats can't be increased directly, though we can equip them with items. The one caveat is that they have a much more limited selection of items they can use than Goondalf does, depending on what kind of character they are. For example, Phelic's Apprentice can't equip armor, only clothes and robes and such.

He has unique items that can't be unequipped, too.

Oh, but Phelic's Apprentice is no mere sage-in-training. He is also a powerful wizard! In fact, he has two spells we don't yet.

There aren't a lot of sources of pure Magic damage in the game (Flame does Heat and Crushing rather than Magic damage, for example), but what sources there are tend to be pretty powerful, so this will be good to have.

Party members act according to behaviors you set from the roster page.

They're pretty rudimentary and perhaps a little oddly worded (how does one Hold aggressively?; tbh we won't be using that one much though), but they mostly make the party do what you want. Basically, with defensive magic set up, Phelic's Apprentice will cast Aura of Iron on everyone he can, then will cast Heal as necessary. Amazingly, he will also cast Protection from Magic if an enemy mob includes a caster. It is really helpful to have another dedicated spellcaster, even as a mage ourselves.

Most useful of all, though, party members offer a whole new page of storage for loot.

The main downside, from my perspective, is that they almost never react to events you encounter. I think mainly due to the way Siege of Avalon's dialogue system works. Plus clicking on them just brings up their inventory, so there won't be any banter. Well, that and their habit of getting killed by wandering into our spells. But we'll get to that.

For the time being, floor two is home mainly to knights and other nobles from Elythria (in green tabards) and Oriam (in red tabards). Let's say hi to some!

I was wondering if you know of anyone who might be able to teach me more advanced combat techniques?

Sir Caerleon is the Fighter trainer for Chapter Two. We pick up the second two right away. More health is always good, and less Restriction means faster spells. Weapon Skill will be nice to have eventually, for when we run out of Mana, but there are much higher priority abilities available from other trainers.

Do you have any assignments for me?

Sir Caerleon: Uh, no, not really.


Do you know of anyone available to join me on assignments?

Sir Caerleon: Yeah, my old friend Dinadon is dying for some action. He's bored stiff... Literally. [He laughs.] I'm just kidding, he's not old, just older than most of us.

Thank you for your suggestion, Sir Caerleon.

We'll keep an eye out for this Dinadon guy, then.

Sheesh! Zero chill on these guys. Oh no... remember what happened with the last people who weren't chill?

Sadly, the chests in the pumpkin warehouse do not contain delicious food, just random non-magical armor and such. Boo.

Not only are some chests locked, but some doors are too. Hmm.

Yes, I was wondering what your name was, and where you might be from.

Why yes, actually, how did you guess?

Sir Tortain: Yes! You adventuring types are all alike! Always poking your noses into our rooms, sifting with your grubby paws through our belongings, asking us the same questions...

That's how things get accomplished in my line of work. You didn't complain much when I brought back the Chalice of Life, now, did you?

Sir Tortain: That's a good point...

I think I'll escape before you begin another rant...

Sir Tortain: That's another thing! You spend way too much time running around! Running this way and that, scaring the non-military members of the keep, causing--

I can't believe YOU were named after King Tortain. Okay, that's it. I'm leaving.

Heh. Now let's go to this larger room.

Do you have any advice for a young officer aspiring to greatness?

Sir Padarn: Further our cause. I'm not talking about we Orians, but we humans. Any success that might thwart the Sha'ahoul will be remembered. If you'll pardon me, I must get back to my duties.

The King of Oriam! Not technically OUR king, since we are Elythrian, but still, better pay our respects.

Oh Goondalf, you choked!

The Queen is... a bit more talkative.

Retreating so fast we go down to the first floor.

There he is!

I am only recently come to Avalon, good sir knight. Though I have encountered the Sha'ahoul, I have yet to do so as part of a larger force. I am afraid you mistake me for someone else.

Sir Dinadon: A pity we haven't faced down those dogs together, lad, for you look like quite a steely young fellow. Though nothing can replace experience, the untempered boldness of the young can often inspire great deeds. Why, there was this one fellow in particular--and he couldn't have been much older than you are now--who braved a cloud of arrows, so thick they darkened the sky, in order to pull me from beneath my pin-cushioned horse and drag me back across our lines. Say, that's who you remind me of! What was his name? Carpas? Cussus? Kelvin...?

The name wouldn't be Corvus, would it?

Sir Dinadon: Yes! Corvus, that was his name! Do you know him?

He's my brother, sir. Many say I resemble him, and--

Sir Dinadon: Say no more! The brother of Corvus, eh? If the resemblance is more than skin deep, you've no doubt a few tales of your own. Come, let's find a corner, swap tales of love and war, toast the departed, and curse the Sha'ahoul!

As much as I would enjoy a bull session with an old war-horse, I regret I've a mission to complete.

Don't trouble yourself, Sir Dinadon. This mission is not important enough to be worth sending a veteran of your skill.

Very well, then. You have convinced me, and I will seek the Ambassador immediately.

Sir Dinadon: You will find him in the room next to King Ryence.

I will waste no time in seeking him. Until then, fare thee well, Sir Knight.

(Don't tell anyone, but I wasted quite a bit of time exploring and talking first. We'll skip along for the sake of brevity, since this is already shaping up to be a big post.)

I seek but a moment of your busy day, ambassador. One of your knights, Sir Dinadon, seeks to accompany me on an important mission for Sir Roth.

I would not ask this of you unless it were a matter of honor, sir. Sir Dinadon's life was saved by my brother once, and the burden of this debt lies heavily upon his noble shoulders.

I am 90% sure this is one of the times where Chapter Two checks your stats for what dialogue options to offer, like I mentioned in previous updates. If not, Goondalf is at least acting his high Charm here.

Ambassador Lucius: A chance to settle a matter of honor and serve the greater good at the same time, eh? I suppose I couldn't keep an old soldier away from a new duty, not if he wanted it badly enough. I grant him leave to pursue this mission, and I wish you both success.

Thank you for your understanding, Ambassador. You will not regret your decision.

Aggressive melee is also pretty self-explanatory. Dinadon is a knight, so he runs up and hits anything he can see. It's the best setting for him, really.

He has some magic, but his Mysticism is trash. His Frost spell does like 1-5 damage, and Protection from Cold barely lasts any length of time. I would show his stats and equipment, but, well... we're going to meet someone much better in a little bit. But first, more randos to meet!

Well enough to keep me alive, healthy, and thirsty for the sweet taste of Ahoul defeat. Where do you hail from?

Wylie: I'm Wylie, and I'm Fornaxan, sir. To fit the stereotype, to be sure, I was in training to become a wizard, but since I had more experience as a fighter at the time, and since Avalon needed more warriors, I was sent here. I was just about to learn my first real spell, too. I miss the mage school. It's where I truly belong.

Why didn't you just learn sword-fighting and magic? How was it you came across your experience as a fighter? Was it not always that you knew your calling to be in the mystical arts?

How did you come across your swordfighting skills? I'm sure they didn't expect you to go after the Ahoul with your fists!

Wylie: Heavens, no. When we became older, we boys were encouraged to settle our differences with a practice sword and shield. By then it was more structured; those who did not wish to fight did not have to, but most did, rather than face embarrassment and a possible gang-up. I'd say I lost as many fights as I won, but I never lost my honor?

Well, why would one wed waning warrior with waxing would-be wizard, Wylie?

Wylie: What?

Er, how is it you ended up being a combination of warrior and wizard skills?

Take heart. We're here because we're needed, not because we chose to come. When there is no more need...

Wylie: Yes, yes, hopefully we can all go back to the way things were. I hope I'll live that long.

As do I, Wylie. You seem like a right enough fellow. I'll see you later.

Hello, soldier. You look a tad perturbed; what's wrong?

If he's ill, Crosby will see to it that he is taken care of. He's too important for us to allow him to work himself to death.

Beircheart: Agreed, sir. If it weren't for our commanders, all would truly be lost.

We shall win, soldier. Thank you for the information. Take care of yourself.


What's the news up here, soldier?

Beircheart: I'm not supposed to be a grunt, but I've always had a fondness for strategy games, so it was little surprise when an Army recruiter noticed my decision-making ability and persuaded my parents to enroll their little Beircheart in one of Taberland's military academies. By the time the civil war broke out in Taberland, what I had learned comprised mostly of arms training.

So you were ordered to come here to be a soldier, Beircheart? Why? Avalon needs able commanders, especially since the loss of Ovoron.

King Vortigerm's forces are on their way, soldier. Soon you will be reunited with your countrymen.

Beircheart: Ah, yes, and among them the famed Taberlander heavy infantry. They're a bit full of themselves, but their track record is unquestionable. Good tidings, indeed. The Chalice has been returned to us, thanks to you, and reinforcements from all over the West are due to arrive soon. It will not be long before Eurale returns to its usual business, and I can return to my books.

I feel personally attacked by this character.

I certainly hope so. A soldier's fare is not my favorite. Goodbye, soldier.

Speaking of the Kingdoms, the dining hall has their flags on display. As might be expected though, no one is dining there.

We can check out their thrones on the first floor of the Inner Keep though!

From left to right, they are: Nisos, Taberland, Cathea, Oriam, Elythria, Aratoy, and Fornax.

Perhaps we will, before the game is done?

No, but I've got a mission I could use you for if you've nothing better to do with your time.

Vasek: Sir, I've served my watch, sir, and just want some time to sack out, if it's all the same to you, sir.

Don't worry, soldier. I'm just looking for volunteers.

Vasek: With all due respect, sir, I've already volunteered once--when I joined.

Fair enough, soldier. If you change your mind, I might be back.

Good morning.

Esmond: Fznrk? Bluh?

Really? I think you're bluffing!

Esmond: Mmph... serious. *snore*

Wake up, soldier! Sha'ahoul are spilling over the walls! To arms! To arms!

Esmond: Guh! [He awakens with a start and looks around furtively, his bloodshot eyes finally settling on you and glaring with accusation.]

If I find you sleeping on the job again, I will have to report you. Good day.

I know it's the middle of a siege and all, but come on, Goondalf.

Also, there is another hidden room on the first floor.

Basically a slightly slower and less damaging version of the Officer's Sword.

A key component of any knightly outfit.

The same as pants, basically, so we're taking them.

In the other chest...

Pitiful damage, but that Mana increase is huge. We'll end up giving that to Phelic's Apprentice, since he tends to be less efficient with his spellcasting than we can be.

Better than most in this troubled time, Captain Nicophorus. And yourself?

Nicophorus: With the damage my ship has sustained, and all those pitiful wrecks clogging the river, I find myself off the seas and into my cups more often than not. Now I am acting ambassador for Nisos, with the emphasis on "acting". It turns out that my rank and lack of a ship make me perfectly qualified to serve my country in this fashion.

I'm sure you will adapt with your usual grace, Cap--I mean Ambassador--Nicophorus.

It's nice to meet old buddies.

You seem awfully bored, scout. Perhaps I have something to keep you busy until you return to your regular duties.

I am preparing an expedition to the ruins beneath us. If you would like, you may join me.

Wyatt: The ruins? That sounds like the kind of gambling I can never pass up. Perhaps I can even pick up an old trinket or two to pay off my debts.

No, I have first pick of all salvage. Your presence will certainly help weigh the odds in our favor, good scout. Ready your bow, and let's go.

Oh yeah. Ditching Dinadon instantly. Tanks are nice and all, but with this guy's Stealth score-

-a single casting of Shadow will bring him up to 90 Stealth, allowing him to get off pretty much constant sniper shots. The best tanking is killing the enemy.

His equipment is all mundane, except for a single Ring of Protection.

Dinadon will just hang out in that exact spot until we come get him again (we won't).

Anyway, Vasek, huh? Didn't we just meet that guard Wyatt mentioned?

In light of his debt to you, I feel that you should know Wyatt is about to accompany me into the ruins beneath this keep.

Vasek: That jellyfish! I just KNEW he would find some way out of it. Now he'll go down into those dungeons, get eaten by some monster, and I'll never see a crown of what he owes me. That just won't do... If you don't mind, sir, I would like to volunteer to join your party for this mission. I find myself feeling very patriotic this particular moment, sir.

Your patriotism is noted, soldier, and you are welcome on this mission.

Contrary to what the conversation might indicate, we don't actually have to take Vasek, it's just now an option. I'm happy with Phelic's Apprentice and Wyatt, but let me know if you guys want to bring others. Well, eventually. I have already recorded... pretty far with those two, but perhaps one day there will be a party member poll! Sure, it's mostly just aesthetics and taste, but if our adventure so far has taught us anything, it's that those are critical to success.

There will be more options in other chapters, but these are the four people we can take for now.

Now that our party is full, I realize I'm going to have to split this update. This is already huge. To make up for it, I have introduced the Book Corner feature below!


In Chapter Two, a lot of the journals we start finding are a series of scrolls, each written by the same person.

-Otherwise, he had to endure the pain of having his face smashed while he plummeted into the Bailey. I suppose I'll have to write to his kin back in Aratoy. It's the ninth death letter I've written this month.

-monks says that's a good sign.

New feature: BOOK CORNER!
The Inner Keep has a library in it which is pretty well stocked, so I'll feature one of the books there after each update!

-well-being of Avalon upon his shoulders, tending to the sick and wounded with his small band of followers. As of this edition of Illustrious Avalonians, Friar Massus was searching for new people to put down their weapons, take up the robes of monks, and help him help others.