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Part 19: Update XVII - Goondalf the G(rasping)

Part XVII - Goondalf the G(rasping)

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Now that THE LICHUATION has been dealt with, we must seek out new orders.

It's nice to be appreciated.

Thank you, Entrowe, and farewell. I mustn't keep Sir Roth waiting.

Lotta bigwigs up in here. Surely we can keep Roth waiting a little bit to talk to them. He's got to be used to it from wizards.

There are times I think my work will never end, Sir Mabon.

While it is heartening that all of Eurale now has a common goal, it is a bit disconcerting that it took all this to make it so.

Sir Mabon: True, but it's a start. We may just decide we like working together! Now if you'll excuse me, I still have some papers to organize.

I certainly hope so, Sir Mabon. Farewell.

Do not test the Lich Destroyer, mortal.

Okay, enough fuckin around... for a hot second.

This marks the decision point for whether or not to do Chapter Three. Chapters Three, Four, and Five are billed as optional, with content tailored toward one of the professions we can select at the beginning of the game. Three is for Fighters, Four is for Scouts, and Five is for Apprentices, each offering certain training and quests unique to that class. However, any class is welcome to do any/all of the Chapters (though they do have to be done in order, we can't do Five then go back to Three), and in fact it is extremely advisable to do so, since they offer tons of Training Points and unique equipment for everyone. That, and Four and Five are probably the high points of the game, story and character wise.

If we leave this quest up to Corvus, we could skip the whole Chapter. If we skip all three, we will go straight to the endgame in Chapter Six. Technically I could put this up to a vote, but the choice would basically be: Do you want A) less content or B) more content? So, executive decision, we're doing Chapter Three!

Hmm, that fellow's ears seem rather... pointy.

Yes, Sir Roth, I shall, but I must know what I am to do!

I called you--specifically--for an important task because... because I need someone I can trust. Rumors have run their course, as always they shall... and they've created much havoc in their wake. I'd even go so far as to say that my fellow officers have all adopted a... a very strong leaning towards paranoia.

What does this paranoia have them believing?

Many things, I'm sure you can imagine, but the thing I'm most concerned with is the accusations they've made. Fingers are being pointed on and at every level, and some of them are directed at the two of us.

What crimes are we being accused of?

Nothing's been formally filed... but the rumors say nothing save that you and I are traitors. You know how rumors are. They get more distorted with every pair of ears, they curse, and still no one will come out and make any accusations. The rumors and the... the "charges," although informal, are as groundless as the Sha'ahoul religion and are nothing to worry about for the time being. The fact remains that we know there are still traitors lurking about. Lest we get framed or murdered, we'd best watch our backs.

You mentioned that you wanted to speak to me about something, sir?

What would you like me to do?

Goondalf doesn't want to get told off by dad again for assuming too much.

I need you to take the letter to a scout, a man I know personally, at the hidden outpost.

Hmm, good idea. Who else knows about this outpost?

I'm the only person besides Mudam who knows the exact location of the outpost. The rest of the Council knows of its existence, but not its exact location. In retrospect, I should have kept it secret from all but Mudam, but... Better not dwell on the past. I've enough to worry about as it is.

How do I get to the outpost?

It is located at the heart of the forest. Despite the simplicity of its location, it is actually located in quite a tactical position. The trees are at their thickest in that area, and trees full of defending scouts spell disaster for an invading party.

So what would you like me to do?

Where is Captain Calvaric located?

He's a busy man, and I don't have time to keep track of his whereabouts. I employ pages for this; they tend to see and remember everything around them. You might start with the one who told you to come see me here. A bright boy, that Entrowe.

Don't you suppose there will be Sha'ahoul out searching for this outpost?

Indeed, I fully expect there to be. Ovoron's knowledge of the whereabouts of the outpost was less than perfect, at best, so I'd imagine Mithras' barbarians are scouring the vicinity. Fortunately, they'll have a LOT of ground to cover. Not only that, but as I said before, it is well-defended. For the time being, it's nothing to worry about.

How do you know you can trust this Holden?

I know Holden personally; he's too pragmatic and too popular to turn traitor. And if I can't trust the man, Vortigerm's armies will certainly run into a slaughter, and I don't have to remind you what that would mean for Avalon. At least this way, they have a chance.

Understood. I shall began as soon as I set affairs in order. Farewell.

Goondalf the M(ailman), huh. Not very glorious. Now that we have accepted a critical task, maybe these muckity-mucks in the situation room have something more suited to our station.

I am in the habit of seeking out assignments so that I may make whatever contribution I can to Avalon.

What kind of trouble?

Sir Mabon: Well, I've actually wanted this position for quite some time, so I've been more than adequately prepared to fill the proverbial boots to overflowing. What I hadn't prepared for, however, was my predecessor either leaving with, or seeing to the destruction of, nearly all the paperwork I need to accomplish anything.

How may I assist you?

OH COME ON, more mail delivery!?

Glad to help. I'll be back when I'm finished.

Sir Mabon: Hey, thank you much... Oh, one more thing... Please drop them all off together... I don't want to take the chance of losing them in the disorder this room will epitomize until I get it sorted to my liking. I'll see you later, and thank you again.

You're welcome, Sir Mabon. Until the next.

grumble grumble

So you spend your time speaking with the commoners? Is there enough time in the day to do such a task?

Lord Tavous: No, there is not, and that is why I have enlisted the aid of Friar Massus as my emissary. We work well together; our concern for what befalls the commoner is very strong.

So you know what's happening in the Peasant's Bailey, don't you? I must admit I've been curious...

Lord Tavous: The Peasant's Bailey is under quarantine until we know what is happening out there! We cannot let whatever ailment has affected them enter the keep or all may be lost! It is my responsibility to see that there are good people left when all this nonsense is over... [sigh]

I apologize if I have brought up a sensitive issue, milord. I did not mean to worry you.

Lord Tavous: Oh, you... No, don't worry, I should remember to keep an even keel lest I make some hasty judgments and cause some needless suffering.

I had no idea your job was so stressful, milord. I will leave you to your duties, lest I cause you to lose your keel.

Lord Tavous: [laughing] Thank you. Perhaps I'll be more in the mood to talk later. I've got a lot on my mind.

Say no more, milord. Farewell.

Well this has been a bust. But there is one more lordly type we can try, all the way back in the Outer Bailey. And now we have an excuse to talk to him so we can get his status report.

Actually, I was about to ask you the same thing.

Lord Harold: Well, yes, actually. I'm very glad you asked! I am Lord Harold, and being one of the Taberlanders left in the keep when our king called for our assistance to help quell the revolt, I've had occasion to think of a few things. One of the thing I've thought about is King Tortain's signet ring. It must be recovered, and Elazar has information that will make this aim much easier to attain. A vision, or something.

Why is it so important to find a ring, even if it is the fallen King's?

Lord Harold: It is more than merely an heirloom. A signet ring is like a signature. Any document can be made to appear as thought it has come from the King himself if it is sealed with this signet.

And you'd like me to recover this ring so that you can hold it for King Vortigerm?

Lord Harold: Yes. You asked how you could help me, and passing this task on to you will free me from having to worry about it. You probably don't remember me, but I believe we've met. Regardless, stories of your accomplishments are circulating about the keep with increasing regularity. I believe that you are the charitable type, and in addition to that, quite competent. You will accept this assignment, won't you?

Who can keep track of all the lesser beings we have met?

Of course, Lord Harold. What benefits Taberland benefits Avalon as well.

Lord Harold: Splendid! I was right about you after all. Ah, yes, also missing is the king's armor, which should also be returned if possible, yes... You may wish to speak to Elazar concerning his vision, else you probably won't have the faintest idea where to look. Return to me when you've something to report. I thank you in advance for your contribution to our case.

That I shall, Lord Harold. Farewell.

NOW WE'RE TALKING. THIS is a proper sidequest.

I've been given an assignment to find King Tortain's signet ring, and I heard that you have some relevant information.

So you've spoken to either Lord Harold or Sir Roth, eh? Ordinarily, I would not care about his insignificant "quest," except that I was under the influence of a particularly potent meditative trance... My mind left my body and drifted over the ruined village, where I saw a Sha'ahoul warrior standing imperiously among fists of active kinsmen.

What were the Sha'ahoul doing?

How should I know? Mist, foggy yet moving, spread in all directions about this man--whose face was remarkably unremarkable--and his kinsmen, or minions, faded to invisibility less than five paces from where he stood. He was wearing armor, which is what caught my eye; a glint of light revealed sigils I know I've seen before. He was wearing King Tortain's armor. Another glint of metal drew my eyes to his hand...

...He was wearing King Tortain's signet!

[glares at you irritably] Yes, he was. I do not know why or how, but for a moment I fancied I could actually divine his intent. perhaps it was the look on his face, his plain features twisted into a smirk, or perhaps it was... something else... but I feel that this man has been sent to occupy the village.

Thank you for the information, Elazar. I have matters to attend to now, else I would chat with you longer.

[displays a vulpine smile] You're still a bad liar. Good luck.

Before we go out to the village, let's wrap up everything we can here in Avalon, just to be safe.

I've been told to meet up with Captain Calvaric. Do you know where he is?

Page Entrowe: You might wish to check the "tavern" that has been set up inside the old barracks in the inner bailey. He likes to unwind there with a cup of that all-purpose solvent that Gentza brews.

Thank you for your assistance.

Let's go get some squeezin's!

I am to receive a key from you. General Roth--

Captain Calvaric: Yes, General Roth told me you'd come find me to get the latest key. Watch yourself out in the woods, son, but try not to go crazy... In those woods especially.

Why, what's wrong with the forest I'm about to enter?

Ah, leafy and earthen on the outside, with Cream of Elf filling...

Captain Calvaric: Well... Suffice it to say that it is better to make friends with those you can hear, but not see, instead of letting them become enemies. They've been living in the forest for quite some time, and they must know every knotted root like the grips on their sword hilts. Be cautious, young man. You've my blessing, and that of those that would give it if they knew your mission. Two of those are Sirs Engres and Kyner, here, who have agreed to accompany you on your journey should you wish.

Then I shall befriend the elves. Thank you for your suggestion. I shall be on my way now.

You may remember these guys from Chapter One, they were part of the search party looking for Corvus.

They are pretty much interchangeable knights, which would be useful if we had lost any previous party members.

We might take them... eventually. I have plans.

The Outer Bailey has the next report we need, from an old friend!

In point of fact, it's been a little while since I've seen him, but he's getting better by the day.

That's great. I saw him a while back, but figured you'd seen him sooner. It's about time he took some time off, I think. He always was so determined; I'm sure it won't be long before he's back on duty, if he isn't right now! Ah, but you didn't come here to listen to an old fool's ramblings. Can I help you with something?

As a matter of fact, you can. You must have heard that Sir Mabon has been chosen as Ovoron's replacement...

Ah, yes, Sir Mabon. I believe he shall do a fine job in his new position; he's an ambitious person. Oh, I'm sorry, I interrupted you.

Quite all right. Well, Ovoron seems to have left his office in a state of disarray, and some documents are missing. Sir Mabon has sent me to you to retrieve your regional status report.

Yes, you can answer a few questions...

[groan] Not this again, I...

I was just joking, Penrith. Take care of yourself.

Another report from another friend! I do like that this quest gives us a reason to talk to some old faces, beneath Goondalf's talents as it may be.

Good day, Calum. I came here at the behest of our new field marshall. He is busy setting aright the "mess" he says he found in his new office; certain documents are missing, and he has sent me to retrieve your latest status report.

Ah. Yes, of course. I knew I was hanging on to this for a reason.

Have any tales to tell?

No, but I had a question for you. I was told by a friend of mine that liches get a helper somewhere, and that helper is usually the walking dead. What I wanted to know is if you found one when you were down there. You see, I'm writing a book...

Come to think of it, I suppose I did... There was one there who definitely was not a skeleton, and seemed more than a mere zombie...

Skeletons and zombies, too? Walking around, hitting things and groaning! Wow! I'm truly in the wrong racket on this side of the sword. I'm going to see if I can't pull some duty where there's some action!

Good luck, Calum. I'll speak with you later.

That's all but one of the status reports, but the last one is from the commander of the forest outpost, and getting there will have to be an update for another day.

Next time we'll tackle the sidequest in the village, and continue building Goondalf's legend!



-that could only be found through conquest. Succession wars broke out throughout the once-great Thance. From the ashes of that empire arose the Seven Kingdoms that exist today. Taberland, Aratoy, Cathea, Nisos, Elythria, Oriam, and Fornax.