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Part 20: Update XVIII - Goondalf the G(odking)

Part XVIII - Goondalf the G(odking)

Now, let us lootliberate the equipment of Taberland's dead king!

The Ahoul we're after are in Village 4, so whether we go out of South Gate or up through the caves, works out to about the same amount of time.

That guy in the upper right is who we're after, but he has... a lot of buddies.

I have to lead them on a merry chase, just to keep Phelic's Apprentice and Wyatt in healing/saving range. Goondalf is doing a great job tanking.

Still, there are a lot of dudes. More fire should solve that.

It takes nearly all of our Mana to drop the General, but after him the rest go down easy.

Remember to search ALL bodies, not just the obvious ones. One of the random grunts has this:

A shield that increases Stealth? And has less Restriction than our current one? Hell yeah.

Too bad it doesn't let us show off our Avalon pride.

It is now time to loot the General.

Oh ho ho yes.

These boots are insanely good for any time you need just a ton of damage reduction. His leg armor is also amazing.

But his upper armor is very disappointing.

I guess if he's a heavy cavalry guy like a lot of kings, and like Taberland is known for, he would need better protection for his legs?

The disappointment is immediately forgotten because GOLDEN PANTS.

Oh yeah, and I guess the quest item is here too.

Since we can't take the special Fighter training in this Chapter, we might as well spend nearly all the Training Points we get.

This puts us over a recharge rate threshold, to where it's now being displayed per second instead of per minute.

With power like this… why are we content with being a mere errand boy? Is our destiny not grander?


(Sadly, the golden pants aren't very shiny.)

Enough of this foolishness.

(Also included: Open Black Cloak, Black Loincloth, Shadow Cuffs, and Black Boots of the Shadows)

No more will we clear out basements a fresh recruit out of training should be able to handle.

No more will we wander back and forth looking for easily replaced trinkets for lazy fools.

No more will our efforts to single-handedly save humanity go unrewarded.

People of Avalon, hear me! Bow before the might of G, and he will spare you from any further suffering. Resist, and he will crush you utterly! The time of Goondalf is nigh! You shall--



Er, what I meant to say was...

Back to Lord Harold to report our victory!

Indeed, Lord Harold, I have.

Lord Harold: Splendid! At last I can stop worrying about this. You've done me a great boon, friend; you have my earnest gratitude, and doubtless you shall also have the gratitude of His Highness, when he arrives. [He smiles.] I don't have to tell you which one is worth more, but I shall remember your contribution.

I appreciate your gratitude, Lord Harold. If you'll excuse me, I have other matters to attend to.

...before you realize you just let me walk away with the King's crown and armor. (I thought someone mentioned to us that we were allowed to keep the armor as a reward for returning the ring, but maybe I imagined that. Either way, no one actually cares if we keep it and wear it for the rest of the game. It's ours, no take-backsies!)

I guess it's time to advance the main quest a little bit.

Calm down, Weldon. I have a key this time.

Weldon: Oh! Well then, by all means, don't let me hold you up!

Of course not. Pardon me, Weldon.

How idyllic! Look, a bunny!

Also a wolf, and each one we kill is worth a Training Point!

Bunnies hop around on the map, but they sadly cannot be killed or even interacted with.

What other fell creatures await us in these woods? Find out next time!



-until well after Taberland had been formed. When the meeting finally did occur, it was fairly peaceful. Both races kept to their old ways and stayed out of the other's path.

I know this is a relatively short update, but there's a good reason for that. Because that was the last book in the library, and rumors are getting a little scarce, both features will give way to the FASHION SHOW, where Avalon's most illustrious defenders (i.e. Goondalf and his party members) strut their stuff on the runway to show off the finest in adventuring and questing wear. Goondalf's Godking outfit was only the first of many to come!