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Part 26: Update XXIV - Goondalf theSonlis the S(neaky)

Part XXIV - Goondalf theSonlis the S(neaky)


Let's talk to our new good friends! (And certainly not because they might give us valuable intelligence.) Hey, sure is great to be not from the Seven Kingdoms, right guys??

"craftsmen's toy", huh?

Using our arcane might would probably give us away as not a warrior caste.

To be fair, we probably smell pretty bad at this point.

More dissent in the ranks... almost.

It's not just generic Sha'ahoul NPCs to talk to though, several are named, important, or both.

I am afraid you have mistaken me for some other warrior, hunter.

Darg: Are you not Va'Prissen?

I am called Sonlis, not Va'Prissen.

Ah, the mask's enchantment allowed us to pull a name out of our ass, nice. It's no Goondalf the G, but Sonlis the S is fine.

Darg: I see. I apologize, then, warrior. The supply train that just left is short of warriors to guard it. Though it is empty, the supply camp has been practically stripped of warriors to bolster our forces here and they do not have enough remaining to send any along with the wagons. We, then, must send warriors to accompany the wagons, but our warriors do not like this duty, preferring to remain in the camp lest the call for battle be sounded.

Why must warriors accompany the wagons? They have not been attacked in the past, have they?

This is true.

Hunters understand this, and would gladly accompany the wagons, but all of us are necessary to hunt what game we can here. This task should fall to the warriors, but they see it as a boring ride back and forth to the supply camp.

While I regret that I have tasks in this camp to keep me occupied, I do hope you find your missing warriors, hunter. Farewell.

Vulnerable supply wagons, eh? Be a shame if something happened to them, eh?

It is good to know you. I am called Sonlis.

Yes, Mard, I could use some arrows for my quiver.

I apologize, uh, Ta'Mard -- it has been a difficult day for me.

Mard: There are difficult times all around, warrior, but at least here there is much wood and many birds for this one to use to make his arrows! Would you like to see them?

All right, Ta'Mard, let me see them.

Mard: Yes, warrior! Do you see my arrows? They are good arrows!

[sigh] Yes, Ta'Mard, so they are.

He doesn't actually give us any arrows; this conversation is mainly to learn more of the Sha'ahoul's honorific system. This could save our hides, especially if warriors are prickly about it, as they usually are irl.

The most important NPC in the camp is this guy though. You'll see why soon.

Truthfully, Scoutmaster, I am new to the camp and know nothing of you. As to my bravery and skills, I find that my actions tell that tale best.

Sha'ahoul Scout Master: Well spoken, warrior! There is a fire within you, that is certain -- yet you temper your words so that they are not muddled by arrogance. Impressive, most impressive... [peers at you intently for some time] Still, I find it odd that you have not heard of me. You must hail from one of the more remote clans. Hmm... perhaps one as unmolded as yourself could be an acceptable candidate for my instruction. Unlike many here, you seem capable of absorbing new things without injuring your pride.

Surely a suitable candidate will present himself, sir.

The opportunity to learn from one such as yourself cannot be refused.

Sha'ahoul Scout Master: Very well. Before I begin any advanced training, you must prove to me that you have a basic aptitude for the art of stealth. I want you to retrieve an article of clothing from the Houndmaster's tent without being detected. To do this, you must avoid the attentions of his dogs. The Houndmaster's tent is located near a collapsed corner-tower portion of the dirtmen's village wall, to the southwest of here. When you return with proof, I will instruct you in the skill of camouflage. Do you understand and accept this mission?

Yes sir, I do. I shall return when I have the object you request.

Sha'ahoul Scout Master: Be swift and silent, young candidate.

I shall, Scoutmaster.

Never thought we'd get a quest from the enemy, but we clearly live in strange times.

The Scoutmaster is indeed the trainer for this chapter, and we have to do a quest for each package we get. Apparently either I was wrong about only the specific class for each expansion being able to get the training for that expansion, or this is a bug that works in our favor. Because there is some cool story stuff that happens as we do his quests. (I was probably wrong.)

Anyway, dogs are not the only dangers along the way to the Houndmaster's tent.

Almost all Sha'men immediately register as hostile to us, doubtless because of their magical proficiency.

I justify killing them as preserving our cover... plus they're assholes apparently even to their own people.

Some random warriors and scouts are also able to see through the enchantment. We could easily kill them since this game has no body discovery mechanic; as long as we are undetected by anyone when we kill someone, we remain undetected. (This can be especially hilarious when two or more characters are apparently in the middle of a conversation, and they stand around in the same spot when you kill their partner.) But are we sure we want to, now?

I mean, can a people with pet doggos really be all that bad?

Even if the dogs can detect and attack us if we get too close... they're just protecting their masters, as misguided as they may be.

They even wag their tails when sitting.

This is all a matter of approaching from the right direction (with Shadow cast, of course). Most of the war dogs are off to the left.

When we put this tunic on...

The dogs are friendly to us!! Let's report our success.

I have recovered the Houndmaster's shirt.

-15 Restriction? Now I am very glad this is not limited to Scouts, even if it does lessen their uniqueness a little bit.

Sha'ahoul Scout Master:
[a lengthy explanation and demonstration follows]...and that is the essence of camouflage.

My thanks for the instruction, Scoutmaster. May our paths cross again some day.

Not only do we get some awesome bonuses, but we also get to keep the shirt! Now all war dogs will be our friends.

There are two other quests we can do for the Scout Master, but let's take a break for now to explore the camp some more.

And how freeing that exploration is with negative 16 Restriction. Also 69 Defense.

These guys in Village 7 (more on the village's layout in the next update; I've admittedly been jumping around a little) are one of the three objectives Mudam wanted us to scout. Goondalf's Adventure Log notes that they seem to be preparing for an imminent invasion.

Nearby, one of the warriors is taking a break.

I am called Sonlis. I am but new to this camp. Are you as well?

Long enough for my enemies to fear the sight of my blade!

Shallen: How I envy you, then, brother! To have seen our enemies blown down before the Lord's wrath, to have crossed blades with a dirtman and sent him to the ground! Soon, I, too, will taste of these things.

Have a care, young warrior. These dirtmen are no stick figures to be easily slain with but a single slice of your blade. The death I have seen has been on both sides.

Shallen: Perhaps. But our victories have been great, yes? They run from us like cattle, and cower in their huge stone box. That is not the way of true warriors.

A true warrior sacrifices what he must to see what he believes in is protected. To save my people I have done things I would never have dreamed myself capable of doing a mere year ago. Not long ago the Sha'ahoul nearly managed to crack into... that stone box. How, you ask? Not by going through the gate, brother, or by going over the walls, but by going under them.

Shallen: Under? Brother, that is impossible. No Sha'ahoul would dig in the earth--

They were renegades, of course, and they were killed by the dirtmen, in any case. However, consider that perhaps those in the stone box do not like "cowering" there. Perhaps they would much rather face the Sha'ahoul on the field of battle. Right now, if they did that, they would accomplish nothing but their deaths. But, think: what if they can bear the shame of it and so survive until reinforcements enough arrive to enable them to match us on the field? Then they might claim victory. Tell me, warrior, what shame would you be willing to bear, if it meant victory for your clan?

Shallen: That... that is a difficult question to consider, Va'Sonlis. I do not know. And it seems to me that all I may do is hope that the Lord and Lady never call on me to answer it. If it does fall to me to betray myself to save my people, I pray that at least I am purified when I die. Those renegades, were they purified after their deaths?

That I do not know.

Shallen: Your words are truly disturbing, Va'Sonlis. I fear my mind may be cloudy for some time after this. Still, burn brightly, brother.

Burn brightly.

I've been ignoring the Adventure Log since it usually contains only a brief summary of what just happened, but this one is good.


Continuing the heavy armor trend this week, but now with a twist!

A knight's ensemble cannot possibly be complete without a weapon, after all.

Here, Goondalf the G(olden) Knight works his scimitar in a dazzling display of martial prowess!

A deadly dance under which countless Sha'ahoul have fallen.

And doing it while wearing a White Great Helm, Golden Cuirass, Steel Bracers, Golden Chainmail, King Tortain's Pants, Boots, and Greaves, and Open Canvas Cloak no less! What an athlete.

You cut that grass, Goondalf! Just because we're in the middle of a siege is no excuse to slack off on lawn maintenance.