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Part 29: Update XXVII - Sonlis the S(uccessful)

Part XXVII - Sonlis the S(uccessful)

Lessons learned and all, let's do the safe thing and report our progress to our superiors without walking right up to Mithras.

I have destroyed the Sha'ahoul war machine.

Excellent news! I knew it wouldn't be a problem for you. Hah! Have you anything else to report?

Not at the moment, Mudam. I shall return when I have something more.

I have come to report the destruction of the Sha'ahoul battering ram.

Captain Calvaric: Excellent. All of this should combine to offer us the delay we need for the arrival of Vortigerm's forces. [takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly] You have done well. You will be kept informed about current events or any new assignments.

If you'll forgive my mentioning it, Captain, you've the look of a man who needs rest. Avalon was not built in a day.

Captain Calvaric: Yes, the problem being that it can be taken in less than a day. You are right, however... I have not slept in... It has been quite a while. I wonder if the others...

Yes, Captain, some of the others are staying awake when long ago they should have dropped from exhaustion. It won't do to have the Sha'ahoul invade when all our commanders are sleeping like the dead.

Captain Calvaric: Yes, well, worry not about me. I will sleep when the opportunity presents itself. I appreciate your concern.

As you wish. Stay safe, Captain. Farewell for now.

And of course, I'm sure Elazar will be bursting with joy.

Yes, and I bring good news.

You have destroyed the ram.

Yes. It should be no more than smoldering ashes by now. Does this news -- dare I say -- brighten your mood any? I know how shaken that vision left you...

Cannot resist the extra smug option.

Of course, but first... You're welcome, Elazar.

Oh, very well. If it will please you, yes, you have my gratitude, although we both know you're not just doing me a favor.

Sleep soundly, Seer.


Thank you. Do you know anything about the Naga?

I've seen one in the field, probably their version of a scout. They are at least moderately intelligent creatures, but their origins are unknown. It is rumored by some that they are magical creatures, created by some mage and unfortunately given powers of reproduction. For the most part, they keep to themselves. I am alarmed by Mudam's report of Naga so close to us.

Do you think they will threaten Avalon? They seem to be allied with the Sha'ahoul.

It's anyone's guess. perhaps they are enemies or allies of the lizard-men. Considering there's still a wall between us, I don't think we should worry about it overmuch. Regardless, we will be watching them carefully. Have you any further questions?

I have completed my assignments, and am here to find out if you have anything further for me.

Yes, I do, Sir Roth, but are you sure now is the best time?

Yes, I am sure. You have recently caused quite an uproar in the Sha'ahoul camp; they are at a disadvantage with all the chaos you have produced in their midst. I'm sure this is the time, and there is no one out there more qualified than you are. Avalon needs this. If Ovoron is allowed to continue his scheming, he will be invaluable to the Sha'ahoul. With their numbers, and Ovoron's knowledge of warfare...

I understand, General Roth.

Excellent. Let me know when you are finished. Since taking the detestable man's head out of the camp would certainly cause problems, bring his sword to me. A fitting end for a traitor warrior, to be denied the right of being buried with his sword. Make sure you leave room to carry it, because it is one of the largest swords Tempest has ever touched. I will see you when you are finished, then, Goondalf the G.

As you wish, General Roth. I will return when I... and he... are finished.

Oh, so now they want us to assassinate people.

Doing this will actually end Chapter Four, so we're going to wrap everything up in the Sha'ahoul camp before we carry out this mission.

But first, while we're in town, we might as well drop off payment for the mask with Olon. The Dreamwalker's Wand is taking up a lot of inventory space and won't sell for very much gold at all with the merchants around here.

I have brought you the dreamwalker's wand; now my debt is paid.

So it is! Are you finished with the mask yet?

No, I have not completed all the assignments that I need the mask for.

That's quite all right. Let me know when you are finished with it.

Count on it. Until then, farewell.

Back out in the village, we don’t technically need to talk to any more Sha’ahoul since that part of our mission is complete, but I might as well show off the conversations that remain.

Hmm, yes... Ridiculous.

Oh, GoondalfSonlis.


But it's night. :thunk:

It cannot be soon enough! Let the enemy come and be destroyed!

Sha'ahoul Fighter: The Lady's spirit fills you, I see! Good! Burn brightly, brother!

Burn brightly!

Don't you dare!

Some of us are not of the same opinion, neighbor.

Sha'ahoul Scout: Ah, you must be one of those who are sick of "standing around and doing nothing," yes? Perhaps you think we are all becoming slow?

I am eagerly anticipating smashing yon monstrosity of stone. I am impatient to be done and return to my homeland.

Sha'ahoul Scout: All of us are, warrior, but the longer we wait, the sweeter the battle. Remember that, and burn brightly.

You as well.

Alright, so the main things we need to do are wrap up the training quest (to kill some lizardmen), and find that Ambassador's page. Let's start with the first.

They're all around this one cluster of buildings, away from any Sha'ahoul.

Easy pickings.

They don't have much on them. Just rings and these mundane but badass looking swords.

They're not worth Training Points though, sadly. Killing them is technically part of our training already.

I have eliminated the treacherous lizardmen, Scoutmaster.

Sha'ahoul Scout Master: Then we will now improve your combat skills. The technique I call "Focus" ...[a lengthy explanation and demonstration follows]... so, though the primary mission of a scout is not usually combat, the time comes often enough when it is required to achieve your objective. Thus I conclude this lesson.

My thanks for the instruction, Scoutmaster. Burn brightly.

The conversation then ends, with our training finally complete. Next time we talk to him...


Sha'ahoul Scout Master: Come now, you must realize that no mere enchantment can fool a Scoutmaster. Your habits and unconscious movements cry out to one of my experience. Before you panic, though, know that you have my word I will not reveal your identity to anyone. You see, I have carried on a deception much like yours for most of my life. Though I appear before you as a Sha'ahoul Scoutmaster and loyal soldier of Mithras, my origins dictate a much different allegiance. Would you care to hear my tale, or will you give in to your quite understandable urge to flee?

Though my instincts disagree, I am too intrigued by your words to listen to those of my better judgment.

Sha'ahoul Scout Master: Once again you surprise me -- your fire burns brightly indeed. As to my story, it begins on a small farm in what was once the easternmost edge of Oriam many years before you were born. Border raids, just like the one which started this accursed war, were a common hazard to those living on the frontier; I was but an unborn babe when I fell victim to one. My mother was captured shortly before she delivered me, and her captor planned for her to serve as a wet-nurse to his mate. Fearing for my life, she devised a simple plan to save me.

What did she do?

That is truly an amazing story. Have you ever considered returning to your true people?

Sha'ahoul Scout Master: It is far too late for that, I'm afraid. I am Sha'ahoul now, and I accept that. Even though my skills would make my exodus an easy thing, I have my own reasons for staying. So long as I remain here, I can work to thwart this war. You are one such way I have done this, and you have aided in several others.

Really? How so?

Indeed. You are brave beyond imagining, sir, and a true master of stealth. I hope one day you may be rewarded and return to the land of your birth in a time of peace.

Sha'ahoul Scout Master: May your return to Avalon be safe and swift, my friend. I want you to know that I have enjoyed teaching you more than any other pupil I've ever had. I will miss you, but my life is necessarily a solitary one. My memories are my companions, and shall not forget the dedication and bravery you have shown. May the good spirits protect you.

May they protect and guide you as well, my esteemed teacher.

Nice, we have a man on the inside now. Now let's go find this Edgard person.

He's in a cage all the way down in Village 15.

There's a pair of warlords near by, so we have to take care of them first.

There we go.

You're free!

Do not let my appearance fool you, Edgard of Aratoy. An enchantment makes me seem as I do, but we hardly have time to go into that. At the request of Ambassador Johfrit, I have come to rescue you. Please, sir, let us get out of here and return to Avalon as quickly as we can.

Edgard: Ambassador Johfrit, you say? An enchantment? You cannot expect for me to fall for such a ridiculous trick. You will learn nothing from me, save that I am no coward. Quit your silly ruses and fight me as a man.

We have no time for this, young Edgard. To confirm my intentions and identity, your uncle told me that your favorite hound is named Chuckles. Is this not true? Now, please let us go, for time is surely of the essence.

Edgard: Surely you are mad! You are clearly one of the savages that plague our civilized lands. How you know of Chuckles, I cannot explain; this is not enough for me to stake my life upon. That you speak our tongue so well is puzzling, but I cannot deny my eyes.

Perhaps this will explain things. [lift mask for a moment] You see, it is an enchantment. I am called Goondalf the G, and I fail from Elythria. Further explanations will have to wait. Now, please, we must be gone from here now!

While we can cast Shadow on Edgard and probably make it back to Avalon fine, it's still a good idea to scout out the route and take out anyone in the way. And I suppose this is a good time to discuss something unique to this chapter: you can kill pretty much everyone. All those scouts and fighters we talked to, even the named characters, can be sniped with a shift+click. And we get Training Points for almost all of them (the one exception being the infinitely respawning tent guys). This is worth hundreds of TP... if we can stomach it.

Makes sense to kill the workers at least, so they can't rebuild the ram. Also lol it's still on fire.

Even the dogs give TP...

One of the hardest things I've ever done in a video game.

Most of them don't really have much interesting loot, but this guy has something we're going to need soon.

Very warm shirt.

Plus more rings from the Sha'men.

Even our Sha'ahoul alter-ego Shallen can be killed for TP. He would do the same to us if he had the chance, right?

Nothing personnel, kid.

I mean, all these people are probably going to die anyway during the upcoming battle.

Isn't it the kinder thing to put a single arrow through their heads now, rather than let them get stabbed later and bleed out in agony?

Really, we're doing them a favor.

How's this for a battle, jerk.

Sorry, no meeting your lover for you Kaldden.

Put meat back on the menu Breetag, starting with yourself!

We have to leave the Clan Leaders and Mithras alive, plus the inhabitants of the big camps, but we have killed dozens and gotten much stronger as a result.

Of course, there's one more assassination we have to do before we're done.

Thankfully, because of the "chaos" we've caused in the camp, Mithras's Elite Guard are no longer hanging out with Ovoron.

It's a bit anticlimactic, since we're so powerful that he goes down with a single arrow.

His sword isn't even anything special stats-wise, unless we had missed every possible loot or quest sword before now.

So, we've done it, and now we can grab Edgard and go home.

The game actually generates a whole new group right in front of the gate.

Bad idea to deal with them with a civilian still in tow.

Mission complete.

Noble Sir, I like it. He leaves our party and disappears. Let's go see Johfrit for our surely generous reward.

I am glad to do what I can to renew anyone's fading hopes in Avalon.

Johfrit: You have certainly brought new hope to me, lad, and to the rest of Avalon, I suspect. You are very special, Goondalf the G, very special indeed. I sense that your future shall one day become legend, for you truly have the stuff of legendary heroes within you.

You are too kind, Ambassador Johfrit. I hope your own future will be less traumatic than the events of late. Until we meet again, farewell good sir.

All we get is some TP. Maybe we'll have better luck with the knight next to him.

I was glad I could help, Sir Evadam. I'm sure you wouldn't have needed my help if your own wounds hadn't prevented you from going after Edgard.

Sir Evadam: Don't be so modest, Goondalf the G. Even in my best shape, I doubt I could pull off a feat like your rescue of young Edgard. If there were a hundred more like you in Avalon, we could drive those blasted barbarians back to the Eastern Steppes in no time.

Well, I guess it's nice they recognized our greatness at least.

Our expedition also ended up being quite lucrative for us.

Each magic ring of protection sells for at least 100 gold. Even after keeping some for the next Chapter...

Filthy rich. Pretty much everything is wrapped up now, so we can report to Roth.

I bring good news, Sir Roth. I have dispatched the traitor Ovoron, and have returned with his sword.

That is, indeed, good news, Goondalf the G; I am relieved. And as for you, I think you've earned yourself a rest; you may keep Ovoron's sword if it pleases you to do so. For the time being, I've nothing more for you, but with our recent development, I can tell much will be happening very soon. You may wish to tell Mudam the good news, as well. I'm sure it will take a few wrinkles off his face. Dismissed!

Farewell for now, Sir Roth.

Indeed, I do, Mudam. I have finished a task assigned by Sir Roth and I knew you'd want to hear about it.

Is that so? Very well, what is this groundbreaking news?

I have succeeded in Sir Roth's plan to assassinate General Ovoron.

That is very good news, indeed. I knew Sir Roth would consider him the largest security risk. It was certainly Roth's assignment to give, and I can't imagine better timing. Surely the Ahoul have been given pause; they cannot possibly apply Ovoron's tactical principles without his guidance.

This will certainly give us enough time for Vortigerm's forces to reach us!

I would be surprised if it didn't. They certainly have a lot of replanning to do before they can think of assaulting the keep proper. You have lifted a great weight off our collective backs, and with the relief, frankly, I feel a bit tired. If you haven't already, please let Captain Calvaric know that the traitor is no more. That should put him right to sleep, too.

Yes, sir. I will speak with you on our next assignment. Farewell.

It goes well, Captain Calvaric, and I have news that will certainly help all of Avalon sleep better.

Captain Calvaric: You don't say? Well, you've certainly got my attention now, Goondalf the G, don't leave me in suspense!

Sir Roth gave me an assignment to assassinate General Ovoron, and I have succeeded.

Captain Calvaric: What a relief! If he had been around to offer tactical advice when the Sha'ahoul attacked... Ha! This is excellent news! Soon everyone will know, and spirits will be on the rise! If you are up to it, I am sure that by now there are more missions for you to complete, though I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to take a rest. Splendid work, Goondalf the G.

Thank you, Captain, and farewell for now.

There, now with three people told the whole castle should be talking about us in no time.

Next time we will begin the Mage Expansion! Strap in, things are about to get weird.


This time, Goondalf is bedecked in red! Red like the rivers of blood he has spilled!

Like a more light-armored crimson forest knight, he wields a staff he carved himself from the trees on his land.

You can tell he's still a noble because of the Fancy Hat.

And the Red Loincloth doesn't hurt either, even if he had to ruin the effect of it a bit by wearing Plaid Pants.