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Part 39: Update XXXVII - Goondalf the G(opher)

Part XXXVII - Goondalf the G(opher)

Time for more mighty quests in this besieged keep! What epic tasks will this new wizard from Fornax have for us?

Who are you?

I'm not. Actually, now that I think about it, no one comes up to me and asks me who I am. I wonder why that is...

Anthamas Shadomar: Perhaps no one runs up to you and asks you a ton of questions similar to this one, because, unlike you, they are entirely too busy.

So you're saying you're busy right now, and that I should come back at another time?

Anthamas Shadomar: Truly, the speed of your intellect whirls my head like a tornado.

Just wait until I get started! [smiling] Now, what was I talking about?

Anthamas Shadomar: You weren't listening either?

If I talk, then either you or I have to remember to pay attention.

But you still haven't told me who you are!

Anthamas Shadomar: For the sake of Avalon, please leave my presence with utmost haste!

It is for the sake of Avalon that I am here, sir. Please tell me who you are, and what your purpose is.

Anthamas Shadomar: If I tell you, will you be on your way?

You have my word.

Anthamas Shadomar: My name is Anthamas, of House Shadomar. I am of the Ninth Circle of the Council of Wizardry in Fornax. I have traveled to Avalon upon request of aiding its defense.

Have you come because of the matter with Pell?

The defense of Avalon is an important charge. I, too, work towards this endeavor. Perhaps I could assist you in your work?

Do you figure me for an errand boy? I was looking for something a tad more meaningful?

Anthamas Shadomar: Do not underestimate the significance of the tasks I shall assign to you. They are of dire important to the survival of Avalon, and the components I require are essential to the complex enchantments I'm working on. Considering the importance of my research, these are tasks that simply cannot be trusted to one as meager as a page. I need someone with a sharp mind, magical skill, and proven ability. Can I trust you to complete these assignments?

You are wise to put your faith in me. What can I do to help ensure the survival of Avalon?

Anthamas Shadomar: Long before I came to Avalon, I had sent ahead a few servants, one of whom I entrusted the possession of an important item to. In order for me to ensure the arrival of this elixir, I put it on someone who wouldn't attract a lot of attention. His name is Alain, and I believe he has been pulling guard duty in the Outer Keep. He carries a satchel, inside which is a glass vial with a hair-thin string of gold wrapped around its seal.

What is in it?

Anthamas Shadomar: The vial contains an elixir called "Soundless Spirits." A few years ago I had created the concoction in conjunction with a few other sorcerers, including one of Felious' instructors. The potion is made from the essence of evil spirits who, moving about with a soundless gait, prey upon the living. It is our intent to duplicate the effects of this potion, and produce it on a large scale for an elite force within the militia. The ability to move without sound, even while in full armor, would lend great weight to our ability to launch a surprise attack on the Sha'ahoul. Find Alain, and return the elixir to me.

That could easily tip the scales of power in our favor.

I will look into it. Is there anything else?

Anthamas Shadomar: Only the most important of charges, and the most difficult I could assign to anyone. My final duty to Avalon is to provide a way to protect its people from the harm of both normal and magical fire. Our time is short, for the Sha'ahoul grow ever closer. We must find a way to protect our troops from their Sha'men's fire magic. Although I have managed to come close in my research to creating a garment of this caliber, I still lack the necessary incantations, and the amount of time I would need to research these methods isn't available.

What is it you wish of me?

Anthamas Shadomar: There is a book called the Manuscript of Mystic Magic, which contains incantations. I am certain one of the incantations within its pages will enable me to finalize the fire protection enchantments. Unfortunately, the book was lost in the transit to Avalon.

How did that happen?

Anthamas Shadomar: One of the mages I was traveling with, a young man from an influential house named Kahl Rothog, sought to harness the power within the pages of the Manuscript for himself. Understand, the book carries a curse with it. If an untrained person reads from it, he will go mad and become one of the living who prey upon men. During the night, Kahl stole the text and recited a passage within it, one that would grant him invulnerability to magic. As he spoke the words of power, they entwined themselves within his mind, twisting it and shattering his sanity.

lmao, who creates something like this and just leaves it lying around?

(You knew this comic was coming sooner or later.)

What did you do?

You wish for me to kill him, then, and return the Manuscript?

Anthamas Shadomar:
Nay. I wish for you to find him, but I doubt you will be able to defeat him. As each day passes, his power grows, and with it, his madness. As the darkness clouds his mind, the shadows of his life become fewer and fewer. I doubt anyone could recognize him now; he probably has even forgotten his own name. But beware; his mind still harbors a keen intellect. He also had a weakness for gambling. Use this to your advantage against him, and you may succeed.

I will do these things you ask for Avalon!

Yay, more errands to run!

Forgot to talk to this guy last time we were in the bar.

Greetings, Orvyn. Has your lady friend had more dreams lately?

Orvyn: Yes, m'lord, she has. Have ye heard anything so far? The rumor vine around these parts can get quite out of hand. I hope ye haven't been misinformed.

I've heard that she's had a dream of knights rising from their graves. The dead, coming back to life. Is this true, Orvyn? Please tell me.

Orvyn: Indeed, Goondalf the G. Well, that is to say, to a point...

To a point?

Orvyn: Y'see, she's had strange dreams lately. They've become so intense that she's even begun t' have them while awake. 'Ave you ever had a waking dream, Goondalf the G?

You speak of visions. Unfortunately I have not, but please tell me more of your friend's visions.

What do you believe these visions mean, Orvyn?

Orvyn: I think there's a mystery buried here. Something long-forgotten, and it's th' secret that begs to be found, or better yet... released. Yes, that's it. Released! Take care in yer journeys, Goondalf the G, 'cos some of th' visions were filled with such disturbing things, ah swear they'd make a dead man shiver. Take heed, farewell, and may th' spirits be with ye!

As to you, Orvyn, my thanks. Perhaps I shall inquire more from the sages. Again, my thanks.

There, now we can speak to Gentza and finish this crazy drink of his.

Indeed, Gentza. I've spoken to Jora, and it appears that one of the gardeners actually DID find some Fire Weed... He had mistaken it for a weed, or other injurious flora, and had asked her to identify it. When I told her you were in need of such an herb, she was pleased to hand it over.

Gentza: And what of the Thunder Root?

I have come across that as well. When talking to the merchant George, I found out that he had come across some rare herbs from one of the Fornaxan mages. He mentioned something about how this mage was looking for one of his servants, who was holding something for him as well. I hope it's not another potion; I'm starting to get confused with all of them around here!

Gentza: Well I'm uncertain what all that is about, m'boy. Mages from Fornax, enough said. On to matters at hand. [He takes the herbs from you happily.] Ha! Now that I have the Fire Weed and Thunder Root, I can finally finish this drink! While you were busy running around, I was equally occupied preparing this splendid drink. [He adds in the two herbs.] Mmmmm, do you smell that? I think it's about ready, lad. [He grins.]

Does it have a name, Gentza?

Are you feeling well, Gentza?

Gentza: Never better! [Takes a large breath.] Why, I haven't felt this alive in ages! I think my vision just got better. Why, I have so much energy, I feel like I could fight all the Sha'ahoul by myself. [He roars, but hiccups in the middle of it.] Although I wouldn't recommend it to... ta... TO anyone who can't hold his or.. *hic*..his er..*his* HIS or her liquor. Sh.. sh.. She's got a KICK like a Muuuuu.. MULE!

Wow, I never imagined a drink could be so powerful. You're almost ready to fall onto your face, Gentza, and from only one sip. Considering you drink all day long, that surely IS some potent stuff.

Gentza: Yeeeeeeeaaaaa.. *hic*.. Yeahp! Ya have n... nooo.. NO idea lad!

I may not have time to sample this beverage, but maybe there is someone who could use it more than I?

Gentza: Yer might try THAT crazy Fornaxan mage. Hmm, what's his name ahh.. *hic* again? That uptight fellow probably wouldn't appreciate it, but I think he.. *hic* he.. *hic*.. he needs it! Here, give em a sample of dis sturff! *hic*

My thanks, Gentza, perhaps he could deduce what about it gives it such potency. Farewell for now, and [smiling] may you find bliss in your spirits.

But before we go back to Anthamas, we should find his servant too.

I believe you once told me that you heralded from Fornax. I'm here to inform you that your master, Anthamas Shadomar, has arrived in Avalon. He is in the Inner Keep, in the laboratory on the second floor, and is hastily working on magical enhancements to our defenses.

Guard Alain: Yes indeed, sir. You speak the name of my lord and master, and by the sounds of it, he's up to his nose in scrolls and research once again.

Aye, Alain, indeed he is; I come to you upon his request. As it was explained to me, you were one of the first servants he sent to Avalon.

Guard Alain: That is correct, sir. When I was first leaving for Avalon, I was asked to take a few things here for my master. They were all just unimportant items. I never quite understood why he required me to bring them with me, and always keep them close to my person.

You speak of the satchel of items he gave to you?

Pardon my interruption, but is there a glass vial in the satchel, with a hair-thin string of gold wrapped around its seal?

Guard Alain: There is a vial here sir, but I can't see any string around the top. Let me take a closer look. [He pulls it out and examines it, and, after a moment, nods.] Aye, sir. There is, indeed, a gold string tied around the seal. By the spirits, it's hardly a hair thick! Either my eyes are fading, or I'm just getting old.

I doubt either is true, Alain. Anthamas has urgently requested this vial, and I must take it to him with great haste! It is actually an elixir, called "Silent Spirits," or some such, that captures the soundless movement of the dead.

Perhaps, Alain. It is indeed a dire object. I wish to handle it no longer than I have to, for it could have the same effect on me.

Guard Alain: Maybe, sir. Either way, if my master requires it, and you have apparently been sent here in his service, I relinquish it to you. [He hands you the vial.]

My thanks, Alain. This vial will go to excellent use.

I come from Gentza, who has brewed an especially potent concoction. He thought you might want to take a look at it.

Anthamas Shadomar: Tremendous job, Goondalf the G! Your success in delivering into my hands what few others could have managed deserves much praise. I can't thank you enough for your diligent efforts towards Avalon's cause. [He pours a large portion of the drink into a vial, then hands it back.] My friend Opias needs the rest. Take it to him, and maybe he can deduce a way to make the alcoholic content weaker, so that a soldier's coordination won't be so impaired.

Is he mocking us? I feel like he's mocking us.

By your command, Anthamas.

As part of me breaking the quest, one of the duplicate options doesn't work. Whoops!

I come with news from the laboratory of Anthamas Shadomar.

Sage Opias: What news from Anthamas do you bring me?

I have the potion Gentza was working on, and Anthamas has take as much as he needs of it.

Are you kidding? Of course we want to drink the Mind Control potion!

Sage Opias: Bottoms up! [As you drink the small flask, the Fire Gullet goes down cool, but then a roaring fire erupts in your throat. The hairs on your body prickle up, and you become covered in goose bumps.] Quickly, drink this before the intoxicating effects hit you. [You quaff the second flask of warm, chunky fluid as best you can. It tastes like rotting meat, leaving the foulest of aftertastes.]

Aww, but we wanted the intoxicating effects!

By the spirits, what was in that second flask?

Sage Opias: Trust me, you do NOT want to know. I'll tell you this, though, I am uncertain how long the effects will last. The scrolls indicate the inhibitor will last the duration of the Fire Gullet, but sadly, we don't know exactly how long the Fire Gullet. I suppose you'll just have to make do, Goondalf the G.

So it would seem. Farewell, Opias.

It's nice to get to participate in the creation of another wizard shotgun!

Speaking of very responsible wizards...

I have recovered the elixir that your servant, Alain, was carrying.

The last three trainings for each class do require quests, but they are also really good.

Anthamas Shadomar: Casting a spell requires one to focus his mind and allow the magic to flow through him, making the body a vessel for magic to travel through. This technique teaches you to make the most of your body in accordance with the flow of this magic. In a manner of speaking, by removing impurities in your motions, both mind and body, we enable you to harbor more mystical energy. [As the instructions continue, you feel your body become in harmony with the magical side of nature.]

Thank you for your instruction, Anthamas. I must be going.

Now that we have wrested even more power from this fool, we cannot be stopped.

So much mana!

However, the third training we can't get until we recover that book, and we have no leads now. So let us proceed with investigating the skeletons in the basement. Bones you better not be acting up!

Please listen to me, grizzled one. Sir Roth has told me that there are skeletons down below, and I aim to eliminate them.

Wacian: Aye, that there are, but ye'll certainly be mobbed if ye go down there! Ye'll have t' get word from one of the higher-ups to get me t' open up now. I'll not be risking an undead invasion of Avalon unless ye're ordered by one of 'em t' go down there! Besides, last time ye came down here to destroy some evil undead, y' had help. There's no more lich, and yet there're more skeletons. Skeletons that'll attack anything but themselves! Even rats! This is unholy, 'n I think ye should sniff 'round to find a better way to go about it anyway. I think Phelic might be able to help ye' he told me something about concentrations of "evil energy" that got me 't thinking about the lich. What he has to say might give ye a bit o' leverage tryin' to convince someone to order me to open up, y'know?

I mean... we were ordered, but we do need one more thing before the game will let us go down.

Yes. Thank you for your suggestion, Wacian; I shall talk to Phelic presently.

Yes, wise one, you can. I have visited with Wacian, and he has told me that you know something of concentrations of "evil energy." He believes the lich left something behind, because there are now skeletons in the depths who will attack anything but themselves.

Phelic: Attack anything save themselves, you say? Now, why should that be a surprise?

Wacian told me that they'd attack rats. The skeletons are supposed to be there; they are a project undertaken by Felious' assistant to defend the levels beneath Avalon.

Phelic: That's odd, yes, odd indeed. Humanoid skeletons will usually only attack humanoid life. Very strange. Yes, I have heard of these sinkholes of evil energy before, but all solutions point to a man of the cloth, for they have a strange and powerful knowledge of both life and death. If anyone could find a way to remove the lich's taint, that one would be Friar Massus. His knowledge in and of his field is unsurpassed. Seek him out, Goondalf the G. He will either know or discover the answers you seek. Oh, and before I forget, be sure to check on Elazar. The healers wish your assistance, or so I hear.

Thank you for your advice, Phelic. I shall find him shortly.

Phelic: Before you leave, Goondalf the G, I have a request of you. Since my apprentice has been promoted, I find myself in need of another assistant. Someone who is willing to learn a great many things. I couldn't begin to tell you how to find such a person, but I know that if you do, you will not find him or her in the old inhabitants of Avalon. It took me long enough to find Icharas among the original inhabitants. No, this person shall have to be a newcomer. Let me know if you find anyone promising. I'm sure you know the type; you've never seemed to me to be lacking in judgment.

Certainly, honorable sage. I will keep my eyes and ears alert. Farewell.

All the way back to the Outer Keep's chapel then. Thanks fast travel!

I appreciate that, Friar. I have come to ask you about something evil...

Friar Massus: Oh, my, Goondalf the G, have you been having impure thoughts?

I have come here to ask you about the undead. Although the lich has been defeated, there must still be some kind of taint, for there are now skeletons down below that will attack anything... Even rats. Phelic spoke of a lingering evil, and sent me to you, since your knowledge is unsurpassed in the area.

Friar Massus: I wouldn't go as far as to say that, although it is true that I have devoted my life to my studies, and that they are of a specific sort. Very powerful minions of evil have been known to leave behind a trace of the same evil, like some spreading disease whose effects remain after the disease itself has been defeated. It is possible, also, that the lich cast some kind of delayed spell that took effect after its destruction. As far as the solution to this problem... Hmm...

Yes, Friar? Do you have an idea?

Friar Massus: At the moment, I'm afraid that I do not. Usually, a group of holy men would perform an exorcism, but we do not have the numbers -- and since there are skeletons down there, the journey would be perilous indeed, especially for men who have not trained in battle. I shall have to think on this for some time, Goondalf the G. It is the best I can do. Please come check with me later, as I may just think of something that might work. I know that words such as "may" and "might" don't engender the greatest confidence, but this is an interesting problem, the likes of which I have not been faced with heretofore, and I shall have to be... creative.

Very well, Friar. I shall come to check on your progress later. Good luck.

Friar Massus: And good luck to you in your endeavors, Goondalf the G. Please check on Elazar, for Brother Crosby believes he may have found something to cure his affliction.

Yeah, yeah!

I shall certainly do that, Friar. Farewell.

We're at least right next to the infirmary, and we have finally progressed all quests as far as we can for now. It's time to finally cure Elazar.

I have everything we need.

Brother Crosby: Excellent! [accepts items and mixes them in crucible] Now we can perform the incantation.

Is everything prepared?

Brother Crosby: [He gives Elazar the tonic.] Elazar has ingested the ingredients. You may begin whenever you are ready.

Eso garana nesah, maka aresh adodbus... ARGH!

Brother Crosby: You must see through the pain and complete the incantation, or else Elazar will surely perish!

[grimacing] Wekasa mestah elleyoterris, zamus edis sipu! [As waves of agony wash over you, you find yourself rendered as immobile as a statue.]

Brother Crosby: Goondalf the G, are you all right?

... [You try to speak, but are frozen in place.]

These guys will help us! Wait, why are their swords drawn...?

[Screen fades to black]

Oh dear.