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Part 40: Update XXXVIII - Goondalf the G(rand Juried)

Part XXXVIII - Goondalf the G(rand Juried)

When last we left off, Goondalf was in the midst of a ritual to heal his fellow Wizard Elazar the Seer of a strange malady, when he was suddenly paralyzed! At that moment, he was seized by knights of Avalon!

When he is able to move again, the scenery and company have changed drastically.

Apparently, the Sha'ahoul have done quite a bit of meddling with your mind, Your Highness.

This is a farce. What evidence have you that I have betrayed my family's good name, my nation, and all of Eurale?

Silence! Now, your judge and jury shall be the lady and gentlemen behind me, who, since we do not have a proper courtroom, are standing before the ceremonial seats of their homelands. As the highest-ranking member of this jury, King Ryence will be the only one seated.

I know of the ways of justice. I will be found not guilty, and this will have been a waste of time. Please, let us dispense with the formalities; there is no reason to dawdle.

[ignoring you] Representing the kingdom of Cathea is the Lady Chadwick, betrothed of King Isdernus. Next is Khaele, of the kingdom of Fornax and Magistrate of their Council. Captain Nicophorus is serving as the agent for Nisos, as that nation's ranking member in Avalon. The representants of Elythria and Aratoy shall be their appointed ambassadors, Lucius and Johfrit.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to show off what happens with all the alternate options this scene, because this is the part I was having so much computer trouble with a while back. The transition just broke the game in so many ways, and even with everything I did to get it working for this recording (you might have already noticed the resolution is a bit different), the game still lags and bugs out like crazy. Perhaps we will see once the no-doubt-forthcoming HD remake comes out!

I select Ambassador Johfrit. I recently rescued his nephew from the clutches of the Sha'ahoul.

Ambassador Johfrit: [facing you] Yes, yes... It is good to see you again, Goondalf the G, though not under these distasteful circumstances, yes, certainly not. [He clears his throat and faces Nanesi.] Recently, I was distraught over the disappearance and feared capture of my nephew, Edgard, who is very dear to me. It was clear to Entrowe, Sir Roth's personal page, that I was distraught. When Goondalf the G was informed by Entrowe of my condition, he sought me out to assist me... Although I felt that asking him to go out of his way -- while walking among the enemy, no less! -- would be too much of a risk, he assured me that he would do his best. Yes, his best culminated in the safe return of my nephew from imprisonment deep within the Sha'ahoul camp. I do not believe a traitor would do such -- indeed, be allowed freedom to do such. In addition, my nephew has tendered an account that precisely matches Goondalf the G's. I am finished with my statement.

Thank you, Ambassador Johfrit. You may continue now, Your Highness.


[blinking distractedly] Comport yourself, Goondalf the G. Now. The first we shall come to is the issue of some items which have gone missing from several areas in the keep.

Uh oh.

So you are accusing me of thievery? I thought the charge was treason.

Whew, nice deflection Goondalf!

You've had your chance to set up a background for others to view yourself against, and now it is my turn. There has been suspicion that you have been involved, since you must agree that it must be a strange coincidence that these items began disappearing shortly after your arrival.

Indeed, Your Highness, I agree; it is a strange coincidence. However, that is all that it is. In a keep so large, it could have been anyone.

Ambassador Khaele, you must be a perceptive man, indeed, to have reached the rank of Ambassador in a nation like Fornax! How many pieces of gold do you estimate are in this bulging satchel at my side?

Magistrate Khaele: More than I have earned in my position as Magistrate this season, for sure. While it may be that you have taken that which did not belong to you, it is true that Avalon forces upon us a unique set of circumstances which, even if they do not exonerate you for thievery, certainly mitigate the severity of the charges to a trifling. Indeed, with as much money as you have accrued through your travels, you could make more than just recompense for what you have taken with thrice the currency it would take to purchase the items. In addition, it is true that you would not need to steal anything you did not need. In an insular environment provided by a siege, it is the odd bit that makes the difference; odd bits such as enchanted rings which cannot be readily made, especially considering the shortage of worthy metals I've heard of... [He pauses to clear his throat.]

Please continue, Magistrate.

Magistrate Khaele: [turning towards Nanesi] It would behoove one with traitorous intent to avoid men or women of my training; while we cannot precisely "read minds" -- would that we could, there would be no treachery -- it is true that as a whole, we are very perceptive, and can see through all but the most clever artifice. Instead of avoiding me, Goondalf the G sought me out and assisted me in delivering a message to one of my fellows, essentially subjecting himself to my scrutiny time and again. This point of alleged thievery is not worth pondering; we have been here for a quarter of an hour and I have yet to hear any evidence that would implicate Goondalf the G in, much less convict Goondalf the G of, a treasonous plot. As a matter of fact, I have heard no evidence of any kind.

Thank you, Magistrate Khaele. Your Highness?

Hmm... [She pauses for several seconds.] Next we come to the point of the missing Earthstone. Perhaps you, or one of your cohorts, can explain why an ancient artifact with the potential for destroying Avalon is no longer with us?

The Earthstone is safe with the immortal guardian to whom it originally belonged. She has been reunited with her people, the so-called "Lurkers" who inhabited the temple beneath Avalon, who, with her assistance, will ensure that the Earthstone stays where it belongs, in their possession.

So you claim that you have taken the Earthstone to another world? How comes it that you are able to travel to other worlds? Indeed, which world is this that you have traveled to?

A portal unearthed from the ancient temple beneath Avalon was one of the original paths used by the Lurkers' ancient society to travel between this world and their "Astral Plane," which has been explained to be almost like another world. Elarath got the portal to function, his original intent being that it was to be used for the mass exodus of Avalon's inhabitants should the keep ever be overrun.

And what were you doing on this "Astral Plane?"

The Sha'ahoul had occupied the Astral Plane, which, because of its special properties, allowed them to summon the spirits of Avalonians there to be meddled with. According to Pellandrian, many of our fellows complained of nightmares, which were actually the result of their spirits being meddled with. In fact, Your Highness, yours was one of the spirits being meddled with. They paid special attention to you, which is likely the reason for this trial.

I am aware of that, Your Highness. In summation, the Earthstone is safe and shall never be a risk to Avalon again.

A flimsy explanation, but if it is all you are offering, I will accept it happily.

Very well. Please continue.

I have heard that you have taken many trips to the Sha'ahoul-occupied village surrounding Avalon. Was this when you reported to your superiors?

No. I reported to my superiors upon returning to Avalon. Mudam was my commanding officer at the time. Everything I did was under his direction, and most assuredly did not help the Sha'ahoul in the least; rather, it set them back quite a bit.

Such a simple explanation. How unfortunate for you that no one is here to back it up.

With all due respect, Your Highness, it does not sound as though you have anyone to support your claims, either.

Perhaps. Now, Goondalf the G, there is an army of skeletons beneath Avalon, where YOU recently traveled, supposedly to defeat a lich. How do you explain that?

I have consulted with Sir Roth, Wacian, Phelic, and Friar Massus on this subject, and the Friar is currently attempting to devise a method of cleansing the area of this evil. Perhaps the lich left something behind when brave Felious -- may the spirits guide him -- and I defeated it. I am certainly not responsible for it; I have no knowledge of the undead.

(Not for lack of desire though!)

Or a man yelling hysterically... Look! He is exhausted!

We are then whisked away again to a different part of Avalon, where much has changed since the trial began.

The Outer Bailey has seen better days. Our party members are actually supposed to be with us, something I will have to reload to fix momentarily. (I removed them to make absolutely sure I could get through the trial scene first.)

Captain Calvaric approaches us (misspelled as Calvalric for this scene, unfortunately; a mistake I have certainly never made myself!).

How horrible! Tell me, Captain, how did this happen?

Captain Calvaric: Everything happened so quickly, Goondalf the G, that it has been difficult to get an accurate account. My attempt to get a situation report from the nearby Peasant's Bailey Gatehouse gained me nothing more than another casualty in my ranks -- blast those Sha'ahoul archers. From what little I've been able to piece together, South Gate's swift fall seems to have been made possible with help from inside Avalon.

More traitors! Will we never be free of such scoundrels?

Captain Calvaric: We've suffered mightily from them -- that's for certain -- but at least now they seem to have all shed their false colors. It's too late for the few honest men who remained in South Gate, though. Unless we can make sure that the Peasant's Bailey Gatehouse does not fall, none of us will last much longer.

How can I best aid our defense, Captain Calvaric?

Captain Calvaric: Perhaps the good fortune that has seen you through so many adventures lately will hold a bit longer. If you are willing, I urgently need to know what's happening in the Peasant's Bailey Gatehouse. Will you volunteer for this mission?

Certainly, Captain. How should I make my way to the gatehouse?

Captain Calvaric: Access to the catwalk, which leads to the gatehouse, is on the third floor of the Outer Keep. Don't take too long, Goondalf the G, for planning some sort of solid strategy out of this mess is difficult enough already -- without the information you will gather, it will be nigh impossible. May the good spirits guide and speed you on your mission.

I will make all haste, Captain Calvaric.

Now we are free to roam, though there's no way past these barricades, so the only way we can go is back through the doors. Also we can check our journal!

This first one is a little out of place given how the next one starts. It's possibly a remnant from previous versions, but I'm including it for the new art, and for the confirmation that Elazar is going to be okay.

I was able to up the resolution in the process of getting Wyatt and Icharas back, so now we can see the Sha'ahoul sniping at the barricades from what was previously offscreen.

Let's begin our mission!

The Outer Keep is a hastily erected maze of barriers now. I like that the level designers put in the extra effort here, to make such a familiar place so starkly different.

A few soldiers man some of the tables, but we have no time to dawdle. For now we have to make our way to the third floor!

Even Sir Harold is gone.

The third floor is actually pretty swanky.

Look at all those pillars!

But this guy stops us in our tracks as we approach the exit to the ramparts.

I have other duties now, Captain, but perhaps I can assist you somehow.

Captain Avarous: It's nigh impossible for me to find any extra men; nearly everyone is caught up at East Gate or the Outer Bailey. I've been so desperate that I tried to recruit some cooks, but they had already been pressed into tending the wounded in the Inner Bailey. Hmm... a warrior of your caliber will certainly be a fine addition to our defense...

As I said, Sir, I must complete my mission for Captain Calvaric, otherwise I would be glad to stand with you.

Captain Avarous: Well, I shan't steal Calvaric's man, but I expect to see you passing this way again soon. If it were anyone but yourself, I'd suspect you were simply fleeing combat. Your exploits have become quite well-known, though, and I only wish I could have grabbed you before the captain did.

Good luck with your defenses, Captain Avarous. I must go now, for Captain Calvaric urgently awaits my report.

Captain Avarous: I suppose I'll just make do with the few stragglers that pass this way. May the good spirits defend you, Goondalf the G.

May they defend us all, Captain. Farewell.

After jumping through all those hoops to get my party back, this guy goes ahead and commandeers them away! We must do this next bit alone. That's just as well though, since now we can sling fireballs with impunity!

Alright, let's go.

Excellent doorway boarding job.

Down below is the much-referenced Peasant's Bailey. Looks like things are going nicely there.

Just a bunch of naked starving people lying around.

A little further down the battlements is... a lady in armor?

You are wounded, ma'am...

[wavering and supporting herself with her sword] I must hold my post -- they will not take long to re-group. Hurry! Tell them Mara will hold this point as long as she is able!

I cannot leave you here to perish!

My wounds are not so bad, and I'm no untried recruit. [she stumbles, but steadies herself] I accepted my fate when I first took my vows as a Blood Rose.

Though I must confess I know little of your order, I certainly respect your dedication. Still, perhaps it might be better if I remain here while you seek reinforcements.

I cannot ask you to do that, good soldier. This gatehouse, and the poor unfortunates of the Peasant's Bailey, are our charge.

Truly you are brave, but if holding this position is your responsibility, you would best serve your duty by alerting your commander. I am well, and you are not -- to deny that I have a better chance of holding off the enemy than you now is foolishness.

Do not worry -- I will allow no enemy to pass.

I will be quick. May the good spirits... protect you. Farewell.

May they speed you on your way.

But of course, we do not have to hold the pass alone!

We are servants of the Secret Fire.

Wielders of the flames of G.

The dark fire will not avail you, flames of Udûn.

Go back to the Shadow!


Shall not!