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Part 43: Update XLI - Goondalf the G

Part XLI - Goondalf the G

One way or another, the Siege of Avalon nears its end.

The defenders have been sorely pressed thanks to treachery within, but so far they have fought valiantly and held off the tide. Should the worst happen, Goondalf the G has prepared the way for them to escape.

Now we must report our progress to Captain Calvaric.

As soon as we arrive though, we see General Roth facing down the Warlord Mithras himself.

Being seasoned combatants in this game system, they immediately spend a few seconds buffing themselves with defensive spells.

Perhaps expecting his enemy to increase fire defense, given Mithras's reputation, the Sha'man instead opens with blasts of frost!

Roth responds by slapping the shit out of Mithras.

Mithras has also mastered the secret of DOUBLE FIRE.


Roth sends a spray of electric bolts back, but they are deflected by his opponent's shield.

Is... Is that a TRIPLE FIREBALL!?

Perhaps as one final insult, Mithras ends the battle with a single iceball.

We cannot let this break us, Captain -- Sir Roth's memory demands that we not give up.

Captain Calvaric: Aye, he would want us to carry on. Still, we have lost so much. In truth, we have been losing this battle since the fall of South Gate. I hope you can give me some good news about the caves, as I can't imagine we'll be able to hold out much longer.

I have cleansed the altar which was corrupting the skeletons with its evil. The way through the caverns is now safe.

Captain Calvaric: You've done well, Goondalf the G. Though retreat is one of our last options, it is at least good to know we do have a way open if we find ourselves being completely overrun. Actually, we could stop our foes rather easily, if only we could regain control of South Gate.

Surely there is some way to secure this crucial point. If we can assist the Blood Roses, then they could reinforce our troops in our efforts to re-take South Gate.

Captain Calvaric: We could certainly use the aid here, but getting that key may be a problem. I've done some checking, and as far as I know, the Warden of the Gates was in South Gate when it fell. Poor Calum, likely he's already been spitted on some savage or traitor's blade. Once again, the fall of South Gate continues to prove disastrous to us. So long as they control it, they can send in a near-constant stream of reinforcements against our valiant, yet weary, defenders.

Is there no plan at all for retaking the gatehouse?

Why can't we send out some troops to attempt this?

Captain Calvaric: Impossible. There's no way out of Avalon that's not under the watch of numerous Sha'ahoul archers, and I've lost enough men to them already.

What about the caverns? -- I discovered a passage leading from them to the village, when I rescued Waynar the Sage from the same caverns. Now that Bones' skeletal army has been subdued, I should be able to make my way through them quickly.

Captain Calvaric: Though I'd say your chances of success are impossibly thin, we are facing almost certain defeat unless we can cut the enemy forces here off from reinforcements. Since you've no permanent assignment within our ranks, we could spare you without upsetting what little order we've been able to maintain in our battle plan. If you could lower the portcullis, then somehow locate Calum's keys and take them to Cirrico, we just might be able to turn the tide here in the bailey.

I would like to try, sir.

Captain Calvaric: It's a tall order, Goondalf the G, but this may be our only chance to triumph over this disaster. May the good spirits guide you swiftly on your way.

I will not let Avalon down, Captain. May you and your forces also receive the blessings of the good spirits.

Though we have only just gotten back, there is no time to rest! Duty calls, and destiny beckons!

Our newfound skeleton bros watch silently as we make our way through the caves.

To the ruined basement out in the village.

It's probably actually a good idea to leave your party behind for this part, but the brothers must stand together.

As soon as Goondalf ascends the stairs, he sets the flames upon the first Sha'ahoul he sees!

They drop like flies before the onslaught.

Leaving Corvus to clean up the few that remain.

We are behind enemy lines though, so we don't make it far before more begin to swarm us.

You alright over there, brother?

Haha, don't worry about me. You deal with your half!

You think I'd be satisfied with only half? This is fine.

Oh, sorry Icharas. I got distracted by the sound of my own prowess.

Say goodbye to your supplies, and your lives! Both will burn!

What do you say to a little wager, brother? See who can fell their crowd firs--

Sorry, what were you saying, big brother?

Father always told you you should have paid more attention to your magic training.

I see your adventures have sharpened your wits as well as your skills!

Icharas: By the spirits, how did I get roped into this.

The villages are mostly just full of waves of Sha'ahoul like this, but there are two points of interest. The first is our old friend the Scout Master.

But he is immediately hostile to us, even if we come bearing the magic mask. I'm convinced they had to have had something planned for him here and just ran out of time/forgot, because he doesn't even say anything before attacking. Or perhaps that too is destiny...

3v1 is hardly fair though.

Rest in peace, cool guy who taught us lots of awesome things.

The other point of interest is in a different random building.


I would be lower than the dogs I have just slain, if I did not come to the aid of a woman in distress. Tell me, though, Bonnie -- how did you end up here?

Bonnie: I went to South Gate to deliver some food, as Anora ordered me to do. I've never liked going there, for I always thought there was something strange about most of the men quartered there. Everything seemed normal at first; then suddenly, the Sha'ahoul seemed to be everywhere. I managed to hide under a table during the initital attack.

Are you all right?

Bonnie: Aside from the scrapes and a knot on my head bigger than a goose egg, I've really suffered more from fright than actual harm. It all happened so fast, really.

How did you end up here?

At least you are alright now, Bonnie. We must find somewhere safe for you to hide now, for many more of the enemy still roam the village freely. Also, I have a mission vital to Avalon's survival that I must attend to immediately.

Bonnie: Not far from here, I know of a very secluded spot -- Oddly enough, I'd been daydreaming of going there with you for some time now. As long as I stay quiet, I should be safe. You may freely pursue your mission, Goondalf the G, but I don't want to be forgotten by you -- ever/

Though I hate to leave you here, I must attend to my mission. Hide well, dear Bonnie, and may the good spirits protect you until I am able to once again.

Of course we can't continue until we also put this event down in our journal.

More wagons,

More Sha'ahoul. More fodder for our fire and steel! (This section is even more satisfying if you remove your party members and just sling spells with reckless abandon.)

At last, we come to the bridge that leads to South Gate.

There are a few warriors inside, but nothing we can't handle.

Also... Pell???

Because of her spell, we can't move past. We also can't talk to her though.

Damn, they got Grimbold though. We'll miss you, source of infinite xp.

Sha'ahoul in Avalonian armor!? Disgraceful.

Gotta give the Sha'ahoul credit for being committed to their civilization-destroying ways. FUCK THESE TABLES!

After punishing the mess-makers on the first floor, it is time to move to the second.

Your breastplates will not save you from our fire.

Wait. Oh no. OH NO. They've gotten to where we were keeping our pantstreasure collection!


(Make sure you have everything you want to take with you in your inventory before you heal Elazar, or it will all be lost forever.)

Oh, also there are some dead soldiers here too, I guess.

Wait, this one's sitting up! Bones are you-- Oh wait, he's actually still alive.

Rest, Sir Phelot. I will attend to the gate.

All we have to do now is hit this thing, and South Gate will close. More journaling to celebrate!

This will keep more Sha'ahoul from pouring in for at least a while, but the mission is not yet done.

We can access the third floor of South Gate now too.

It has also been smashed up.


I don't think they're friends though...

We beat them to death with our staff, just because we can.

Now we can rescue the princess!

Yes, Calum, and I need those keys now. The Peasant's Bailey Gatehouse is under attack, and we need to lock the gates before the Sha'ahoul break completely through!

Of course! They are hidden in a potted plant, on this very floor, in my chambers -- which reminds me that I'll have to find a new hiding spot... Ah! I must work the stiffness out of my joints; those scum had me bound pretty tightly. Hurry, Goondalf the G! Use the catwalks from here, it's the quickest route!

Of course, Calum! There is no time to waste.

This can be pretty hard to find. Fortunately, we are well-trained in finding faint purple outlines now.

To the catwalk!

This room is actually a little ways down from where we made our stand against the Sha'ahoul for the Blood Roses earlier. With the keys, we can unlock the door and make our way back there easily.

I have, Cirrico. You can now seal the Peasant's Bailey. [hand over the key]

Cirrico: [accepting the key] You have the undying gratitude of the Blood Roses, hero. Now we can aid the other forces in driving Mithras' hordes from Avalon.

Perhaps we can do even better -- Mithras himself is likely still in the Outer Bailey.

Cirrico: Then we've no time to waste! Let me seal the gates, and then Mithras shall see what the Blood Roses can do!

Let us make ready, Commander Cirrico. I long to finish this demon and avenge the death of General Roth.

The Blood Roses will fight alongside us as NPCs for this fight! They're good at using swords, but of course, swords can only do so much.

It is time. Corvus, please turn around.

We quickly grab the Sha'ahoul's attention by everyone piling on that one initial guy at once.

Goondalf then responds by charging forward. He needs to draw more, closer together, for his spells to be most effective, after all. Plus he lusts for blood.

The Blood Roses do rush in to join us eventually, but by then many enemies have already been crushed or burned.




Our new allies do not have infinite HP for this part. Cirrico has already fallen, and Dagmar soon joins her, both taking many of the invaders with them.

Panting, the quartet of Goondalfs surveys the carnage. It is still not enough.

When we reach the south-westish section of the Outer Bailey, we are suddenly thrown into a map transition.

And the game takes our party. No matter, though, as a duel is most appropriate for this anyway. (And they won't get in the way of our spells.)

The two archmages regard each other silently for a moment, and then their hands burst into action. Mithras's reflexes are just slightly faster, and he begins casting the essential Deflection spell first.

You'll have to do better than that, Sha'man.


Mithras's version of the Shadow spell does make him harder to see... but if we throw spells everywhere with reckless abandon that's not too big of a handicap. Still, we should get some help doing that.

It's over, Mithras.

You can hide, but you can't run. Not from all of us!

It's not too late to talk this out, is it?


Fool. Did you think you were the only one with command of metamagic?

Mithras's mirror images don't have defensive spells, so they vanish almost instantly.

And we can resume crushing the real one. Unfortunately, nobody told the other Goondalfs that he cast Deflect, so they will waste a lot of their mana on Fireballs.

Almost got you.


At least...

I made you...

Reload dozens of times... Ha, ha, ha...

Until next time, Goondalf...


The scene fades away, and the camera pans to just outside of Avalon.

Thank you all for helping end... the Siege of Avalon.

Notes about the ending:
I had originally imagined doing something much more ambitious for the final battle, which has ultimately turned out to be impossible from a technical standpoint. I’ve been trying so many things over the last few weeks, but it hasn’t panned out. There are just too many errors and glitches being thrown in my way. But in case anyone wants to know, here’s the summary.

Just as Goondalf acquired mastery of time through the loading of saves, so too had Mithras. In the middle of the duel, I was going to have Goondalf be sent back to the beginning of the game… only this time as the Scout class!! Then Goondalf would have to (briefly) navigate back through the game as that class, showing off the differences between the paths on his way back to resume the final battle with Mithras. But picking up just a little more knowledge and advantage along the way... Then he would have to do it again as the other class, Squire, until finally Goondalf’s mastery over all of his selves allowed him to stop the time loop magic and defeat the warlord.

Squire/Knight: In the Fighter expansion, the ambassador from our home kingdom, Elythria, takes note of our accomplishments and gives us a quest in order to be granted official knighthood. The quest is to bring him those shadow amulets hidden in the forest… I don’t remember what he wanted them for, but I don’t think it was anything sinister. Aside from the combat stat bonuses of being a Knight, we are also given a Tabard and Shield with the Elythrian coat of arms on them. Fashion is very important.

In Chapter 6, Goondalf the Fighter gets some slight variations in quests: to find magic oil for Sir Roth’s sword that Tempest is busy improving, although it’s only available if we found the steel in the village way back in Chapter 1. We still do the Fire Gullet quest, only now we drink more of it for the final Fighter training packages.

In the caverns below, the spirit Xandar in the ruined church recognizes that we are a knight and gives us trials to prove our worth. It’s the standard ‘duty, humility, faith’ stuff, followed by some fights. After which we get some beefy training, and the chest in the back is unlocked. It contains a set of ancient magic armor that has even higher stats than Corvus’s, and also looks badass.

When we return and see Roth die, we can find Tempest again and he will entrust us with Roth’s sword. It’s not particularly amazing stats-wise, but it’s pretty awesome to face off against Mithras with it (and vital for beating him, in the narrative of the LP).

Scout/Ranger: In the Scout expansion, Old Ben gives us a secret mission to be allowed into the ancient “Ranger” order. We must sneak into Mithras’s tent and swap his Dreamwalker wand for a fake one (which was going to be the key factor that allowed future-Goondalf to finally beat Mithras). It’s not very hard if you’ve been focusing Stealth. Pretty cool tactical espionage action though.

In Chapter 6, the Sages delve into a little more detail about the ancient order of mystical thieves that used to be in the area of Avalon. Fenton offers us some advanced Scout training from weird stuff described in his books. Then, in Xandar’s church, we can find a candlestick that opens a secret passage (of course.) It's full of classic traps to navigate, including fireballs and a ghost, and at the end of it is an amazing magic bow made out of bones. Also important for nullifying some trick of Mithras's.

Then, at last, Goondalf’s three selves unify, and without his real Dreamwalker wand, Mithras is unable to counter our power. Victory is ours.