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Part 8: Worms with a side of plot dump.

Time to fight a boss!

VIDEO: Chapter 2 Boss Mission

It starts off like the normal random battles, though the background is a bit more fancy and wavy, as such it makes the stage much more prone to slowdown once lots of enemies and bullets appear. On the upside, there aren't nearly as many enemies here.

On the downside, the foreground shifts.

A lot.

Navigation is limited to squeezing your ship into the small spaces left behind as the foreground moves. Here, the ceiling has been moving up and down.

No satisfied with only the ceiling moving, the floor moves goes up and down as well.

At least the enemies as easy to kill despite taking a billion hits.

Thank god the top of the fire doesn't kill you. And also thank god the ground moved up in time.

Got a level up mid-bomb blast. I actually gained 4 levels in this stage.

The last type of moving ground has the ceiling going into the ground.

Tight spaces indeed.

Here, if you don't race ahead to where I am, the ceiling will come down on you if you're anywhere on the left side. Kind of a dick move.

At least here there's a bunch of safe spots. Don't know why there are so many though, it renders this area rather trivial.

Seriously, this is all the stage is about. It makes it kind of boring to be honest. Sorry if you found the whole video boring, it didn't feel right to just start from the slightly less boring boss fight.

Speaking of which... After a while in the last part, the screen fades and sends you here.

WOAH! That is HUGE!

Out of the lava rises this worm thing that spits lava. It's huge and ugly.

It's also really fucking easy to kill. Just sit there and fire away.

If you can fly up, you can avoid this attack and never take any damage at all from him. All he does is this "rise, spit lava, worm body goes across bottom of screen" pattern over and over until death.

So he's really pathetic as far as bosses go. Even the Chapter 1 boss was harder.

He drops about 8000 EXP though, so I leveled up twice from that.

Back on the surface...

: We ran into trouble. Some sort of giant worm was holed up inside the fissure.
: It was Recker's fancy flying that saved our skins. I was sure we were dead meat. When it was time to fire I just froze up.
: Forget it.
: I can't. If not for you, I'd be worm food now. Ah, I've got just the thing to thank you... Here.

: What is this thing? It looks like a hockey puck.
: It's a very old weapon. Kick it to cut a path through enemies or obstacles that get in your way.
: I'll have to give it a shot. What can I say? Thanks!
: If you boys are finished, I'd like to get this new data back to base. You did manage to take readings down there, correct?
: The existence of that creature should be data enough.
Phew, dodged that bullet.
: All right then, let's get back to base. Maybe you can use that Puck thing to find a better route.

The Krill Puck is pretty great. Its primary use is to get through thee obstacles, but it's also great as a weapon. Kick it into nearly any enemy and they'll explode in one hit.

Ha ha ha, you die so fast Amoeba Car!

That used to be a Hen'nk. My Puck killed it dead.

After an unexciting trip back (no new Gun Data...) we enter the starbase.

: Command in the Lab. No offense Recker, but I think you should sit this one out.
: Whatever. I'll be in my quarters.

And they walk off.

Some of the crew now have interesting things to say. They're no longer hostile to me either.

: never explain what they found though.

That's cool I guess.

: distance calls again?

Uh...that does sound, um, strange...

So there's nothing to do in my quarters except kick the Puck around. Time to search for the plot point.

: things.

Hey, you still haven't told me about Psyme!

Well the Lab door is closed shut. Guess I'm not getting in for good.

Zelly's in her office though, I guess the conference isn't happening yet...? I'll blame the game's event scripting or something.

So the game doesn't say anything, but you actually have to go talk to Tierney now.

: Things are going smoothly. I've allied with Blune and we've uncovered something strange on the Fire Planet. It sounds crazy, but the Forest and Fire worlds are somehow synchronized.
: What are the Krill doing with this information?
: I don't know. They're having a closed conference in the Lab.
: Can you get in there?
: They've decided to exclude me for some reason. But I suppose I could find a way to drop in.
: How close is your relationship with the Krill girl? Will she confide in you once the meeting is adjourned?
: Blune might. But not Psyme or Commander Zelly.
: I need you in that room. Synchronized planets...this is what we've been waiting for.
: I'll get in there somehow. Recker out.

Welp, I figured this was going to happen.

It's impossible to tell and I took a bunch of screens with no success, but that orange thing is shaking.

Kicking the Puck into it explodes it (of course) and allows Recker to enter this...door I guess.

We're now in the ventilation shafts! Crawling around like Solid Snake, oh yeah!

Can't go this way, there's a...wall I guess.

Eventually, we stumble upon what we're looking for.

Whoa, that dude on the screen looks evil. Could that be the--
: Most unusual.

: Tyrannical Overlord sir, I have never seen or heard of a living creature of such magnitude! Forgive me for asking sir, but is this the ultimate weapon you've referred to?
: What insolence!
: It's quite all right Commander Zelly. No, this living thing you've found is of no consequence. It is nothing more than a parasite, living off the matter I wish to exploit.
: A parasite? Then the matter you're speaking of, it's...
: Much larger, yes. Tell me more about these tremors.
: Your Excellency, the patterns we scanned on the Fire Planet match the ones you directed us to on the Forest Planet.
: The similarities are frightening.
: Then we have found two of the six remaining specimens.
: There are six planets with identical quake patterns?
: Yes. And I am disgusted to hear that the humans were already exploiting the Forest Planet when our forces arrived. Such failure is unforgivable.
: Then you will deal with Commander Bloss?
: In due time.

: First I have a more pressing matter.
: Yes, Overlord?
: Psyme has informed me of a traitor in your midst.
The game plays a female *GASP* sound effect here for emphasis.
: What? Psyme! Why did you not come to me with this information?
: There have been long range transmissions from Starbase 2 that do not coincide with transmissions from the other stations, or High Command. The fact that Earth had a mining operation in place suggests that they have been eavesdropping on our plans.
I knew the transmissions had to be being monitored. Apparently Recker and Tierney are dumb.
: What about the human pilot? Surely he's the leak.
Hey! Even though I am the leak, I'm offended that I'm the first to mind here!
: I have verified his story through my own means. And he entered into our service only recently, which does not explain the presence of humans on the Forest Planet.

He bought the story! He actually bough--

: But as a precaution, once I know the location of all six synchronized planets we will dispose of him.

: That will be your responsibility Psyme.
: It would be my pleasure sir.
: Just in case, I should go and verify that he is in his quarters.
: Let us initiate a lockdown. Perhaps we'll catch the fly in our web.

Cue intense music!

That wall arbitrarily shifted so we're going this way. Conveniently, it leads to our quarters.

: What are you doing at that locker?
Think on your feet Recker!
: Snooping. I heard there was a lockdown.
: You found something?
: This was inside. What is it?
: An access key?
: It's for the Comm Room. I assigned it to a crewman just before you and Recker were transferred here. It looks like we've found our leak.
: What's this all about anyway? Sounds like a witch hunt.
: Family business. It doesn't concern you.
: Fine. How bout getting the door on your way out.

: I hope there are no hard feelings about what happened in front of the Overlord?
: None.
: Am I missing something?
: Just stuff.
: I take it you are both well rested?
Lady, I just flew a ship into a fissure, navigated the tiny passages, fought a massive worm that spat lava, came back to the base, spied on your meeting from an air duct and then hauled ass to get back before your goons found out what I was up to. No, I'm not well rested.
: High Command has completed their analysis of the Sync Data.
: And?
: It closely matches a third planet, but it is very distant.
: And they'd like us to check it out?
: You will both be transferred with the Sync Data. Share your findings with Commander Nomak. He has a starbase positioned there.
: We'll depart immediately.
: Before you go, there is one additional detail.
: Yes, Commander?
: I'm sure you've both heard by now. The spy. She was found and executed.
: Executed?
: Although I'm quite sure we'll have no further problems, I'd like to take the added precaution of transferring you both by cargo vessel rather than a conventional shuttle. It will help alleviate temptation in the event that the traitor was not working alone.
: Is that really necessary?
: This way the list of potential traitors is reduced to three. You, Recker, and myself.
: What about Blune and the crew?
: I plan to clean house once you depart.
...Zelly's a CRAZY bitch. We'll see even more later on.
: Report to the launch bay immediately.

For some reason it shows up as New Mission instead of the planet's name. Maybe to keep the suspense of what planet we're heading to secret for another 5 minutes.

: I don't trust her. This feels wrong to me.
Psyme is hidden behind the portraits.
: It's just a precaution I'm sure. But I still can't understand the importance of these missions. Recker, High Command said that thing we battled on the Fire Planet was a parasite.
: That's enough Blune.
: What kind of planet has a half-mile long parasite living on it? This is getting way out of hand!
: It's none of our business what High Command does. Don't forget that High Command is carrying out the will of the Tyrannical Overlord. This is his wisdom you're questioning so show some restraint!
: It's getting too crazy, Psyme! I want out of this!
Good, Zelly's crazy and wants to murder you!
: Do me a favor Recker. When you get to that new starbase, look up a guy named Ek. Tell him I want a transfer.
: I'll see what I can do.
: I'll never underestimate an Earthman again. You've been a loyal friend.
: Thanks. Watch your back.

I hope one of us can tell jokes.

Join me next time in Chapter 3, as we get dropped into a frozen hell.


Current Weapon Data:

: 3 - Triple Cannon. Fires shots in a forward spread.
: 3 - Heavy Shot. A large projectile with a large hit area.
: 9 - Ignite. Bullets stop, gather strength, then blaze ahead in flame.