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Part 25: Everything you didn't see, or "Sigma Star Saga in 5 Minutes".

This is the last update for Sigma Star Saga! I'll be going through the whole game in one update showing off things I missed, unlocked extras, and finally the last two endings.

The File Select screen will now show a little Gun Data icon next to your NG+ file.

As it so happens, you only need to destroy the cockpit windows in the intro battle against Psyme to finish her. Also, despite everything, I still almost died here.

Turns out that if you don't go to the Comm Room right away and instead go talk to Bloss, he has a little two line message.

A big draw of NG+ is the ability to retain all the Gun Data you found in the initial playthrough. This means that you can absolutely wreck everything in the game.

Early on before I realized that pushing START skips messages, I turned on autofire and hit VBA's fast forward. This led to lots of shooting people before I could turn off the autofire. Poor innocent Krill and Psyme.

So here's the Sigma Fighter in random battles. It does nothing special but looks neat as a little extra.

Standing in line for the lift platform...

You can have all the Gun Data in the world but get the Bomber in a small space and it doesn't matter.

The only problem with doing this update was that I took these pictures over time and as such I've forgotten why I took some of these. This one is an example, I have no clue what I wanted to say here. Oh well. Uh, Fire Planet! Lots of enemies!

I managed to run from the Black Box all the way back to Starbase 3 without hitting a single random battle. No clue how I did that.

Free Aim Cannon makes this boss stage so much easier.

However, it makes this boss an absolute pain. Since he randomly throws up that shield, you have to avoid hitting him. But Free Aim autofires, so to stop him from continually wrecking you, you have to fire in bursts by quickly switching back and forth between your A and B weapons. What a pain, I almost died anyway.

The Pass-Through Impact Data makes these minibosses a breeze, especially the fossil one.

Never had a reason to show this, but if you Land a Starbase and decide "never mind" this is the Lift Off screen.

The one big problem with playing NG+ with 100% Gun Data transfer is that you have no reason to run around looking for them anymore. Believe it or not, running around for Gun Data is an integral part of leveling up. Since you don't have to and instead can just run around to objectives, you end up severely underleveled most of the game. This can be slightly offset by using the Max Power Shot to give you a +10 DMG and using the EXP-yielding Impact Datas but it still makes things tougher. This guy is particularly tough when underleveled because he can kill you even faster.

This is important if you're going for the True Ending. After waking up at the start of Chapter 6, return to the lab where Tierney died. In the back of the room you'll find an open door.

Inside is this.

It's a copy of the virus sample. With this, Scarlet no longer needs to sacrifice herself at the end of the Flesh Deity fight.

I just thought this was fitting, since it's weird seeing Krill Fighters vs Krill Fighters on the Krill Planet. Speaking of that, how does that even work? Why would the Krill fighters from Starbase 6 be spooked by the Krill Fighters on the planet? The ingame explanation for how you get summoned just doesn't fit on the Krill Planet.

So the rest of the update is related to the true endgame. Read on!

: It's loaded and ready!
: FIRE!!

The capsule fires toward the Flesh Deity.

He blows up.

We fly off in space.

Now there are actually two endings along the True path that you can get depending on if you save Psyme or not. So there's really a total of four endings in the game: Recker, Psyme, Scarlet, and True.

If you don't save Psyme, but do save Scarlet (Scarlet Ending):

: Now Psyme...
: There was nothing you could have done.
: I just can't believe that. How can I live, knowing my actions cost them their lives?
: One day at a time, just like everyone else.
: ...
: Never forget them, but try to remember everyone you saved here on Earth, Recker! Against all odds you won! You're a hero!
: Then why does it feel like I lost?
: You didn't lose me. Come on. I'll buy you dinner.

: Psyme...

And the camera pans upwards with Recker looking skyward.

If you save both Psyme and Scarlet (True Ending):

: Psyme! Wake up!
: ...moan... ... What... Where am I?
: You're with me... Safe, on Earth.
: I knew somehow... You wouldn't do it...
: I had to disable your ship. I'm really sorry. But it was the only way to give you a soft landing. I'm so sorry Psyme!
: I could... only stand there... and watch. He... destroyed everything Recker. You were right all along...

: How did we escape from that... that thing?
: We'd smuggled out a copy of the virus. Recker flew into the creature and destroyed it from the inside, right where the Overlord was fused to it.
: He deserved worse! He sacrificed our planet for his pet monster! What could drive a man to such action!! The Overlord I remember from my youth would never have done such horrific things.
: Power is a dangerous and corrupting force. he wouldn't be the first to fall victim to it.
: But now that your people are free of him, they can start over and rebuild.
: That's impossible! There's nothing left.
: We did it. Earth is as beautiful now as it ever was. Our way of life and our world are still worth defending... worth dying for. Even if the planet's a little broken in.
: The Krill will need real leaders after today. People like you.
: Well, maybe some day I'll go back and pick up the pieces.
: You're staying?
: Right now, I just want to get to know you. The REAL you.

I'm so happy everything ended on a happy note.

For getting the True Ending, we're awarded an extra picture after the credits.


NG+ Ending Weapon Data:

: 25 - Double Sweeper. 2 Helper Nodes move horizontally at varying ranges.
: 20 - Max Power Shot. Adds +10 DMG to your current power.
: 26 - Super Vampire. On the 10th impact, significant health is gained.

NG+ Endgame Stats:

Level: 47
Attack: 57
Defense: 47
Time: 4:13 (As of last save), ~4:30 (As of end of game)

I halved my time and ended 15 levels lower than the initial playthrough.


And that's it! That's the end of the game and the LP! I sure enjoyed playing the game and I hope you enjoyed following along with it.