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by RealSovietBear

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Original Thread: BOOM Let's Play Silent Bomber



Alternate titles:
"Silent Bomber; anything but."




Silent Bomber is a 1999 PlayStation 1 game developed by CyberConnect and published by Bandai (before they merged with Namco). It's a fast-paced arcade-styled action game where you set bombs to blow up everything in your way. In-between all the explosions, there's a melodramatic plot heavily inspired by JRPG trends of the era.

What can I expect from this LP?

This will be a post-commentary LP with casual performance. We're not going for rank, we're here for the story explosions. I'm joined by Geisha-Deconstruct and TorpidTypist.

How long is this game?

Silent Bomber is really short and can be completed in less than 5 hours, or even faster.

How are you playing this?

This is being emulated on ePSXe. The first attempt at this LP was on a PS3 emulating the disc, but there were technical issues in the form of wonky audio and the game locking up after a certain boss fight (all non-first print EU copies have this problem).

How often will you update this LP?

There will be one or two updates per week. The game is short and each update will be around 20 minutes with 2 missions (if all goes well).


Spoilers are fine as long as they're tagged as such.


Silent Bomber Part 01: Tutorial + Mission 01
Silent Bomber Part 02: Mission 02 + 03
Silent Bomber Part 03: Mission 04 + 05
Silent Bomber Part 04: Mission 06 + 07
Silent Bomber Part 05: Mission 08 + 09
Silent Bomber Part 06: Mission 10
Silent Bomber Part 07: Mission 11
Silent Bomber Part 08: Mission 12 + 13
Silent Bomber Part 09: Final Mission
Silent Bomber: VS Mode

Track list

Mission 01
Mission 02
Mission 02 BOSS
Mission 03
Mission 04
Mission 04 BOSS
Mission 06
Mission 06 BOSS
Mission 07
Mission 07 BOSS
Mission 08
Mission 08 BOSS
Mission 10
Mission 10 BOSS
Mission 11 BOSS
Mission 13
Mission 14
Mission 14 Brain Room
Mission 14 BOSS
VR Arena
Neko Tank

Game Manual

The following post is based on information from the game's manual


It has been 1000 years since the launch of the Space Colony Project. During that time, planet after planet has felt the desire for self-determination. Currently, about half of the more than 200 colonised planets have acquired the right of self-government.


After a number of wars, the supremacy of the Earth was upheld by ORUGANERA, a corporation/religious group which possessed overwhelming military and economic power. Because of the enormous influence of the ORUGANERA group, most self-governed colonial planets were forced to conclude treaties with the Planets' Union of Justice. In the language of ORUGANERA, the Union's goal was to "Unite and Administer all the Peoples of Space".


Our planet Hornet was colonised hundreds of years ago by people from many nations. The colonists overcame many internal conflicts to emerge finally as a single republic. The Planets' Union of Justice is preparing to take over our peaceful planet with the help of a menacing battleship called the "Dante".


The government of the Hornet Republic has decided to resist the one-sided union treaty being forced on them by the Planets' Union of Justice. Hornet President Robert May has declared war on the Planets' Union of Justice and organised 2000 space ships to defend Hornet against the enemy.

The Planets' Union of Justice has responded dispatching to Hornet the Super Battle Ship Dante, a menacing juggernaut 200km from stem to stem. If the Hornet Republic doesn't agree to accept the treaty, the Planets' Union will destroy Hornet by using the Dante's main weapon, "Felmion". The Felmion can work its terrible devastation within a targeting range of 3 million km. Hurry, time is running out.


OK you guys, let me lay out the mission. This is Top Secret. Your orders are to board a damaged ship disguised as a Planets' Union of Justice transport, to approach the battleship Dante and to stand by until your ship is picked up. Once inside Dante you will destroy key areas of the core facilities. Your team consists of five convicts under the command of Mission Commander Annri Ohara. If the mission is successful, you will be released from your terms of imprisonment and returned to the planet Hornet. The mission code is Operation Toroy. Well... Good luck. By the way, be aware that there will be no communication with us, or support of any kind during the mission. Dismissed!

Jutah Fate

A genetically engineered man created by the military government TARAKHAN as part of its Elite Fighter Engineering Project, Jutah was trained as a military weapon specializing in spying, assassination and demolition. He lived only to destroy. Then, after the collapse of the military government and the establishment of the new Republic, he was sentenced to 300 years in prison. During this term, he had a breakdown when he realized that he had been brought into existence only to kill for the convenience of a corrupt government. Overwhelmed with guilt, and confused by his identity as a killing machine, he ended up losing all his emotions. He is the master of the bomb.

Annri Ohara

An elite military officer and computer specialist that graduated from the military academy at the head of her class. Annri sought fulfillment in the Hornet government maintaining planet-wide peace. But after joining the Hornet army, she discovered there were problems with the government, as with any large institution. Annri is the only member of Operation Toroy from the Hornet military.

Benoit Manderubrot

An international political criminal and chess master who joined and led seven major revolutions. Benoit assumed a different identity and embraced a different ideology for each conflict. He believes that revolution is like chess, and uses people as game pieces. He volunteered for Operation Toroy. Benoit is considered the most mysterious member of the troop, his ability as a soldier exceeding even Jutah's.

Micino Tifone

A professional spy who will do anything for money. Micino has stolen state secrets by seducing government officials with her beauty. Her strong points are her physical strength and cat-like agility, and her uncanny sixth sense.

John Loss

A hero, he uses guerrilla tactics to fight for the liberation of the oppressed Nufu tribe, a primitive group held in government "preservation". He agreed to join Operation Toroy on condition that the tribe be freed. His character is described as intelligent and quiet, but once he's on the battlefield, his bravery and ferocity are unequalled.

Tim Palmer

The youngest member of the mission, Tim is a brilliant and resourceful pilot. He needs only a few minutes to master any vehicle. He gets his nickname "Mr Escape" from his previous career of breaking prisoners out of jail. He's a talented weapons operator and is master of the hasty retreat.
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