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by CJacobs

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Original Thread: Silent Hill 1: Let's Play. What's Going On With That Let's Play?



Silent Hill is a survival horror game for the Sony Playstation, published by Konami and developed by Team Silent (a subsidiary of Konami JP). It was released worldwide in 1999, and from then on survival horror was never the same. It was revolutionary at the time, now heralded as a true classic- and for good reason. It stretched the PS1 to its absolute limits to bring high quality sound, great looking and stylized graphics, lighting effects, and (nearly) complete voice acting. It all comes together to create one incredibly atmospheric world. Back in the day, you really felt like you were right there in the shoes of Harry Mason, protagonist and father of the year, as he scoured the monster-filled town of Silent Hill searching for his daughter. And now, you'll hopefully feel that again.

Silent Hill is fantastic, to say the least. It is one of my favorite horror games, among my all-time favorite horror series! Sorry, Dead Space. It's a really interesting time capsule of mid-90s culture and video games and even today it comes to life in truly fascinating ways. I love this game and want to show it to anyone who somehow hasn't seen it in the 20-some-odd years it's been around, as well as do a cannon ball into the lake of nostalgia to send a tidal wave washing over you, the viewer.

Please don't. I know the game is old enough to vote and drive but the plot is pretty interesting so in my opinion it's better if it's rolled out slowly. Also, I'll be doing bonus videos on the story and stuff to go into further detail so don't worry, there'll be lots of time to talk about the game's cool and creepy world.

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