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by 19LettersLong, Somethingdumb

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Original Thread: Let's Play Silent Hill 3 (Blind) [VLP]



Thanks to our friend Courtney Stevens for our art.

Silent Hill 3
Platform: Playstation 2
Publisher: Konami
Developer: KCET - Team Silent

This is a continuation of our previous blind Let's Plays of Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2. If you haven't already watched them, please do. It would be a shame for you to start off viewing this one without already hating us.

The Game
Silent Hill 3 is the third installment in the Silent Hill survival horror series. Like its predecessors, it was developed by Team Silent of Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, and published by Konami. In its gameplay, Silent Hill 3 is virtually identical to the two prior installments, a traditional tank-controlled survival horror action-adventure focussed on ammo and health conservation as well as puzzle-solving. In its story and atmosphere there's the series trademark psychological horror and mystery but unlike Silent Hill 2, SH3 is a direct story sequel to the original. Also, you're a lady.

The Players
Kyle (19letterslong) | Role: Driver
Keith (Somethingdumb) | Role: Backseat Driver

We're really smart.

Silent Hill 3 Game Manual posted:

"Okay, I will. I love you too, dad."

Heather smiled to herself.
It was just a nice little chat on the phone.
Just another everyday occurrence in her tranquil life.
She was unaware that this tranquil world was about to be torn asunder.

It happened suddenly, without warning, and seemingly without reason. The simple happiness she had known was gone. Her entire world was transformed into a grotesque and bizarre nightmare...
She was caught in the middle.

The cheerful weekend bustle of the shopping mall was replaced by a deep, ominous silence. The only sounds now were the footsteps of the unspeakable creatures, lurking in the darkness. What had happened? She needed to know. But there was no one left to tell her.

Heather was trapped alone in a deranged world, with nothing to do but escape. Not knowing where to turn, her only thought was of survival. She clutched her pistol tightly, ready to shoot anything that tried to attack...

Youtube playlist

Part 01: Dream Fall
The longest journey (to the ground.)

Part 02: Sunshine Princess
An intimate knowledge of Shakespeare is required.

Part 03: Third Strike
Fuckin' ampoules; how do they work?

Part 04: Amateur Chemistry
Our progress through the shopping mall... progresses.

Part 05: Whack-a-Worm
More like shopping MAUL, right? ...RIGHT?!

Part 06: The Underground Railroad
Things do not go smoothly for us in the subway station.

Part 07: Last Stop
End of the line.

Part 08: Ren Faire Sewer
A much-welcome change of scenery.

Part 09: Dryer Death
This time on Silent Hill 3: I teach Keith about fan death, a good time is had by all.

Part 10: Return of the Story
Turns out this game has a narrative of some kind.

Part 11: Goodnight, Sweet Prince
Well, that was fast.

Part 12: Let's Play Silent Hill 3 Part 1
All this needs is the world's latest title card.

Part 13: Secret Admirer
Business is combination lock puzzles and business is booming.

Part 14: The Whole Pudding
Not everything can be pudding!

Part 15: Black Pen Scribble
Just like Star Fox 64.

Part 16: The Mirror
We discover new and creative ways to be killed by the game.

Part 17: My Dinner With Leonard
Such a nice guy.

Part 18: Full Circle
Who would put a train on these train tracks?

Part 19: Bemusement Park
What a fun house.

Part 20: Carousel to Hell
Ride it to the Bottom!

Part 21: Confessions with a Teenage Drama Queen
Heather is a benevolent god.

Part 22: Closer Than Ever
You ever get that feeling that Church just keeps going on forever?

Part 23: Electrifying Finish
This may be the end of the game, but come back tomorrow to listen to our wrap-up podcast with Kamoc!

Wrap-Up Podcast [Youtube][MP3]
We get on skype with Kamoc to talk all about Silent Hill, games and community.


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