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Original Thread: I went to Silent Hill and all I got was this stupid fursuit. SH:0rigins VLP


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Travis Grady, trucker with potential mommy/daddy/sexual issues, ends up in Silent Hill. Town has a field day.

Silent Hill is a survival horror series published by Konami and (in this case) Climax Studios for the PS2. Origins was initially released November 2007 on the PSP first, then on the PS2 in March 2008. I'll be playing the PS2 version.

Silent Hill Origins (also known as Silent Hill Zero in Japan) is the fifth installment in the series, but it is a prequel to the very first game.

Personally, I'd place SH0 very low on the spookometer. It's probably the least frightening out of all the Silent Hills. It's also occasionally glitchy, has nearly nonsensical and barely canon endings, and is the misfit of the Silent Hill series (even SH4: The Room won't sit next to it in the cafeteria )

If you want the original story, before experiencing the fanfictiony feeling of Silent Hill Origins, check out my Let's Play of Silent Hill 1, which I did after this one.

The story
Seven years prior to the events of Silent Hill 1, Travis Grady, trucker with an unknown past (but it's a Silent Hill game, so let's assume that it's horrifying and traumatic,) tries to take a shortcut through the then-normal town of you-know-where. Wackiness ensues after he accidentally meddles in the local cult's affairs. It's up to our lovable redneck friend to save the world, kill God, beat up nurses upon nurses upon nurses, and confront his totally screwed up past. All while wearing a Mexican wrestling costume/Sam Fisher cosplay/Indiana Jones cosplay/fursuit/etc.

Wait. What?

Yes friends, I've gotten all the unlockable goodies and, for your viewing entertainment, we'll be shifting through costumes when appropriate (or inappropriate). I won't use any super-powered unlockable weapons other than for demonstration purposes. Obviously, this will be a lighthearted and slightly jaded romp through a horror game that just could have been better, but is somewhat charming in its flaws.

The flaws?
Oh yes. Here are just some of the ...differences in the game that made the fans cry:
-2D controls in a game with constantly changing artsy camera angles (explained the the first video)
-All melee weapons are breakable.
-Quick time events.
-You're forced to get a certain ending the first time you play.
-Unlockable items. There's 14 costumes (aka- "accolades") 4 unlockable weapons, and 1 unlockable pointless item you'll never ever use.
-Unlockable OPTIONS? You'll see.
-You want a harder difficulty? Play using only pool cues. There are no more harder difficulties. No harder puzzles. It is what it is. Because of this, the game has pretty low replay value.
-Least amount of endings in a Silent Hill game. There's only two, and the UFO ending.
-Lack of protagonist motivation. You'll see.
-It's not made by Team Silent. The plot gives off that familiar and uncomfortable fanfiction feeling.

So, without further ado, let's load our trailers and have a big ol' convoy to Silent Hill.

Table o' Contents

-Episode 01: Disco Inferno (Alessa's House) (Fireman Accolade)

-Episode 02, Pt. 1: MadLibs (Alchemilla Hospital) (Savior Accolade)

-Episode 02, Pt. 2: Operation! (Alchemilla Hospital) (Savior Accolade)

-Episode 03: ¡Toro! (Streets of Silent Hill) (Brawler Accolade)

-Episode 04 pt. 01: Doodles (Cedar Grove Sanitarium) (Brawler Accolade)

-Episode 04 pt. 02: Supergreen (Cedar Grove Sanitarium) (Stalker Accolade)

-Episode 04 pt. 03: Alone in the Dark (Cedar Grove Sanitarium) (Stalker Accolade)

-Episode 04 pt. 04: They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha Ha (SANITARIUM STILL) (Weaponsmith Accolade)

-Episode 04 pt 05: First Boss Fight (LAST SANITARIUM) (Weaponsmith Accolade)

I’m missing one cutscene in between here, unfortunately. You didn’t miss much, but it’s in this other person’s video from 12:17 to 13:01 if you want to check it out.

-Episode 05: Cross-training to Artaud Theater (Streets) (Sprinter Accolade)
Part 1 + Part 2

-Episode 06 pt 01: Intro to Theatre 101. (Artaud Theater) (Collector Accolade)

-Episode 06 pt 02: Dick Moves and Darkness (Artaud Theater) (Collector Accolade)

-Episode 06 pt 03: Math and Mirrors (Artaud Theater) (Ambassador Accolade)

-Episode 06 pt 04: Caliban (Artaud Theater) (Ambassador Accolade)

-Episode 07: Dr. Jones' Silent Hill Tour (Streets) (Explorer Accolade)

-Episode 08 pt 01: Blindness (Riverside Motel) (Codebreaker Accolade)

-Episode 08 pt 02: Peeping Trav (Riverside Motel) (Codebreaker Accolade)

-Episode 08 pt 03: Benny Silent Hill (Riverside Motel) (Butcher Accolade)

-Episode 08 pt 04: Unbreak my Heart (Riverside Motel) (Cartographer Accolade)

-Episode 08 pt. 05: Shit Gets Real (Room 500 and a Basement) (Sharpshooter Accolade)

-Episode 09: THE END. (Nowhere) (Daredevil accolade)

-Episode 9.5: Okay, the REAL Endings. (Standard Travis outfit)

A Fire Drill

A Gallery

The History of Tips!

Mom Multiweapon Bossfight

Not-quite-an-update: Travis and Caliban's Multiweapon Variety Hour

BossVid: Butchertime

And here's what Foreshadowing Trucker said

Fursuit Follies

Shit I Missed


Nurses - Standard Silent Hill enemy. They've been in every Silent Hill in one form or another. You can't really have a SH game without some sort of hosed up hospital employee monster. Their main attack has always been to just stab you with a scalpel/syringe/knife. Occasionally in the series, they've procured other weapons, like pistols.

Straitjacket, aka Patient Demon, aka Lying Figure - Debut'd in Silent Hill 2, made some appearances in the movie, and now they're recycled for Origins. They even have a lava version in Homecoming. Straitjackets are about 5 times more cunty in Origins than they EVER were before. The old games, they just moseyed up to you and sprayed acid in your face. That's all they ever did. Now they run after you and initiate a quicktime event wherein they latch onto you with their legs and vomit on you. They still spray acid, but it's now somehow a projectile weapon. Bastards.

Can anyone find a decent pic/concept art of a Remnant for me?
Remnants - Flashlight off, you can barely see em, they're just a floating cage. Flashlight on, and you can see that the cage is suspended in the center of a large shadow-monster. They can be a huge bitch. They're kinda hard to kill compared to other enemies, simply because they are hard as hell to see. They're awfully super easy to avoid, so oftentimes that might be the smarter thing to do. Their attack is uh... flinging the cage in your face? ..But dammit it hurts. And their attack can stun you just long enough for them to attack you multiple times. Huge jerks.

Carrion - HATE HATE HATE. First of all, it is important to know which end of this monster is its head or its rear end. If its head is facing you, say goodbye to some health right now, because they will always always always get the first hit (unless you have a non-melee weapon out,) and it's a doozy. Sweet vengeance is enacted when you turn off your flashlight and are lucky enough to find the bastard with his rear end is towards you. Charging at you is his only attack, but it's powerful and can make you flinch, which means he can attack you multiple times before you can recover.

Ariel - Ariel is a character in Shakespeare's The Tempest. In the play, Ariel is an air spirit (EDIT: AND A GUY OH WHOOPS I CALLED IT A SHE FOR A WHILE THERE.) who was imprisoned in a tree by a witch and rescued by Prospero. Ariel is willing and obedient to him, and stands in contrast to Caliban's treachery against Prospero. (Thanks, Cliffnotes!) The baddie "Ariel," however, seems to have really nothing to do with the story. They're Pinocchio's evil relatives. On the ceiling, their only attack is an x-mashing quicktime which is very easy to beat. Once they're down, (if you're an idiot and don't do the SH gently caress-you-you're-dead kick) they will walk around upside-down and kick you and freak you out forever

Caliban (takin' it to the streets) - Ex-boss who can now be encountered on the street. There's two varieties, and neither look too much like the concept art above. One is exactly like the former boss, the other is more like a grown-up Carrion. They're both big, slow, and easy to fight (especially compared to their little brother, Carrion.) The non-boss one tends to be glitchy and hilarious. They pack a punch, but they're so slow, they're not much of a problem (unless there's some Straitjackets or Carrions roaming around as well.)

TwoBack - I dunno, they reduxed an Abstract Daddy into a dumber-looking sexmonster. They then did it far better in Homecoming with Siam. TwoBacks can put the hurt on you in small areas (especially if you're not expecting them to be there,) but if you've got enough room to run, you can flank them from the side and be fine.

The Butcher - PyramidHead's poseur cousin or something.
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