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by VoidBurger

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Original Thread: I love my daddy!!! (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and the SH Arcade)


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Chip: "I feel like I'm looking at a promotional poster for a Harry Potter movie."
Snark: "Harry Potter: All Growed Up."

not really.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (which shall henceforth be called "ShatMemz") is a horror-themed adventure game "survival horror" video game and is a reimagining of the first game in the Silent Hill series. It was released on December 9th, 2009 for the Wii, PS2 and PSP. The advertising for the game emphasized the horror (amplified by the lack of combat) and the story which was (seemingly) very strongly influenced by "psychological factors" which the game takes into account while you play.

The game follows Harry Mason, writer and professional funny-face maker, as he struggles to search for his missing daughter in Silent Hill while being endlessly distracted by shiny objects, things that make a lot of noise, and his irrational urge to prank call every phone number he sees.

Well, rather, we're in therapy, recounting the story to our douchebag doctor, Dr. K, who I assume has been hired to help us overcome our addiction to prank-calling. It's a choose-your-own-adventure story except the story isn't… actually… really… "affected" at all by your choices, just the ending.

I did a blind run. And I recorded it in a most impressively awful way. So, along with cruddy audio and pretty damn irritating commentary due to being an excited little sperg to play this game, it made for a heinously ugly, shitty LP. So I made a good LP too, which shows off as much as possible within reason/sanity and is recorded like someone who actually knows what they're doing. As a result of it being a blind-run, I didn't know when to cut off the episodes, so the blind run and good run episodes will not be "synced" in regards to game progress.

The Blind Run was a "terrible dad" run, and the Good Run is a "start off a sex-crazed jerk to get a certain character, then try undo it and see if we can get a good guy ending" run. Let's see if it works!
Here's the introductory movie which plays when you idle for too long on the start screen of the game.
Good Run
Intro/Rant: I'm not trying to make you hate this game.YouTube  
I love my daddy.Full Commentary Cut Commentary
Psychologically freaking outFull Commentary Cut Commentary
A Lovely Family HomeFull Commentary Cut Commentary
I love the woodsFull Commentary Cut Commentary
The Choking GameFull Commentary Cut Commentary
FuutbawlFull Commentary Cut Commentary
HackersFull Commentary Cut Commentary
DahliaFull Commentary Cut Commentary
Hello NurseFull Commentary Cut Commentary
Stupid, Sexy LisaFull Commentary Cut Commentary
Mall MadnessFull Commentary Cut Commentary
CinefoneFull Commentary Cut Commentary
I love my daddy AGAINFull Commentary Cut Commentary
Tons of Wiggly SnakesFull Commentary Cut Commentary
Tigers and CandyFull Commentary Cut Commentary
The EndFull Commentary Cut Commentary
Copyright-friendly version of The EndYouTube  
Alternate endings! YouTube  

Blind Run
CherylCherylCherylCherylCherylCherylCheryl YouTube
First Nightmare and Car Trouble YouTube
Gitchur hands outter yer pants YouTube
Queerus Pantus Removus YouTube
School YouTube
Art Class YouTube
Not the right kind of stressful YouTube
Fucking Bridge YouTube
What Did She Say? YouTube
Yaaaay YouTube
Homer YouTube
Bubblegum Crisis YouTube
Objects in the Rearview Mirror YouTube
Sure Do Like Sarcasm YouTube
End!! End!! YouTube

Changes 01!Full Commentary Cut Commentary
Let's Explore The First Nightmare!YouTube  
Changes 02! Full Commentary Cut Commentary
Let's Explore The Second Nightmare!YouTube  
Changes 03!Full Commentary Cut Commentary
Let's Explore The Third Nightmare! YouTube  
Changes 04! YouTube  
Let's Talk About RawShocksYouTube  
Changes 05!Full Commentary Cut Commentary
Let's Explore The Fourth Nightmare!YouTube  
Changes 06!Full Commentary Cut Commentary
Let's Explore the Fifth Nightmare!YouTube  
Changes 07!Full Commentary Cut Commentary
Changes 08!Full Commentary Cut Commentary

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