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Part 30: "Cafe"

He might get cranky if we wake him...

So "Wait til he wakes up" wins!

Chapter 2 "Cafe"
Cybil waits for the man to wake up

Cybil was relieved to know that she was not the only person in the town.
She sat down at the counter and waited for the man to awaken.

After a bit Cybil thought that the man's breathing had become troubled. As she
thought this he forcefully sat up.

Cybil moved over to the man until she was able to look down at him and
then folded her arms.

She was relieved.
That was how she honestly felt.

"It looks like you have come around."

"Who are you?"

The man asked this while heavily shaking his head.

"I'm Cybil.
Cybil Bennet.
All communication with this town suddenly went dead. This worried me, so
I came here to investigate."

"I'm...Harry Mason. I brought my daughter to this town for some sightseeing,
but on the way there was an accident and I lost consciousness...

Oh, yeah, Cybil...You haven't seen a little girl in this town have you?"

For a moment Cybil could not hide her astonishment, but then because of her
profession she quickly feigned a more resolute attitude.

"A little girl...
No, I haven't seen her..."

"When I came to after the accident my daughter was nowhere to be seen.
The passenger door was open and she was gone.

Cheryl...uh, sorry, my daughter's name is Cheryl...
She is a timid child, so it is hard to imagine that she headed out into this
weird town alone.
Plus I was there in the driver's seat...
And since she gave me no warning it just doesn't make sense.

Are you familiar with this area?
There is no sign of anyone, and what is going on with the snow at this time
of year...
Just what in the world has happened in this town?"

Harry spoke while sighing.

"I'm afraid I don't know either.
I still haven't seen anyone other than you.
It's like the town is as silent as a graveyard, left without even the means
to contact any neighboring towns."

"I see."

"So you also had an accident?
I thought it was a good idea to head to the police station in this town alone
on my motorcycle, but...
I guess I was going a little too fast.

A girl suddenly jumped out into the road...I am pretty sure it was a girl...I
almost hit her.
I cut the handlebars hard in order to avoid her...
After that I can barely remember anything......

When I came to I was lying in the street in front of this cafe.
So naturally I came in here to get out of the snow.
And then I found you sleeping there..."

"I...was having some kind of a terrible dream.
As for if I made it here on my own I don't remember at all...
Just what in the world has happened in this town...
What is going on with everything?"

"Well, the situation is definitely strange.
I will head back to Brahms for reinforcements, and then return here.
How about you?"

Cybil stood and fixed her collar with resolute fortitude.

"I've got to look for Cheryl...
There is no way I can just leave her here alone."

"I see. Well, I'll give you this then.
You never know what might happen under these circumstances.
If you feel threatened then pull the trigger without hesitating."

She gives Harry a handgun loaded with live ammunition.

"But you...will you be alright?"
Harry asks worriedly.

"I'm not like the average girls around here.
I have undergone the proper training."

Cybil placed her hand on the exit door, but then she turned and faced Harry

"Harry. Don't go shooting me by mistake or anything.
I haven't had any training on how to stop bullets."

She smiled after saying this, opened the door of the cafe, and then headed
out into the thick fog.

Cybil looks back and sees that the cafe has disappeared into the fog.
Having lost her motorcycle, Cybil can only wander about on foot and alone
in the eerie town.

"It's too quiet.
There is no sense of anyone at all.
I would like to hail a taxi or something, but there is not a single car

At some point Cybil had began to run.
Above all she must get out of Silent Hill.
However, after running for a bit Cybil's hopes were crushed.

All the roads leading out of town were cut off, and it was as if the
entire town was floating in the air. There was no way for anyone to enter the

Cybil sighs deeply.
She then decides to try going back the way she came.
After running for a bit she comes to another steep valley like before.
It is wide and impedes her passage.

And then she became sure that it was not possible to escape from this place.

Cybil felt like a bird in a cage as she walked apathetically and aimlessly
through the falling snow.

It was not long before a black, wriggling object appeared in her
field of vision.

The small shadow off in the fog

" that?"

From off in the fog, the four-legged thing moved at a slow pace as it
gradually closed the distance between it and her.

And then as soon as it detected Cybil it began to ferociously run toward her,
scattering the fog as it moved.

The monster...

A ) attacked Cybil.

B ) just ran away.

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