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Part 33: "Melody of a Piano"

Okay I am finally in my new place, so the LP continues. I wish this update could be longer, but the the branch is important. So make your choice wisely!

That piano might be breaking a law... time to investigate!

Chapter 5 - Melody of a Piano

And then she heard a melody being played on a piano from one of the classrooms.

A nervous look ran across Cybil's face.
And at the same time she felt relief.
As if being drawn by the sound of the piano Cybil cautiously moves toward
the room that the is music coming from while feeling along the wall with
her hand.

"Music Room"
That is what is written on the door.
The beautiful melody is definitely being played by someone in this room.
Cybil places her hand on the door.

And at that moment...
The music suddenly stopped and the area was enveloped in silence.

"Who's there?"
She says this and then opens the door.
Inside the center of the room a grand piano has been placed. The piano appears
cramped within the cozy room.

No one is sitting in front of the piano.

Cybil approaches the piano.
Its cover is open and the blacks and whites on the keyboard stand out.
Almost like smoke, the player of the piano appears to have vanished into
thin air.

Cybil mutters.
Behind the curtains... Under the piano...
Cybil looked in all the places in the room that a person could hide.

There is only one entrance to this room.
There is no other way to enter this room other than by using the door that
Cybil just came through.
"Did they jump out of the window?
No, this is the second floor.
Falling from here would result in more than just an injury."

Having become a little spooked, she turned to leave the room.
In the next instant Cybil's heart nearly stopped.

At the entrance to the music room a white faced girl was sitting still, and
just looking at Cybil.
She appeared to be afraid of something, and her wide eyes were filled with
tears that looked like jewels.

Are you Cheryl...?"
Cybil regained her composure and approached the little girl.
She kneeled and softly placed her hands on the girl's shoulders, and the
girl nodded.

"My name is Cybil.
Your daddy is looking for you.
If we don't hurry back to him...
Your daddy is braving danger running around this town.
Have you seen that ferocious-looking monster?"

Cybil thought of the monster that she had seen in town as she spoke.

Suddenly Cybil heard the scream of a little girl from in front of her.
"What ...?"
A nervous look ran across Cybil's face.
"Cheryl? A scream...?
...that could mean..."

However, there was also a feeling of relief deep inside Cybil's heart.
The presence of another human...
Someone else who could sympathize with her about this isolated world...

Cybil begins to run.
It doesn't matter to her who's voice that was, and she runs down the long
hallway praying that they are okay.

And as she approached a certain room...

Cybil noticed something.

A ) The figure of a person.

B ) Something at her feet...