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by Moon Slayer, Deryl

Part 4

No more screwing around with this loony bin. They wanted me to be a mayor then I would be a mayor. And if I stepped over the line, well, the worst they could do was to fire me, and then I could finally get out of here.

: Good morning, everyone. I have some plans here for a dramatic city expansion of the city. Is everyone comfortable? Then let's get started. First off, we need to bring in more jobs to City Name. I propose an expansion of our industrial zone, around the power plants. Oh yes, the power plants. We also need to replace those. Power plants that run on oil are all the rage these days, so let's get two of those.

: So that's that. Any questions?


: Thanks Jim. Anybody else?

Surprisingly, there were no serious objections raised. And so the motion was passed and I headed back to the mansion for some quality time with the 360 that the mayor's house apparently came with.

I woke up the next day to find Deryl prattling around the house. Also there was a new water tower outside. I decided to address the question that was more readily answerable.

: What are you doing here? I thought you had a vice-mayor's house.

: Yeah, I did. During the course of the day it disappeared and was replaced by a nursing home. So I'm going to crash on your couch from now on, if that's ok.

: Sure. Also, why is there a water tower outside my house now?

: The house wasn't getting enough water, so I put in an order to do something about it. And now there's a water tower outside. Oh, also that industrial zone is now filled.

Mostly with abandoned buildings, but once the city's industrial sector picks up I imagine they will fill up fast. No sign of construction, though. In case you hadn't noticed, this city is weird.

: Yeah, I had picked up on that. So, Mr. Couch Hobo, what's our next move?

: We keep doing what we have been doing. Keep pushing proposals on the city council until we can get out of here. I'm off to check on the car. You have a city council meeting to go to. Do you know what you're going to say?

: I have a few ideas...

By my count, a popular choice was to increase the number of educational buildings in the city. If there are no strong objections, that's what I'll do. Thoughts?