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Part 10: Brief Interlude

OK, we have delved into the Funkytown city archives and dug out a map, which was amazingly photo-realistic for 1910.

I might just do this for every five years or so, because, while I like maps as much as the next bugger, I have to do a composite of screenshots and stitch them together to get maps like these, and I'm spending enough time doing updates as it is. The area covered in the map is like about 10% of the city, so there is a lot of ground to cover yet.

Seriously, that newspaper thing took me altogether too much time. I thought I'd just start banging out a simple headline and the first line and then have it degenerate into Lorem Ipsum (hence the name of the editor) but I kind of got carried away. I think we can also put down the bad writing and misquoting of Wal by the so-called journalists of the Boogle as also being an authentic reflection of journalistic standards of the time.

Eh. I don't even have that much idea of what newspapers looked like in 1910, but I at least tried to keep the fonts contemporary. Does it bug anyone else when they watch something on TV that's supposed to be set in the 19th century and there are signs set in fucking Arial? Yeah, me too.

I can't wait to work L'il Fifi and Dr Hans Koch into the storyline further down the track, though.