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Part 16: Volcano Development and a Map

GruntyThrst posted:

Probably not enough to justify the start-up and monthly cost of the incinerator.
But no-one said progress was cheap!
Actually I've just been doing a bit of poking around (since I wanted to get those volcano examples) and I figured I'd do some further experimenting while I was in the game and it turns out that it's very cost effective.

One incinerator would be enough to deal with Funkytown's needs as of 1920, and, not only that, as the current deal with Buttsville is now costing over §2,000 a year, so the incinerator will recoup its costs within four years. There's also no regular maintenance charge for it, unlike in SC4, you just have to replace it after 80 years and it becomes less effective as it gets older.

But, alas, this is why it's not going on top of Firetop Mountain.

Before, very picturesque brooding mountain of doom.

But as soon as you do any kind of landscaping, even just to build a simple road (as we would need to do to service the incinerator), this is what happens. It's like a masectomy.

Switchbacks don't really work either, as the landscape isn't quite as malleable as in SC4. But anyway. We'll find somewhere else for the incinerator.

I also took the time to do some shots from the old saves to compile this.