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Part 4: Simon The Sorcerer 1 - Episode 5

Update: Simon The Sorcerer 1 - Episode 5

This video is the last episode in this game. It's several minutes longer than before as I decided that once I reached Sordid's tower I'd see it through to the end, if I hadn't then the sixth video would be less than two minutes long.

Video without commentary
Video with commentary

I'll be starting STS2 soon, I'm pretty excited as it was the first Simon The Sorcerer game that I played. Despite the departure of Chris Barrie I always thought this was the best game in the series, it's a step up from the first game before the downfall of 3D. I might be tempted to add vocal commentary to the LP of #2 as this has a big nostalgia factor with me.

I wanted to do a 'speed run' through STS1 as although it's a good game, STS2 is where my heart grew and with STS3D my heart shrunk. The first game is a good game in it's own right, but now it's time to see it's rise and fall!