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Part 6: Simon The Sorcerer 2 - Episode 2

Update: Simon The Sorcerer 2 - Episode 2

Apologies for the time between updates, I'll save my personal life for the E/N forum.

This episode is pretty dialogue heavy. Within my time limit only three locations on the map were visited but we met some interested people, became a home wrecker and was inducted into a special society.

Video without commentary
Video with commentary

DeliciousCookie posted:

Is it just me or is there a noticeable difference between audio and subtitles? By this I mean, it seems that the audio seems to occasionally say something completely different than what the subtitles have.

ScummVM has issues with voice and subtitles being on the same time, with lengthy sentences it sometimes cuts the speech when the subtitles move to the next line of dialogue. It's annoying but thankfully it's infrequent.