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Part 9: Simon The Sorcerer 2 - Episode 6

Update: Simon The Sorcerer 2 - Episode 6

This is Act II in it's entirety and it's even somewhat shorter than previous videos. In this episode we find out what happened to Simon, meet some unsavoury characters, get knuckle close to a couple of copyright laws and get even further away from our goal!

Video without commentary
Video with commentary

Nuramor posted:

I can't remember if there actually was an explanation of why the demons were so pissed at Simon.
Also I'm disappointed that you didn't show what happens if you don't get them glued to the floor. (Mainly because that's the part that got me stuck as a kid )

I completely forgot about that, it's been a good 15 years since I last played the game so after the initial encounter I went straight into solving it.

Xander77 posted:

Holy fuck. This is approaching KQ5 levels of barely relevant fucking around that's only marginally connected to our goal (whatever the hell that is). At least in the first Simon we kinda knew that all that faffing around had to do with opening the way to the bad guy's lair and / or freeing Calypso.

Also, would you look at that animation quality. Lady of the Lake's jaw movement is just horrifying.

The only real goal is knowing we have to get hold of some Mucozade, but there's a lot of fucking around to find it even in the first place.