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Sin Episodes: Emergence

by Blister

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Original Thread: Sin Emergence: where boobs jiggle free.


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Set in the near future of 2037, many of the levels and locations are reminiscent of their current day equivalents. Banks, building sites, sewage works and other everyday recognisable buildings form the basis of many of the levels in SiN. One major difference in the world of SiN is the lack of a police force. 10 years prior to the game, it is revealed that the police force collapsed due to inefficiency and ineffectiveness against the rising tide of crime. Private security companies have taken their place, some patrolling the streets like the former police, some in charge of protecting their employer's assets.

One of these companies which employ their own armed security forces are SiNtek, a large multi-national biotechnology firm owned by the beautiful and charismatic Elexis Sinclaire. Formed in 2005 by Elexis' father, Dr. Thrall Sinclaire, Elexis took over the firm following the disappearance of her father.

The protagonist of the game, Col. John Blade, is the commander of one of the largest security forces in the city of Freeport.



Colonel John R. Blade
Colonel John R. Blade is the leader of HardCORPS and is "obsessed" with bringing Elexis to justice.

Elexis Sinclaire
Elexis Sinclaire is the CEO of SinTEK Industries and wants to speed up human evolution. To do this, she has made a mutagenic drug called "U4".

JC Armack
A HardCorps hacker with a secret to keep" Jessica calls him "Skeeve". His name is likely an allusion to John Carmack.

Jessica Cannon
The newest addition to Blade's core team at HardCORPS, Jessica is able to infiltrate most secure lockups with ease. She is voiced by the actress Jen Taylor.

Viktor Radek
Radek leads the Cartel, and is suspected of helping Elexis with U4 shipping.

This game makes no sense in relation to the first SiN game, it was supposed to be a whole new story, but well, there aren't or to my knowledge will ever be new episodes to make sense of it all. But it has breasts, drugs, nerd pandering, and railgun pistols.

So please watch and enjoy. If you don't like it, I don't care, I like it and will watch it over and over in my moms basement while eating hot pockets.


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