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Original Thread: No need to be Russian, we've got plenty of time: Let's Play Singularity



It's all about actions and consequences in this 2010 FPS made by Raven Software. Singuarlity follows an American special forces unit brought into investigate an odd electrical outage that occurred over a small island near the Kamchatka Peninsula. With an enthralling story, atmospheric music, and strong writing Singularity follows Nathaniel Renko as he attempts to unravel the mysteries of what happened and what is currently occurring of the island of Katorga-12. While the game has gotten normally positive reviews, it was mostly overlooked by the general public as just being another game trying to emulate the popularity and look of Bioshock but Singularity stands on it's own and I hope I can show this off properly in this let's play.

Part 1: Blip Youtube(Part 1)(Part 2)
Part 2: Blip Youtube(Part 1)(Part 2)
Part 3: Blip Youtube(Part 1)(Part 2)

Part 1: Blip Youtube
Part 2: Blip Youtube
Part 3: Blip Youtube
Part 4: Blip Youtube

Part 1: Blip Youtube
Part 2: Blip Youtube
Part 3: Blip Youtube

Part 1: Blip Youtube
Part 2: Blip Youtube

Part 1: Blip Youtube
Part 2: Blip Youtube
Part 3: Blip Youtube

Part 1: Blip Youtube
Finale: Blip Youtube

Nathaniel Renko is the silent protagonist and part of an elite Special Forces recon squad sent to investigate bizarre radiation emissions coming from a mysterious island known as Katorga-12, only to crash land there. He has to rally up with his squad (what remains of his squad), escaping monsters, and Russian soldiers.

Devlin is the only other Special Forces member that Renko ever interacts with throughout the game and isn't given too much of a backstory otherwise. He is worth noting though since he is voiced by Nolan North, so he might start to sound familiar at times but I wouldn't get too used to his character as Renko will have his hands full otherwise.

Nikolai Demichev is one of the former head scientists of the former research station Katorga-12. Demichev was a man of great political influence during the early days of Katorga-12's existence, with his connections in Moscow driving much of the recruitment and funding into his and Dr. Viktor Barisov's work.  After being saved by Renko from a fiery death in 1955, Demichev goes on to use the technology from Katorga-12 to take over the entire world. 

Viktor Barisov is the former head of E99 research on the island research station of Katorga-12 and creator of the TMD. Holding a Doctorate in Quantum Physics from Russia's top science academy and a Master's in Biochemisty, Barisov was identified as "Russia's Einstein" and appointed personally by Joseph Stalin in 1950 to establish the "Katorga-12" research station and oversee all research into the newly discovered "Element 99." Working alongside fellow scientist Nikolai Demichev, Barisov began work on applying E99 to nearly all aspects of science and industry, including the manipulation and harnessing of time itself.

Kathryn is a mysterious British agent, working for the clandestine organization known only as MIR-12. After presenting a video recording from MIR-12 concerning the altered timeline and Renko's role in deposing Demichev being revealed in the Katorga-12 journal, she directs him to find Dr. Barisov's hidden vault and retrieve the TMD. She becomes our replacement voice/narrator as Devlin is no longer living but what role she has overall in the game will be revealed as time goes on.

The Centurion Pistol is the first weapon that Renko is able to find during his adventures through Katorga-12. While lacking in any real stopping power and having a relatively low ammo count the Centurion is still better when dealing with enemies than melee, but it's best to replace it with something else as quickly as possible. The gun's ammo is supposedly powered via E99 but this doesn't really cause any noticeable changes and it's probably just a superficial change.

The AR9 Valkyrie Assault Rifle is the second weapon that Renko is able to obtain and is vastly superior to the Centurion in every possible way. With amazing accuracy, ammo count, and relative stopping power at mid to long range, the Valkyrie is indeed capable of sending anyone to Valhalla. This weapon is found shortly after obtaining the Centurion and quickly overshadows it and will be considered the default 'workhorse' weapon for most of the game.

Volk S4 Shotgun is an autoloading shotgun built to deliver massive damage for close range tactical combat, operating from box magazines rather than tubular magazines common to combat shotguns in most first person shooters. While excellent for any melee based enemies, due to the shotgun excelling at close range damage output, it lacks a bit against ranged enemies and is usually best complimented with the assault rifle.

Kasimov SNV-E99 Sniper Rifle is a modified semi-automatic sniper rifle whose precision optics make it perfect for long-range combat, but unreliable in close quarters. It is equipped with specialized equipment that allows the shooter to temporarily slow down time, granting increased accuracy for difficult shots. Like most sniper weapons it does a one shot kill to most lower tier enemies throughout the game but is usually made less than viable due to the enemy's knack for being aggressive.

Seeker Rifle is a prototype E99 infused single-shot rifle, developed by scientists at the research station Katorga-12 in the 1950s. The E99 incorporated into each round produces powerful explosions, killing most targets with a single shot. Holding the alternate fire button allows for the rounds to be steered, making it possible to shoot from behind cover or around corners. The Seeker is a special weapon that cannot be upgraded or stored in the Weapons Locker, and will be dropped when switching to another weapon or when out of ammunition.

Spikeshot is a portable railgun that utilizes E99 to fire explosive spikes at enemies. Firing the Spikeshot requires holding the trigger long enough for the capacitors to charge, requiring patience to use effectively. However, the charge can be held for a short time, allowing time to aim carefully or to prepare for combat. The spike will embed in creatures, persons, or objects it is aimed at, dazing the latter for a short time before the explosive detonates. The resulting blast is capable of killing multiple targets, making the gun effective for clustered groups of enemies. The Spikeshot is equipped with an infrared scope that cannot be zoomed, but allows the wielder to see creatures in the darkest environments, making aiming easier.

Autocannon is a heavy cannon that uses an automatic load system coupled with a high capacity magazine to produce an unmatched rate of fire for extended combat engagement. The weapon requires time to "spool up" to firing speed. Alt-fire makes the barrel assembly rotate so when the firing trigger is depressed, precious seconds are not wasted. The Autocannon's ammo clip is too small for the mass number of bullets it holds. The Dev team states that the peice being placed into the weapon during reload is actually an E 99 device that temporally rewinds the weapon from depleted to fully loaded.

Dethex Launcher is a grenade launcher that fires grenades containing E99-based explosives, producing powerful explosions while also allowing for limited guidance. The primary fire launches grenades in an arc, detonating after a short time. Holding down the secondary fire button allows the grenades to be guided through tight openings or around corners, making it possible to blow open locks in otherwise inaccessible rooms or kill enemies without being seen.

Mutants are the first enemies that Renko runs into as he ventures through the island of Katorga-12. With quick erratic movements, a mutant can seem a bit overwhelming as it hungers for flesh and lunges at Renko but they are fairly easy to dispatch. The mutants are the feral representations of humans that have been affected by E99 radiation and have lost all semblance of their humanity. These feral zombies are quickly replaced though with much more fearsome enemies.

Spetsnaz are the first ranged and still human enemies that are encountered in Singularity. Coming equipped usually with either shotguns or assault rifles they are a tad smarter than a mutant but have noticeable less health, and are of no real danger unless Renko is being attacked by a swarm of them. They also have the ability to throw grenades but still it doesn't make them any greater of a threat, especially when mutants will want to target them just as much as you.

Zeks is a term that roughly translates to prisoner in Russian. They are cunning and will work together to attack threats. Infected Zeks are nothing but a host for some strange and frightful intelligence. They are strong and very dangerous. They have the ability to become invisible and access other periods of time to become out of phase with reality, Phasing. They become invincible and can reach into other time periods to grab weapons. Zeks wear a prison jumpsuit that is torn apart or a uniform similar to that of a Spetsnaz Soldier, as seen written in Cyrillic on the back of the creature's vest. (depending on which you fight). They have a muscular body and pale blue skin.

Phase Ticks are insects on the island of Katorga-12 that were mutated by Element 99 radiation. Phase Ticks can cause massive damage, especially in large numbers. They attack by charging towards an enemy and exploding. A good tactic to fight off Phase Ticks are by using the Impulse function of the Time Manipulation Device or the Volk S4 shotgun. Aging Phase Ticks is also a good tactic, which causes the aged Phase Tick to expand with E-99 and in confusion, attacks other phase ticks before itself explodes.

Reverts are humans who were mutated by time mnipulation experiments. Despite being blind, they have a sensitive hearing. Even lifting objects with the TMD's gravity manipulation feature will alert any nearby Reverts. Reverts attack by swiping at their foe or expelling poisonous vomit which can cause severe health loss to Renko. Upon aging on Reverts they glow in a bright orange color and charge, before exploding shortly after. Reverts are very uncommonly encountered in the game. Before each encounter, chronolight writings on the walls leave clues on how to attack the creatures without alerting them.

Elite Spetsnaz are an upgraded version of the normal Spetsnez soldiers. Normally equipped with autocannons and wearing special anti-E99 suits they are quite formidable enemies that can unleash a huge amount of damage in a short amount of time while also keeping themselves immune from Renko's TMD powers. Thankfully they are rarely seen in full force and will only be seen occasionally over the course of the game. They can also be seen at times wielding rocket launchers but this is even more rare than seeing them at all as an enemy.

Radions are large, warty, dark green things with multiple legs. Their rear is a bundle of moving tentacles around a pink hole. They are encountered a number of times, mainly in large open areas due to there size. A number of times they appear solitary and are very tough oponents. They are immune to the impulse ability but when it is used they are turned Orange, much like the other impulse-immune enemies Nathaniel Renko encounters. In single-player, their sole attack is a large and powerful energy projectile fired from their mouths. The projectile moves much like a mortar, traveling quickly and inflicts splash damage.

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