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Skies of Arcadia: Legends

by BigTUnit1

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Original Thread: Buckle Your Swash, Sleeves, Goggle, Girlfriend - Skies of Arcadia: Legends



---The Game---
The cult classic Dreamcast RPG, remastered for the GameCube as an ersatz Director's Cut. A high-skies adventure featuring a plucky gang of air pirates, creative twists to the standard turn-based combat system, a huge open world filled with magic and personality, and a surprising level of detail and characterization for its original release date, Skies of Arcadia is a fun and engrossing adventure worth buckling up for.

The Story is Such: Vyse and Aika are young members of the Robin Hood-esque sky pirates, the Blue Rogues. During one of their customary raids of the malevolent Valuan Empire's flagships, they rescue a mysterious young woman named Fina. Vyse and Aika get whisked off on an adventure to help Fina fulfill a super-secret mission and fight off the Valuan admirals standing in their way. However, the Valuan High Admiral seems to have their same goal...

---The LP---
This LP is headed by Travis (BigTUnit1), as it is his favourite game of all time. It's a standard playthrough - as much of the game will be shown as possible, and Travis is well-informed on where everything is. Myself, Mugiwara Yoshi and/or Highwang back him up as co-commentators.



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