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by ThornBrain

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Original Thread: Steam-Powered Farming - Let's Play Stardew Valley & Slime Rancher



---The Game---
Cute sells. Slime poop sells. Apparently. Combine the two, and you have Monomi Park's adorable indie darling Slime Rancher.
While similar in core premise to Harvest Moon - take over a ranch and work it until you're filthy rich - Slime Rancher is instead a casual, relaxed FPS. Take care of slimes of many varied types and natures; suck up everything with your vacpack a'la Luigi's Mansion; explore a large, colorful world filled with secrets and treasures; and maybe learn a little something about yourself and the nature of love. ...Huh?

---The Story---
You are Beatrix LeBeau, an adventurous human who's bought a ranch on the distant planet(?) The Far, Far Range. She's traveled 1000 light years and spent a year in hypersleep, and as soon as she arrives, she's ready to hop to work.
The world is inhabited almost entirely by slimes, and their post-food refuse, "plorts", sell for lots of Newbucks on the market. Strapped with a vacpack in desperate need of upgrades, Beatrix will scour the world for slimes and treasures of many kinds in the pursuit of her fortune.
She's not entirely alone, as several colorful characters will send her letters and requests to help her out, and even Beatrix's ex, Casey, shares some sweet letters to bring her up to speed after Beatrix's year in hypersleep. The ranch's previous owner, Hobson, has also left many messages around the Range describing the world and his time there. And funnily enough, his ruminations on love and a past relationship seem to mirror Beatrix and Casey's story...
Deep storytelling in a slime poop tycoon game? We're pleasantly surprised too.

---The LP---
This is a 100% LP collecting every slime, upgrade, achievement, treasure pod, Slimepedia entry, etc. Nothing goes untouched.
The LP uses Version 1.1.2 through Part 10, and additional content updates are shown until the LP concludes on Version 1.4.0.
My co-commentators are JigglyJacob and TorpidTypist. Torpo is familiar with the game while Jacob is new to it but an enthusiast of the cute.



(By Natália Santos) - Slime Bikini Fashion

(By Ousire, Twitter) - Felt Rad Slime

(By Fish Noise) - Geop Slime
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