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Sneak King

by kalonZombie

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Original Thread: Let's all play BAD GAMES and whine about it!

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Sneak King is a 5 dollar game where you do one thing over and over. This game doesn't even deserve an OP that can't fit into a tweet.

In the land of the (nearly) blind, the sneaky man is the Burger King
-Ape Has Killed Ape

Sneak King: if Solid Snake wore a creepy BK mask and handed out burgers and was terrible, it'd still play better than this.
-Bobbin Threadbare

the king is a fucking creeper. Holy shit
-The Heavenator (drunk)

Pee pee, poo poo, it is a bad sneaking game.
-KC Green

Sneak King: Even starving people will turn down Burger King food. Shove it down their throats as a plastic mascot.

Sneak King was a videogame, you play burger delivery guy, help handsome citizens, that crazy king doin' his business, love it


Part 1: Psychic Burger Pedophile Youtube Hosted
Part 2: Burger Gear (with Bobbin Threadbare and The Heavenator) Youtube Hosted
Part 3: Can You Jump? (with KC Green) Youtube Hosted
Part 4: Oh Thank God, It's over. (with Nidoking and EntranceJew) Youtube Hosted
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