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by BrokenGameboys

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Original Thread: A Handheld Adventure: Let's Play Sonic Pocket Adventure, Advance 1 & 2!



Was hoping to LP these eventually but with my capture card acting up I guess getting these out of the way now won't be a problem. A little run through some fun little titles, with the first two being platform heavy with the last one more about speedrunning.

The LP

This will be a 100% run (with the exception of SPA, which will be a "get as much as I can find" run (more on that later). Getting all the emeralds, showing each character when available and whatever else I can with these games. For guests, it'll just be one or two per video, depending on how the level will work out. Since the games are relatively short and not that complicated, we'll be taking it easy with the commentary.

Wait, why not Advance 3?

Never bothered to 100% without using a Gameshark, and don't really wanna bother trying to legitimately (least not now). Maybe replaying the older GBA title will encourage me but otherwise I'm gonna skip it.
Fuck it, we're doin' it! Still will show off mostly everything, 100% run or not.

Anyone else to know?

Let's keep discussion up to which game & level I'm at. As little of a plot these games have, let's try not to jump ahead for those who haven't bothered with the games.

Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sonic Team / Dimps
Genre: Platform
System: Gameboy Advance, Mobile, Android, Nokia N-Gage (Sonic N)
Released in US: Feb. 4, 2002
Released in EU: March 3, 2002
Released in JP: Dec. 22, 2001

Getting this out of the way, Masato did end up doing some tracks, but only the ones he's previously done for Sonic 1 and 2. Everything else is all by Wave Master, who usually is behind the songs for all the Advance games.

Taking what worked in Pocket Adventure and improving it for title makes this something you should at least try once. With semi-original locals, 4 playable characters, a return of the old Sonic theme by Masato Nakamura along with a few other remixes he's done, it's just one hell of a game. The only things going against it is how short it is and the mediocre-to-awful special stages.

As for the LP, I'll be showcasing each character in some form and the usual stuff for the good ending.

Nowadays, you can even play Sonic Advance legally on the go with your android for free! Japan release only but hey if you have access free is free.

Quick note: Hosted/Download options are gonna be up as 60 FPS to see the game as smooth as possible. If that's too much, there's still the YT option!

Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sonic Team / Dimps
Genre: Platform
System: Gameboy Advance
Released in US: March 10, 2003
Released in EU: March 18, 2003
Released in JP: Dec. 19, 2002

So naturally, there would be a sequel. And just one year later too! Focusing away from trying to be like the old games, they ended up going for what Sonic is advertised as: going really fucking fast.

All the stuff from the last game carries over, but with the introduction of trick moves, a boost mode (not an actual boost ala Sonic Rush) and the introduction of Cream and Cheese (along with Vanilla), they did try to do something new. Whether you liked the change or not, it was here to stay and despite the whole "hold right to win" aspect, it is pretty fun to see how fast you can beat these levels. Even more so if you had a buddy to race against.

Though with more death pits, dumb ways to get into the special stage and having to unlock pretty much everything, this might not be your cup of tea.

For the LP, we'll be getting the emeralds, showing off all the game has and my commentators for the run will be Metroxier and Spinning Robo.

Quick note: Just like with Advance 1, Hosted/Download options are gonna be up as 60 FPS to see the game as smooth as possible. If that's too much, there's still the YT option!

Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sonic Team / Dimps
Genre: Platform
System: Gameboy Advance
Released in US: June 7, 2004
Released in EU: June 18, 2004
Released in JP: June 17, 2004

The last original Sonic title for the GBA, and they went out in a ....boom? Not sure. While Advance 1 focused on playing like the originals and 2 was more speediness, 3 tries to combine the two and things don't exactly work out. Along with that, some weird air control and an even more convoluted method to getting the emeralds, things aren't looking so good.

The LP will not be a 100% run. Hunting chao is such a pain with the maps I have but it doesn't mean I still won't show everything. Each video will have one unique guest (and certain zones will have 2 to help along).

Quick note: Just like with the last few games, Hosted/Download options are gonna be up as 60 FPS to see the game as smooth as possible. If that's too much, there's still the YT option!

Publisher: SNK
- Sega (co-publisher)
Developer: Dimps
- Sonic Team (co-developer)
Genre: Platform
System: Neo Geo Pocket Color
Released in US: Nov. 30, 1999
Released in EU: Dec. 3, 1999
Released in JP: Jan. 11, 2000

The second Sonic title on a non-Sega system (the first being Sonic Jam on the Sporting Sonic 2's level art along side Sonic 3&K's music, it did pretty ok when it was released. Nothing spectacular or memorable, but not exactly bad either.

Getting the emeralds is pretty easy but to give this some re playability, they added these photo pieces throughout the game. When you complete 3 full sets, you unlock  a sound test  and I believe you get the ability to replay the special stages when you complete all 6. I never did find all of them but I will show where the ones I do know are at. They're completely optional so it's purely there for completionists.

So let's begin!

Neo Green Hill Act 1
Neo Green Hill Act 2
Secret Base Act 1
Secret Base Act 2
Casino Paradise Act 1
Casino Paradise Act 2
Ice Mountain Act 1
Ice Mountain Act 2
Angel Island Act 1
Angel Island Act 2
Egg Rocket Zone
Cosmic Angel Zone
The Moon Zone

Vs. Eggman Zone 1-4
Vs. Mecha Knuckles
Vs. Mecha Knuckles - Pinch
Vs. Eggman Zone 6
X-Zone Vs. Eggman 1 (Sonic 1 Boss)
X-Zone Vs. Eggman 2 (Sonic 2 Boss)
X-Zone Vs. Eggman 3

Options Menu (Scrap Brain Zone)
Player Data (Star Light Zone)
Emerald Hill Zone 2P

Special Stage
Staff Credits

Leaf Forest Act 1
Leaf Forest Act 2
- Leaf Forest Beta/Trailer track
Hot Crater Act 1
Hot Crater Act 2
Music Plant Act 1
Music Plant Act 2
Ice Paradise Act 1
Ice Paradise Act 2
Sky Canyon Act 1
Sky Canyon Act 2
Techno Base Act 1
Techno Base Act 2
Egg Utopia Act 1
Egg Utopia Act 2
XX Zone

Vs. Boss
Vs. Boss [Pinch]
Vs. Knuckles
Vs. Boss Zone 7
Vs. Boss Zone 7 [Pinch]
Final Boss
Final Boss - Pinch
Extra Zone - True Area 53
Staff Roll

Route 99 Hub
Sunset Hill Hub
Ocean Base Hub
Toy Kingdom Hub
Twinkle Snow Hub
Cyber Track Hub
Chaos Angel Hub

Route 99 Act 1
Route 99 Act 2
Route 99 Act 3
Sunset Hill Act 1
Sunset Hill Act 2
Sunset Hill Act 3
Ocean Base Act 1
Ocean Base Act 2
Ocean Base Act 3
Toy Kingdom Act 1
Toy Kingdom Act 2
Toy Kingdom Act 3
Twinkle Snow Act 1
Twinkle Snow Act 2
Twinkle Snow Act 3
Cyber Track Act 1
Cyber Track Act 2
Cyber Track Act 3
Chaos Angel Act 1
Chaos Angel Act 2
Chaos Angel Act 3
Altar Emerald

Lv. 1-6 Boss
Lv. 1-6 Boss [Pinch]
Lv. 7 Boss
Lv. 7 Boss [Pinch]
Final Boss
Final Boss [Pinch]
NonAggression [Pinch]
Boss Clear 1
Boss Clear 2

Special Stage
Special Stage Results 1
Special Stage Results 2
Ending A
Ending B
Staff Roll

Photopieces as of Last Utopia Zone:

Neo South Island Act 1 | Sonic Jam's Sonic World
Neo South Island Act 2 | Angel Island Act 1
Secret Plant Act 1 | Angel Island Act 2
Secret Plant Act 2 | Hydrocity Act 2
Cosmic Casino Act 1 | Gumball Bonus Stage
Cosmic Casino Act 2 | Slot Machine Bonus Stage
Aquatic Relix Act 1 | Mushroom Hill Act 1
Aquatic Relix Act 2 | Hydrocity Act 1
Sky Chase | Azure Lake Zone
AeroBase | Death Egg Act 1
Gigantic Angel Act 1 | Desert Palace Zone
Gigantic Angel Act 2 | Chrome Gadget Zone
Last Utopia Zone | S3&K Final Boss
Chaotic Space Zone | Sky Sanctuary Zone

Vs Eggman 1 | S3&K Act 2 Boss
Vs Knuckles | Flying Battery Act 2
Vs MechaSonic | Doomsday Zone
Vs Eggman 2 | S&K Act 1 Boss

Staff Credits
Special Stages
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