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Original Thread: Burrning Rubburr: Requiem for a Burr, the Burr (not Sonic) Forces Story



or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Burr

Burr Forces is a 2017 anime set in the Sonic Universe, directed by Real Soviet Bear and narrated by Scumm_Boy. It follows the escapades of Burr the Bear and his friends as they fight the evil Robotnik Empire. After the fall of Sonic the Hedgehog, Robotnik and Infinite take over the World. Countless lives have already been lost, and many more are sure to perish. Can a rag-tag band of misfits form a strong enough resistance to take back the World from Eggman's grasp? Find out tonight, on BURR FORCES!

What kind of anime is this?

Burr Forces has the following tags: 3D CG animation, action, adventure, angst, animal protagonist, antihero, anti-war, cooking curry, cyberpunk, daily life, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, doujin, fighting, friendship, gunfights, important haircut, late for school, martial arts, megalomaniac, parental abandonment, seinen, war.

How long will this season last?

Burr Forces has 9 episodes ("chapters" in the actual anime). There are no plans for a second season.

When does the show air?

New episodes of Burr Forces will premiere each Thursday and Saturday at 5PM EST on

You can re-watch the episodes after they have aired either on Twitch or the Real Soviet Bear YouTube channel.


There are many leaks online about the plot of Burr Forces. This is a respectable thread and please do not speak of anything that has not aired yet officially.


Twitch Playlist | Youtube Playlist
Chapter 01: Sonic Defeated!? A New Hero Emerges! (special cameo: SuperGreatFriend) Twitch | YouTube
Chapter 02: Space Jail!? Liberation in Zero Gravity! (special cameo: SuperheroFae) Twitch | YouTube
Chapter 03: Unstoppable Foes?! Friendship Gives Us Strength! (special cameo: Summo) Twitch | YouTube
Chapter 04: All In?! Always Bet on Burr! (special cameo: Skippy Granola) Twitch | YouTube
Chapter 05: Infinite Undiscovery?! A Tragic Backstory Revealed! (special cameo: Sardoose of Retro Pals) Twitch | YouTube
Chapter 06: Burst Mode Burr?! Maximum Power Unleashed! (special cameo: Six Dettmar) Twitch | YouTube
Chapter 07: Attack on Death Egg?! Everyone, Scramble! (special cameo: Scruffy) Twitch | YouTube
Chapter 08: Time for Heroes?! Can't Bear to Lose! (special cameo: Slowbeef) Twitch | YouTube
Chapter 09: Final Battle?! The Unbreakable Bonds of Friendship! Twitch | YouTube


Burr the Bear was a normal gamer until Eggman took over the World. He lost his entire family to Eggman's army and vowed to get revenge on him and kill him. Now he uses his gamer skills to fight for Sonic Forces as the weapons and fighting games specialist.

Likes: video games, pizza, justice, The Mountain Goats.
Dislikes: injustice, selfish people, salty licorice.

Risk Rating: S+

Sonic the Hedgehog used to be the greatest hero of our time, until his constant running took its toll. He was ahead of the game, but all his friends were far behind him as well. Can he recover from his ennui? Can he turn the blasé into a blaze?

Likes: running, stopping Eggman, Happy Meal Premiums
Dislikes: evil, lies, getting wet

Risk Rating: S

Classic Sonic was stranded in a World he didn't belong to. But thankfully, Tails made him feel like he belonged, and the hedgehog will do anything to help his best friend.

Likes: Tails, Tails's friends, friendship
Dislikes: anyone who hurts Tails, Tails being sad, uncertainty

Risk Rating: A

Miles "Tails" Prower lost it when his best friend died at the hands of Infinite. Now, he wanders the World alone, hoping to find something to fill the void in his heart.

Likes: Sonic, hanging around with Sonic, believing he can do something
Dislikes: being left out, people belittling him, when his friends are hurt

Risk Rating: B

Amy Rose mourned Sonic as much as she could, but she was still alive and she knew she had to stay strong for the Resistance. She became the head of communications and does her best to co-ordinate the troops on the field.

Likes: boxercise, helping people see the good and positive in things, soft-serve ice cream
Dislikes: Sonic running away from her, people thinking Sonic has turned evil or done something wrong, the thought of Sonic turning evil

Risk Rating: C

Knuckles the Echidna took up the job of leading the Resistance after Sonic died. Many doubt his capabilities as a leader. Even Knuckles doesn't believe he deserves to be a Commander. But all that uncertainty is hidden away and he does his best to ignite the spark in the Resistance's troops.

Likes: grapes and other fruit, digging holes, fighting and training
Dislikes: strong sunshine, being tricked, betrayed, or otherwise taken advantage of, fighting/hurting innocent people

Risk Rating: B-

Shadow the Hedgehog used to be one of the bad guys before he became one of the good guys. But why is he now working for Eggman? Why did he go against his promise to Maria?

Likes: Maria, solitude, justice
Dislikes: anyone who opposes him, when someone gets in his way, anyone else who defeats Sonic

Risk Rating: S

Silver the Hedgehog traveled back in time once again to prevent a global catastrophe from happening. But his warnings fell on deaf ears as the World descended into chaos once more. Is it too late to save the future?

Likes: seeing happy people, serving the greater good, blue skies
Dislikes: being interrupted en route to his goal, seeing people brought down in any way, anyone tricking him

Risk Rating: A+

Rouge the Bat offered her services to the Resistance. She acts as a spy, reporting directly to Commander Knuckles. While she is usually motivated by gems and jewels, she knows that freedom is the greatest treasure of all.

Likes: gems, precious stones and treasure, flirting, getting what she wants
Dislikes: anyone taking gems from her, Omega's constant talk of revenge, fake jewelry

Risk Rating: A

Vector the Crocodile is a dumb dumb poo-head that thinks he's better than Burr.

Likes: money, pudding, sports drink, the computer room
Dislikes: not having money, being in debt, general noise

Risk Rating: F-

Espio the Chameleon is a fighter trained in the art of ninjitsu. He acts as the Resistance's main recon unit.

Likes: freedom, justice, researching
Dislikes: crooked deals, immaturity, playing games

Risk Rating: A-

Charmy the Bee has no specialty, but Knuckles finds a use for his pointy butt.

Likes: playing video games, flowers, the beach,
Dislikes: boredom, dull and bland atmospheres, Vector yelling at him

Risk Rating: F

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik was once fairly tame in his attempts at taking over the World, some might say even comical. But he has realized that holding back gets no results. Now unhinged and without ethics, Eggman is willing to bomb, kill and enslave whoever stands in his way.

Likes: conquering the World, his plans succeeding, when Sonic is angry with him
Dislikes: Sonic and his friends, losing, imitating other accents

Risk Rating: S



Likes: fear, pain and the suffering of others
Dislikes: being insulted, boredom

Risk Rating: SSS+


Burr the Bear, by El Tipejo Loco

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