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Original Thread: Sonic Generations - Time For A Change Of Pace



Sonic Generations is both the newest and the oldest entry in Sega's flagship action platformer series. It celebrates the 20th anniversary of Sonic games by revisiting zones from previous games with jawdropping new graphics and remixed music. Since it's impossible to please the myriad of fans that have built up over the last two decades, Sonic Team split the difference and made two gameplay modes: A "Classic" 2D gameplay mode featuring the dude with a 'tude from the 90s, and a "Modern" hybrid 3D-2D gameplay mode featuring everyone's favorite lanky Goku stand-in.

Seeing as I've played through some of the best and worst the series had to offer, this should be a good retrospective. It's going to be my usual schtick of playing through the story blind with live commentary, then going back and making some more videos of whatever catches my fancy with post commentary.

Many thanks to Kung-Fu Jesus, medibot, and MyNameIsKaz for commentating with me, and Mr. Sunabouzu for furnishing some high quality graphics to match this high quality game.

Dr. Robotnik's Deadly Speed Traps
Dr. Robotnik's Deadlier Speed Traps

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Inside the G.U.N. Truck:
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