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Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

by ThornBrain

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Original Thread: Effort Is Anathema - The Casual LP Thread



Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) doesn't need an introduction by this point. It's one of the most infamously bad, incomplete, unintentionally hilarious games in recent memory. Plenty of people have played it to show off its ridiculous badness, but few have actually been payed to do it. Thanks to my Patreon patrons, I have.
This is a totally casual, loose, goof-off playthrough of the game. The weird thing- despite never playing the game until now, I'm... weirdly good at it? I die plenty, but I end up not having an awful time with it despite how demonstrably unplayable it is. This is perhaps aided by my co-commentators, Mugiwara Yoshi, a long-time friend and collaborator whom I haven't worked with in over a year until now, and JigglyJacob (Shadow's story on) who is likewise but I have worked with more recently. We have a history goofing on Sonic (warning: pretty cheap and dated, but also necessary to understand our nonsense). We riff the shit out of the game and end up having a blast. However it's worth noting that, because of this, this LP can be either hilarious to you or fucking annoying.

The Sonic Story was streamed on my Twitch to celebrate our channel's 8th birthday, and later story streams followed in subsequent months. The LP parts have been edited down from the stream to shorten the egregious load times when possible and skip through long retries. New parts go up on Mondays.

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