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Original Thread: Movin' with the Quickness Since 1991 - Let's Play 20 Years of Sonic [VLP]



Sonic the Hedgehog is twenty years old, and because the world TOTALLY needs more Sonic LPs (), you are formally invited to join my buddy Keith and I as we embark on what will surely come to be known as the worst idea we ever brought to fruition. Internet, you make us do such terrible things to ourselves.

In the spirit of the recently released Sonic Generations, we will peer into Sonic's past to experience some of his most revered (and reviled) adventures. We'll recall hedgehog-related anecdotes from our childhoods, provide a bit of historical context, crack a few jokes, and probably lose our minds. But it's a risk we're willing to take.

This is a conversational LP. Other than the order in which we will play the games (chronological), there will be little structure. Commentary is recorded in real time as we play, topics of conversation will occasionally drift away from the game at hand be whatever the fuck we want, and there will be a fair amount of friendly ribbing. This is by design; These are the kinds of videos we enjoy making, and the kind we enjoy watching. We hope you do too.

According to the Giant Bomb wiki, Sonic has appeared in over 90 video games. We certainly won't be looking at all of them... because we would be dead. However, we will be playing (and probably completing) each of the core line of Sonic games featured in Sonic Generations. Along the way, we'll make brief excursions to knock some pinballs around and play a bit of cards in some of the Blue Blur's more interesting spin-off games almost everything! WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!

The List
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic Spinball
Sonic CD

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Knuckles' Chaotix
Sonic 3D Blast
Game Gear Titles
Sonic R
Sonic The Fighters
Sonic Adventure

Sonic Pocket Adventure
Sonic Shuffle
Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
Sonic Advance
Sonic Advance 2
Sonic Pinball Party
Sonic Battle
Sonic Heroes

Sonic Advance 3
Shadow the Hedgehog
Sonic Rush
Sonic Riders
Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Sonic Rush Adventure
Sonic and the Secret Rings
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Sonic Unleashed

Sonic and the Black Knight
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I

Sonic Free Riders
Sonic Colors

Sonic Colors DS
Sonic Generations

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Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)
Part 1/4 (LP pt.1)YoutubePolsy
Part 2/4 (LP pt.2)YoutubePolsy
Part 3/4 (LP pt.3)YoutubePolsy
Part 4/4 (LP pt.4)YoutubePolsy

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)
Part 1/5 (LP pt.5)YoutubePolsy
Part 2/5 (LP pt.6)YoutubePolsy
Part 3/5 (LP pt.7)YoutubePolsy
Part 4/5 (LP pt.8)YoutubePolsy
Part 5/5 (LP pt.9)YoutubePolsy

Sonic Spinball (1993)
Part 1/1 (LP pt.10)YoutubePolsy

Sonic CD (1993)
Part 1/3 (LP pt.11)YoutubePolsy
Part 2/3 (LP pt.12)YoutubePolsy
Part 3/3 (LP pt.13)YoutubePolsy

Bonus Episode
Kirby 64YoutubePolsy

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (1993)
Part 1/1 (LP pt.14)YoutubePolsy

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (1994)
Part 1/4 (LP pt. 15)YoutubePolsy
Part 2/4 (LP pt. 16)YoutubePolsy
Part 3/4 (LP pt. 17)YoutubePolsy
Part 4/4 (LP pt. 18)YoutubePolsy

Sonic & Knuckles (1994)
Part 1/3 (LP pt. 19)SourceYoutube HDPolsy
Part 2/3 (LP pt. 20)SourceYoutube HDPolsy
Part 3/3 (LP pt. 21)SourceYoutube HDPolsy

Knuckles' Chaotix (1995)

Part 1/3 (LP pt. 22)SourceYoutube HDPolsy
Part 2/3 (LP pt. 23)SourceYoutube HDPolsy
Part 3/3 (LP pt. 24)SourceYoutube HDPolsy

Sonic 3D Blast (1996)
Part 1/1 (LP pt. 25)YoutubePolsy

"Look At This Fucking Garbage" Game Gear Lightning Round (1991-1996)
Part 1/2 (LP pt. 26)YoutubePolsy
Part 2/2 (LP pt. 27)YoutubePolsy

Sonic R (1997)
Part 1/1 (LP pt. 28)YoutubePolsy

Sonic The Fighters (1996)
Part 1/1 (LP pt. 29)YoutubePolsy

Sonic Adventure (1999)
Part 01/20 (LP pt. 30)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 02/20 (LP pt. 31)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 03/20 (LP pt. 32)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 04/20 (LP pt. 33)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 05/20 (LP pt. 34)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 06/20 (LP pt. 35)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 07/20 (LP pt. 36)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 08/20 (LP pt. 37)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 09/20 (LP pt. 38)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 10/20 (LP pt. 39)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 11/20 (LP pt. 40)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 12/20 (LP pt. 41)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 13/20 (LP pt. 42)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 14/20 (LP pt. 43)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 15/20 (LP pt. 44)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 16/20 (LP pt. 45)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 17/20 (LP pt. 46)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 18/20 (LP pt. 47)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 19/20 (LP pt. 48)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip
Part 20/20 (LP pt. 49)SourceYoutubePolsyBlip

Sonic Pocket Adventure (1999)
Part 1/1 (LP pt. 50)SourceYoutubePolsy

Sonic Shuffle (2000)
Part 1/2 (LP pt. 51)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 2/2 (LP pt. 52)SourceYoutubePolsy

Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)
Part 01/18 (LP pt. 53)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 02/18 (LP pt. 54)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 03/18 (LP pt. 55)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 04/18 (LP pt. 56)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 05/18 (LP pt. 57)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 06/18 (LP pt. 58)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 07/18 (LP pt. 59)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 08/18 (LP pt. 60)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 09/18 (LP pt. 61)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 10/18 (LP pt. 62)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 11/18 (LP pt. 63)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 12/18 (LP pt. 64)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 13/18 (LP pt. 65)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 14/18 (LP pt. 66)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 15/18 (LP pt. 67)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 16/18 (LP pt. 68)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 17/18 (LP pt. 69)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 18/18 (LP pt. 70)SourceYoutubePolsy

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (2002)
Part 1/2 (LP pt. 71)SourceYoutube HDPolsy
Part 2/2 (LP pt. 72)SourceYoutube HDPolsy

Sonic Advance (2002)
Part 1/2 (LP pt. 73)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 2/2 (LP pt. 74)SourceYoutubePolsy

Sonic Advance 2 (2003)
Part 1/2 (LP pt. 75)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 2/2 (LP pt. 76)SourceYoutubePolsy

Bonus Episodes: Alternate Advance 2
Part 1/2SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 2/2SourceYoutubePolsy

Sonic Pinball Party (2003)
Part 1/1 (LP pt. 77)SourceYoutubePolsy

Sonic Battle (2004)
Part 1/1 (LP pt. 78)SourceYoutubePolsy

Sonic Heroes (2004)
Part 1/8 (LP pt. 79)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 2/8 (LP pt. 80)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 3/8 (LP pt. 81)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 4/8 (LP pt. 82)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 5/8 (LP pt. 83) YoutubePolsy
Part 6/8 (LP pt. 84)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 7/8 (LP pt. 85)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 8/8 (LP pt. 86)SourceYoutubePolsy

Sonic Advance 3 (2004)
Part 1/1 (LP pt. 87)SourceYoutubePolsy

Shadow the Hedgehog (2005)
Part 1/2 (LP pt. 88)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 2/2 (LP pt. 89)SourceYoutubePolsy

Sonic Rush (2005)
Part 1/1 (LP pt. 90)SourceYoutubePolsy

Sonic Riders (2006)
Part 1/1 (LP pt. 91)SourceYoutubePolsy

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Part 01/11 (LP pt. 92)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 02/11 (LP pt. 93)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 03/11 (LP pt. 94)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 04/11 (LP pt. 95)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 05/11 (LP pt. 96)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 06/11 (LP pt. 97)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 07/11 (LP pt. 98)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 08/11 (LP pt. 99)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 09/11 (LP pt. 100)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 10/11 (LP pt. 101)SourceYoutubePolsy
Part 11/11 (LP pt. 102)SourceYoutubePolsy

Bonus Episodes
06 Overtime (1/2)Source/PolsyYoutube
06 Overtime (2/2)Source/PolsyYoutube
Episode 060606 - The Return of the RevengeSource/PolsyYoutube

Sonic Rush Adventure (2007)
Part 1/2 (LP pt. 103)Source/PolsyYoutube
Part 2/2 (LP pt. 104)Source/PolsyYoutube

Bonus April Fool's Episode
Let's Play 20 Years of Piñatas Ep.1355
Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise (2008) (Pt.178/?)Source/PolsyYoutube

Sonic and the Secret Rings (2007)
Part 1/1 (LP Pt. 105)Source/PolsyYoutube

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (2008)
Part 1/1 (LP Pt. 106)Source/PolsyYoutube

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (2007)
Part 1/1 (LP Pt. 107)Source/PolsyYoutube

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (2008)
Part 1/1 (LP pt. 108)Blip/PolsyYoutube

Sonic Unleashed (2008)
Part 01/16 (LP Pt. 109)Polsy/BlipYoutube
Part 02/16 (LP Pt. 110)Polsy/BlipYoutube
Part 03/16 (LP Pt. 111)Polsy/BlipYoutube
Part 04/16 (LP Pt. 112)Polsy/BlipYoutube
Part 05/16 (LP Pt. 113)Polsy/BlipYoutube
Part 06/16 (LP Pt. 114)Polsy/BlipYoutube
Part 07/16 (LP Pt. 115)Polsy/BlipYoutube
Part 08/16 (LP Pt. 116)Polsy/BlipYoutube
Part 09/16 (LP Pt. 117)Polsy/BlipYoutube
Part 10/16 (LP Pt. 118)Polsy/BlipYoutube
Part 11/16 (LP Pt. 119) Youtube
Part 12/16 (LP Pt. 120)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 13/16 (LP Pt. 121)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 14/16 (LP Pt. 121)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 15/16 (LP Pt. 123)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 16/16 (LP Pt. 124)Blip/PolsyYoutube

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (2009)
Bonus Part 1/2Blip/PolsyYoutube
Bonus Part 2/2Blip/PolsyYoutube

Sonic and the Black Knight (2009)
Part 1/1 (LP pt. 125)Blip/PolsyYoutube

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (2009)
Part 1/2 (LP pt. 126)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 2/2 (LP pt. 127)Blip/PolsyYoutube

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (2010)
Part 1/1 (LP pt. 128)Blip/PolsyYoutube

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I (2010)
Part 1/3 (LP pt. 129)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 2/3 (LP pt. 130)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 3/3 (LP pt. 131)Blip/PolsyYoutube

Sonic Free Riders (2010)
Part 1/1 (LP pt. 132)Blip/PolsyYoutube

Sonic Colors (2010)
Part 1/7 (LP pt. 133)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 2/7 (LP pt. 134)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 3/7 (LP pt. 135)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 4/7 (LP pt. 136)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 5/7 (LP pt. 137)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 6/7 (LP pt. 138)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 7/7 (LP pt. 139)Blip/PolsyYoutube

Sonic Colors (DS) (2010)
Part 1/1 (LP pt. 140)Blip/PolsyYoutube

Sonic Generations (2011)
Part 1 Act 1 (LP pt. 141)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 1 Act 2 (LP pt. 142)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 2 Act 1 (LP pt. 143)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 2 Act 2 (LP pt. 144)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 3 Act 1 (LP pt. 145)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 3 Act 2 (LP pt. 146)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 4 Act 1 (LP pt. 147)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 4 Act 2 (LP pt. 148)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 5 Act 1 (LP pt. 149)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 5 Act 2 (LP pt. 150)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 6 Act 1 (LP pt. 151)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 6 Act 2 (LP pt. 152)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 7 Act 1 (LP pt. 153)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 7 Act 2 (LP pt. 154)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 8 Act 1 (LP pt. 155)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 8 Act 2 (LP pt. 156)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 9 Act 1 (LP pt. 157)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 9 Act 2 (LP pt. 158)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 10 Act 1 (LP pt. 159)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 10 Act 2 (LP pt. 160)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 11 Act 1 (LP pt. 161)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 11 Act 2 (LP pt. 162)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 12 Act 1 (LP pt. 163)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 12 Act 2 (LP pt. 164)Blip/PolsyYoutube
Part 12 Act 3 (LP pt. 165)Blip/PolsyYoutube

Bonus Episodes
Chaotix Revisited (1/3) Blip/PolsyYoutube
Chaotix Revisited (2/3) Blip/PolsyYoutube
Chaotix Revisited (3/3) Blip/PolsyYoutube
Remakes & Romhacks Blip/PolsyYoutube
Let's Eat SonicMP3Libsyn PlayerYoutube

Super Bonus Finale Episode
Tails AdventureYoutube

You know Sonic: The blue hedgehog with super speed. In 1991 Sega desired a new mascot to compete with the mass appeal of Mario as Nintendo entered the 16-bit space with the release of the Super Nintendo. The chosen design was a hedgehog dubbed Mr. Needlemouse, created by Naoto Oshima and Yuji Naka, lead artist and lead programmer at Sega AM8. The character was renamed Sonic, Sega AM8 was renamed Sonic Team, and the rest is history. The Sega Genesis went on to enjoy massive success worldwide, thanks in no small part to the wild popularity of the anthropomorphic rodent, who, for a time, was considered Mario's greatest rival. Some bad stuff happened later on, but let's not think about that until it's absolutely necessary...

Dr. Robotnik Eggman
Sonic's arch nemesis, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is a mad scientist and creator of myriad diabolical machines. Using his army of "badniks," harmless animals captured and transformed into malicious robotic servants, Robotnik is hell bent on collecting the mystical chaos emeralds and using their power to enslave the world and turn the planet into one enormous, malevolent industrial sprawl.

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