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Part 16: Page 16


The claw senses contact with the warp motivator, grasps it firmly, and begins the ascent back to the grabber.

Sensing an adequate surface, the claw releases its cargo and begins the ascent to the grabber unit. The object thuds into place within the cavity of the ship.

I can just stand here for as long as I want, right?

You really bit the beam, Buckwheat. And there's that lack of regard for organics in action again. I guess they never heard of the warning shot concept around here. Anyway, you're dead.
Hope you enjoy your new flow-through ventilation system.

Okay fine, I'll fall down the garbage chute.

Y'mean like I pooped myself?

Grabbing the same reactor again - the world owes me. I got mugged by a RAT!

You grab the ladder and jam it in your pocket.

I heart you, optimus prime.

Story of my life

You feel a strong rumbling as the ship strains to loosen itself from the confines of the junk heap accumulated at its base. Finally, it begins to rise.

Ascent halted due to obstruction.

Ytadel posted:

The death that scarred me as a kid was trying to pick up the sheet metal on the same screen where you get the ladder. Hilarious and horrifying.

>get sheet metal

synertia posted:

Falling into the garbage grinder was always my favorite. USDA approved Wilco

Not a pretty sight.

Sock posted:

Where's the falling to your death scene

I saw that one a lot when playing this part. (and it pops up all over this game)

Meat Popsicle posted:

SQ 3 is definitely the best. Don't forget you can die by sliding off the aluminum mallard!

Cyberventurer posted:

If it's not too late, I'd like to see the decompression in space death that was mentioned earlier.