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Part 18: Page 18

I have an irritable bowel

Can I write you a cheque?

I think you meant "I forget I SAW you" - Retard.

... Was it the "Retard" comment?

This is the first way to kill him, but you won't get full points. (If you noticed, there were two monster-like feet beside the World O' Wonders shop. Well this takes place inside that fake monster statue.)

And this is the second way.

We use the Orat-on-a-stick to get the belt. What do you know, 1,001 uses!

Looks like a friendly enough place.

Can I see your ship?

Outta my airlock GEEK!

PLEASE can I see your ship? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE????

That's it for you BOZO!
A Pulselaser to the head is not your idea of fun. Fortunately, it didn't hit anything important.

Let's get a Fun meal.

A quick stop at the arcade machine before leaving.

This game... This game can just go to hell. If you want to finish SQ3 with full points, you need to save 10 chickens before the secret message appears. Sierra - I hate you so god-damn much.

The decoded text :  Help us! We are being held captive by ScumSoft on the small moon on Pestulon. An inpenetrable force field surrounds the moon. It must first be deactivated. It's origin is unknown to us. ScumSoft security is armed with jello pistols. We're counting on you, whoever you are. -- Two guys in trouble