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Part 19: Page 19

Sunbathing not recommended : It's so hot you could fry a Vorlian plegmsnake egg.

Going commando on this planet is dangerous!

If only they were satin panties

Hey look, a moth!

New, improved quick tanning method : You never did care for fondue. Next time, don't get so close to the edge.

Will YOU Guys be my friends!?

Just like Mom used to make : As your life sputters to a close, you decide to cut down on desserts.

AHA!!! You've discovered the force beam generator. And that moon must be Pestulon.

Grabbing a detonator and that science pole, we outta here.

Heh... "Rim".

So lucky I found a detonator just a few screens earlier.

Hey pal - I'll leave the planet when I'm damn good and ready!

... Or sooner, okay...

Go-go-Gadget invisibility! ... Or just use the Terminator's belt. Whatever.

Now we enter, End-Game.