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Part 20: Page 20

Hooray, a closet!

Now that I'm my disguise, nothing can possibly go wrong!

Guy : Security! We have an intruder in accounting disguised as a janitor!
You have blown your 'cover' : You have demonstrated a surprising lack of janitorial skill. Perhaps this would be an opportune time to 'brush up' on your technique with Space Quest I and II

So they actually "expect" their "Janitor" to "clean" the "trash". Fine.

We grab the boss's picture off the wall, photocopy it, and then replace it. Why? Why not.

I think I used to work there.

For some reason you have to step out on to the balcony for a second in order to make the boss leave his desk. Nice logical game design, Sierra.

He left his desk, so we take his keycard.

Finding the only door that requires a keycard, we... (wait for it)... Use the keycard...

... And then hold up the copy of the photo we made.

We use the trash vaporizer to free the Two Guys from their Jello prisons.

At last, nothing else can possibly go wrong.

"the ARENA"? Sounds nice.

You're not going to make me blow the robots, are you?