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Part 21: Page 21

Luckily this mini-game is really easy. All you've got to do to survive is stand there and punch - just like my last family reunion.

Guys : Gosh Rog, we really appreciate you saving us and all
Guys : Yeah, we were really scared. We didn't know what pug was going to do to us.
Guys : Hey, uh, don't you think we better get out of here? Pug's really sore, and he probably sent some ships after us.

An epic space battle to wrap things up - just like my last family reunion.

Guys : Man oh man! You really showed those bozos a thing or two! Now can we get something to eat?

You inform the two guys that light speed is no longer functional. They're not overly pleased by this piece of news.

Guys : What!! Now I'll never get any food! Some rescuer you are!

Guys : Hey, what's this thing in the wall?
Guys : It sez 'Light speed maintanence access panel'. Gee, maybe I can fix this bucket of plastobolts.
Guys : Yeah, this is it! This fan belt thing came off of the round thing it was on. Just a second.
Guys : Ok, it's all fixed. Let's go grab a burger.

Guys : Aaaaahhhhh!! We're gonna die!
Guys : Oh no!! Why did I get up this morning?!!!!
Guys : Mommmmmmmyyyyyy!!!!!!

I once plunged into a stripper named Destiny... At my last family reunion.


Could this ending BE more obvious?

Guys : Greetings Earthling. We are the Two Guys from Andromeda, universally famous software authors.
Wilco : And I'm Roger Wilco, space age swashbuckler and all around nice guy.
Ken : Hello, I'm Ken Williams, president and founder of Sierra On-line. So... You two guys are software authors heh? What are your credits?

Guys : Ever heard of Astro-Chicken?
Ken : No.
Guys : Good!

Ken : How about you two guys coming to work for me?
Guys : Sounds great! How many buckazoids does it pay?
Ken : Buckazoids?

Wilco : Say.. Uh... Mr.Williams. Do you need a janitor?
Ken : No.