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Part 22: Page 22

You guys trying to get me taste weird things sound like my uncle.

That'd be a cool band name - Roger and the Time Rippers.

Voice 1 : We have confirmation of his position, master.
Voice 2 : Off to magmetheus with you then! It is time for Wilco to meet the fate which I have crafted for him.

That's a lot of vomit for such a little alien.

Guard : Are you Roger Wilco?
Wilco : Uh, yeah.
Guard : Please come with me.

Vohaul : Hello Roger Wilco. Surprised to see an old friend? You have no idea how special this moment is for me. This is no chance encounter I can assure you.
Vohaul : I have this one loose end to tie up before I begin my reign as The Supreme Being of All that Exists.
Vohaul : I DO NOT LIKE TO LOSE! You are a blemish on what would otherwise be a perfect record of domination, terror, and invicibility. And besides, I'm still a bit miffed about that asteroid deal in Space Quest II.
Vohaul : Anyway, to relieve the pain of my humiliation, and to prevent you from being a pain in me... future, YOU MUST DIE! My charges will take care of the messy details. It's been nice seeing you one last time. Men, do the dirty deed!

Yeah, jumping near them is just as good as, y'know, shooting them.

Wilco : Hey! I wanna know what the...
Guy : Listen! I can't explain it all to you now! They've got a bead on our co-ordinates! We've got to move fast!

We'd have more time to talk if you had SHOT THEM.

Guy : We've got to do this fast, shield your eyes!
Guy : Jump into the time rip! Do it NOW! You've got to! If I take the time to explain we're both parking lot pizza! You'll understand soon!

Here you go, freaks. I'll taste it so you don't have to.

Will YOU be my friend?

All I want is a friend who won't kill me instantly. (sniff)