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Part 25: Page 25

Eat pants-laser, bad monster!

Grab an Oxygen Tank...

... And shove it down its throat.

Sure, we can still be friends. Take off your swimsuit and let's talk about it.

Wilco : Well, now... Wait a minute, let's talk about this.
Zondra : No Roger - you were right. You don't need to spare my feelings. It just wasnt meant to be. It's better this way.

Vohaul : Well... what have we here?
Guard : This is the rebel scum we captured in the SQ4 time sector.
Guard : The readout on his time gun indicates that Wilco was succesfully transported...
Guard : ... into this time sector as you feared.

Vohaul : That is no longer a concern.
Vohaul : Wilco will surrender to us once he has learned that we have captured his SON!
Vohaul : Then he will be destroyed once and for all. Ha ha ha...

Son? Go ahead and kill him. We'll call it a late-late-late-late-late-late term abortion.

Alright, free ATM card!

This joke was funnier when Night Court did it.

Clerk : We've got just the thing for the likes of you...
Clerk : I assume you'll be wanting something in the generic space hero line.

Manager : You would, huh? Well, this is the greatest opportunity you've ever had, kid. Benefits up the wazoo, and if ya stick wit' me a half an hour or so, I'll make ya my Assistant Manager. How wouldja like that?
Would you like to apply for a job?
- Here!? I'd rather not.
- Yes! I'm hard-up for cash!

... Dad?

If you thought Astro-Chicken was a retarded mini-game, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Contra Duck posted:

I demand that you play through the minigame with the speed slider set way down low so you can earn maximum buckazoids. Then I demand you spend all your hard-earned cash playing Astro Chocken in the arcade.

Dear Mr.Demanding :

You're not allowed to read my thread anymore.


Believe it or not, this is the ENTIRE mini-game.

Sock posted:

For the love of god, please PLEASE post what all the condiments say when you feel/touch/smell them.

Nothing happens when you touch them, you just pick them up.

The Burger -
Tongue : Hey! This belongs to someone else!
Nose : There's that Monolith Burgers Secret Smell(tm).

Lettuce -
Tongue : Uhmm! Lettuce. Real old lettuce.
Nose : Smells like lettuce.

Pickles -
Tongue : Tastes like pickle slices.
Nose : Smells like pickles.

Mayo -
Tongue : It tastes white.
Nose : It has an oily smell.

Mustard -
Tongue : Tastes a little spicey.
Nose : Smells a little spicey.

Catsup -
Tongue : It tastes wet. Otherwise, it's tasteless.
Nose : It has no smell.

Bun -
Tongue : They almost taste fresh.
Nose : Must be PermaBuns. They have no smell.

You can't fire me, I quit! ... But I will take your cigar butt.